Portraying life artistically can be the best description given to tribal Celtic tattoos; this tattoo design brings out the meaning of intimation of war during the Celtic war where the Celts (Indo-Europeans) used to design their body using Woad leaf paste which gives an Indigo colour.

Popular Tribal Celtic Tattoo Designs:

This article will help in gaining knowledge about the top 9 tribal Celtic tattoo designs.

1. Fish Tribal Celtic Tattoo Design:

Depicting animals and sea animals are considered to show off their courage on the battlefield back in the iron age era; youngsters and the middle age crowd follow this tattoo design. Bikers like to try this design style, and girls can also try such type of design for their outlook.

2. Wolf Tribal Celtic Tattoo Design:

It belongs to the wild animal category, which can survive in extremely cold temperatures; this concept was used in designing the warriors’ bare bodies to make them feel that they can survive in extreme war conditions and gain victory on the battlefield. Wolf tattoo designs can be of different sizes. Full wolf designs or only wolf face designs are available in all sizes. Get some wolf designs and show off your attitude.

3. Celtic Tribal Sun Tattoo Design:

Sun Celtic tribal tattoo design is the simplest design used by the Irish people in the olden days. This simple design can be worn by both men and women around the arm or back shoulder region.

4. Celtic Tribal Cross Tattoo Design:

Since Celtic tribal tattoos originated from the Christian community, the people who took part in the war symbolized their patriotism by tattooing their bare bodies with cross symbols tattoos—the size of the tattoo varies from small to huge cross symbol design.

5. Celtic Tribal Cross Tattoo Design with Wings:

The Cross carried by Jesus shows the hard work he had done to save his people is brought out in the cross symbol. A simple line-designed cross symbol Celtic tribal tattoo can be made more attractive by adding wings onto the upper part of the symbol.

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6. Celtic Eagle Designed Tribal Tattoo:

The eagle is a ferocious and cunning bird which is an accepted factor. To symbolize that the warriors are equally ferocious like the eagle, the Celts designed their bodies with an eagle design tribal Celtic tattoo, which youngsters now wear.

7. Celtic Warrior Tribal Tattoo Design:

To remember the warriors who took part in the struggling wartime during the medieval age, tattoo designers came up with the idea of depicting their faces as a tattoo design along with knot design.

8. Interlocking Celtic Tribal Sleeve Tattoo Design:

Interlocking design is one of the most famous Celtic tribal designs. The Celts designed their bare chest with these interlocking line designs that bring the meaning of eternal life with many twists and turns.

9. Celtic Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design:

Dragon, a ferocious and dangerous animal, is considered by people in old age to symbolise their anger in destroying their enemies. This dragon design can be drawn into different shapes and sizes, which is a personal choice.


Remembering the olden history and preserving it is a duty among the younger generation, followed by creative ideas. One such method is using a tattoo design. A small tribal Celtic tattoo design also talks about history for itself.

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