Fake nails come with a lot of variations, colours and even different designs. But you have to apply nail glue to stick them to your nails. It contains harmful chemicals and can damage your nails pretty bad. It can get your nails even fungal infection or nail stains. Chemicals will also make your nails very brittle and prone to chipping and breakage. However you can get your nails back to healthy in short time with good nail care and homemade treatments.

Today we will explain to you how you can properly treat and care for your nails after you has used fake nails.

Nail Care Tricks:

Step 1: Removing Fake Nails

This is the very first step and you have to be careful with this step. You must sharpen and buff the fake nails to shorten them. If they are long, your real nails will feel too much tension and it would make them damaged. You need to cut the fake nails to short so that they can be easily removed. When they are short enough, then you should dip your nails into the acetone solution that comes with the fake nails kit. When it comes off a bit, remove it slowly.

Step 2: Something You Definitely Need

It’s very important to use a strengthening polish if you are using fake nails or acrylic nails. But the first step is removing all sorts of base coat that you have applied on to nails before putting on acrylic nails. So keep handy a strengthening nail polish.

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Step 3: Extra Care

Now after removing the entire base coat from your nails, use some olive oil, preferably warmed up a little to massage the nails .You can do this every night too as a regular routine. This will give you good nails and soft cuticles.

Step 4: Cleanse Your Nails

Now soak your nails into soap water or a nail conditioner diluted into water. You may use your normal shampoo like 1 teaspoon to dilute into a bowl of water and then dip your nails into it.

Step 5: Buffing And Polishing

Now dry yours nails in a towel and buff and polish the nails properly. If you have nail stains then gently buff the surface till almost all the stains are gone.

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Step 6: Clip Nails

If you have weak and brittle nails it’s best to clip nails to moderate to short size.

Step 7: Push The Cuticles And File Nails

End up the short manicure process with properly pushing back the cuticles and filing the nails.

Step 8: Applying Strengthening Nail Polish

Apply two coats of strengthening nail polish to strengthen the nails.

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Step 9: Additional Care

Apply a cuticle cream preferably containing Vitamin E on to the nails after bathing or at night to massage the nails. This will make your nails stronger.

Diet plays an important role in maintaining all the tissues and enamels of the body, be it skin or nails. A healthy diet will always give you good and stronger nails. You may take biotin rich foods like whole grains and pulses, green vegetables like cauliflower to get good nails.

It’s best not to keep hands wet for long or let harmful detergents get in touch with nails especially if you have brittle nails. Wear gloves while washing dishes and use hand wash soaps which containing moisturizing elements in them.

Do not use too much of nail polish remover because it can strip nails of its natural oils and make the enamel of nail prone to chipping.

Try these best nail care tricks and keep your nails healthy!

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