When it comes to tribal tattoo designs, back tattoos hold a lot of importance. They look charming and make a bold statement among your peers. A man’s body is like a canvas and the back is considered to be the clearest part of this canvas, so why not decorate it with something which you feel very close to Most people opt for tribal back tattoos as each and every individual belongs to a tribe and tribal tattoos are known to strengthen the ties to the culture and traditions throughout various ethnicities.

Best Tribal Back Tattoo Designs For Guys and Girls:

Let us check out the top 9 back tribal tattoos designs,

1. Masculine Tribal Back Tattoo:

Mostly tribal tattoos are considered masculine. The tribal back tattoos for guys are very traditional in nature and have a deep aesthetic meaning. You can show these masculine tattoos at the gym and at the beach. Surely these will attract lots of attention.

2. Back Piece Tribal Back Tattoo:

You can create tribal upper back tattoos as well in the form of an emblem of your tribe, which you can get engraved like a jewellery piece at the back. These tattoos on the upper back are a perfect combination of mystery and shyness. As these are generally concealed under clothing they can only be revealed in case a person wants to display it.

3. Dragon Style Tribal Back Tattoo:

Dragons are the most common tribal back tattoos for men, especially of Asian Ethnicity. These designs generally represent power, wisdom and strength. These are also known to bring prosperity and good luck to our lives.

4. Lower Back Tribal Tattoo:

Lower back tribal tattoos are generally popular among women, but men are also now adopting this tattoo design. These tattoos on the lower back are generally called “tramp stamps”, but getting a tribal tattoo done at the lower back is very innovative.

5. Abstract Tribal Back Tattoo:

Abstract tattoos are gaining importance as they are not only artistic but they convey intelligence. These days’ people are getting abstract tribal tattoos backside of their bodies. This means a combination of traditional wisdom and intellect, but one thing is for sure, these tattoos definitely make you stand out from the crowd and bind you with your culture.

6. Full Body Tribal Back:

Full-back tribal tattoos are very common among Polynesian tribes. You can customize these designs and make them as per your wish.

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7. Dramatic Tribal Back Tattoo:

You can even give a dramatic look at your tribal tattoo on the back. This one is a combination of green and black with a different structure which shows strength itself. Young boys like to design this pattern style.

8. Egyptian Style Tribal Back Tattoo:

Egyptians are known for their deep cultural value. These Egyptian upper-back tribal tattoos look incredible. Before getting a tattoo, a person always goes through a lot of thinking and consideration, and only then do you get it made. These tattoos hold great significance.

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9. Pink Skull Tribal Back Tattoo:

Another design in Tribal lower back tattoos is a skull tattoo. Skull tattoos are generally symbolic of a reminder that you eventually have to die, so make each passing day the best day. This could be the motto of some tribes.


The back tribal tattoos are generally made in black; this color always represents mystery, grace and power. If you want to mix it up with some other powerful color like red and blue, it also creates a stunning contrast.

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