Trataka meditation is a powerful Yoga technique endorsed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati in 1962. It helps in integrating the fragmented thoughts by fixing our gaze on an object to prevent unnecessary background threads. It tells us that our eyes are valuable instruments which our minds and souls can be reached and connected. Trataka meditation helps in disconnecting our physical and mental self from the external world. This is a wonderful cleansing mechanism in Yoga that helps in improving concentration powers and mental strength. In this article, we shall discuss about the numerous Tratak Meditation benefits to our body, mind and soul.

What Is Tratak Meditation?

Trataka means “Yogic Gazing”. Trataka Meditation is a practise in which the gaze is fixed on a particular object for a period of time. This object is then visualized with eyes closed to experience an inner image. It is one of the effective cleansing practises in Yoga, which can free your mind from unnecessary thoughts and threads.

How To Do Tratak Meditation?

Tratak mediation can be performed by fixing your gaze on any object like a leaf, candle, sky, stars or anything in the universe which interests you.

1. On A Leaf:

How to Do:
  • Take a betel leaf and create a paste by using Castrol oil and collyrium.
  • Make a black dot on the leaf using this.
  • The dot should be very small in size.
  • Fix it on the cardboard and place a candle or a light right behind you.
  • Practice Tratak meditation on that particular dot every morning and evening.
  • Do this for about six months and then consult your guru.

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2. Candle Flame:

How to Do:
  • Light a candle and sit in front of it for ten whole minutes.
  • Keep your gaze fixed.
  • Don’t blink at all.
  • Practice in the morning and evening and don’t skip at all.
  • People who have eye defects should really practice this Sadhana as this will improve their eyesight and vision.

3. Blue Sky:

How to Do:
  • Sit on your terrace in the evening and gaze at the sky above you without blinking.
  • Try to feel the sky near you.
  • Your consciousness will be transformed soon.
  • This will start to create a separation between the seer and the seen and identifies with the object at the same time.
  • You should do this for a few weeks and then speak to your guru.

4. Photograph:

How to Do:
  • Take a small photograph of the deity you like.
  • Take a piece of paper, a book and cut out two circles in such a way that there is a round open space in the paper.
  • Now put the picture of your deity behind the paper.
  • Do it in such a way that you can see just the face through the hole.
  • Practise Tratak meditation on the photo daily.

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5. Shivalinga:

How to Do:
  • Worship a Shivalinga daily.
  • Pay full focus on the water which is being poured on it.
  • The Shivalinga should be made up of black stone.
  • Make a sandalwood mark on it and concentrate on that fully.
  • This will help you to maintain your focus in a better way.

6. Flower:

How to Do:
  • Take a red, white or yellow coloured flower.
  • It should be dark in colour.
  • Keep the flower under the light and practise Tratak on it.
  • If it is a white or yellow flower, then you might practise it in a dark room.
  • If it is a pink flower, keep it in front of a semi dark room and start meditating.

7. Water:

How to Do:
  • Sit on the side of a river bank.
  • Be seated in such a place where you can see the current of the water.
  • Practice Tratak on the water.
  • Your eyes should not move; keep them on a fixed spot.
  • Your eyes should not keep moving along with the waves.

8. Needle:

How to Do:
  • Keep a needle on the practice and meditation or Tratak on it.
  • When you are practicing this, ensure that no object is in front of your eyes apart from that needle.
  • No other thought should come to your mind. Keep your body and mind still.

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9. Havan:

How to Do:
  • Another way of practicing Tratak is by performing Havan daily.
  • Ignite the fire and let it burn steadily for some time.
  • Repeat a prayer to the fire God for a few times and perform Tratak on the flame.
  • Think of the divine and his existence as you do this.

Benefits Of Tratak Meditation:

Tratak Meditation Technique offers numerous benefits to the body, mind and soul:

  • Tratak Meditation helps in improving concentration powers and mental strength.
  • It helps in preventing unnecessary thoughts and distractions
  • Tratak Meditation can cure ophthalmologic disorders like weak sight.
  • It strengthens the optic nerves for better eyesight
  • Tratak Meditation is also said to develop the “third eye”, which is the seat of intuition to awaken your psychic powers.

Tratak Meditation is not recommended for people with psychic issues like hallucinations and schizophrenia. This practise is also advised for adults and children to gain better focus and concentration abilities. Trataka Meditation is now being regularly practised at schools to increase the creative powers of children and enable them to think better. It also helped them strengthen their vision and memory powers to help them perform well in their academics. The ultimate aim of Trataka meditation is to disconnect ourselves from the external world and concentrate on the minutest movements of our body.


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