Whether it is movie celebrities or WWE stars, many people made tribal shoulder tattoos incredibly popular. However, tribal tattoos identified warriors and their social rankings in ancient civilizations. You can represent achievements, bravery, leadership and strength with these tattoos. Maori and Polynesian cultures are among the most popular designs these days, in addition to Hawaiian tattoos. Flames, spikes, spears and animals are the common elements in Tribal shoulder tattoos. But you can always add your details, making it all the more special.

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This article presents some unique and attractive tribal shoulder tattoo options you can look into before choosing one. Read on!

15+ Best Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Designs:

Tattoos are popular among people of all ages, irrespective of gender. But since tribal shoulder tattoos are unique, you must have a taste for them. Therefore, go through the list of tattoo designs we have mentioned before permanently getting one.

1. Floral Tribal Shoulder Tattoo For Females:

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This is a beautiful tribal flower tattoo on the shoulder for people who want to go for classic patterns with a touch of feminity. The tattoo completely covers the shoulder towards the back. The flower is done very lightly, which stands out against the bold and intricate designs in the background. Though the tattoo looks superb in black ink, you can add a little colour if you wish.

2. Tribal Shoulder Blade Tattoos:

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Suppose you are looking for a tribal tattoo that covers your shoulder blade perfectly. In that case, this tattoo can be an excellent option. The details present in this tattoo remind you of many ancient cultures. In addition, this tattoo’s sharp lines, simplistic designs and linear strokes make it aesthetically pleasing. This tribal shoulder tattoo is usually preferred by youth, irrespective of gender.

3. Women’s Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Designs:

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This is another tribal shoulder tattoo that includes a beautiful flower. But unlike the one we have seen before, this tattoo has a small flower, and the design is also pretty simple. The tattoo initially starts from the shoulder and ends on the wearer’s back. If you look closely, the pattern on the tattoo seems similar to a sword. The centre of attention for the design is a hibiscus flower. Of course, you can always get the flower done in colour if you want to brighten it.

4. Men’s Tribal Shoulder Tattoos:

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This Polynesian tribal tattoo on the shoulder extends up to the elbow creating a visual treat. The entire design mainly contains different shapes like triangles, squares and even straight lines. However, the highlight of the tattoo is a boldly outlined lotus on the top, further topped by patterns that look like waves. In addition, there is an alternation between bold and thin lines, which creates a beautiful flow in the tattoo.

5. Unique Tribal Shoulder Tattoos For Women:

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This is another tribal shoulder tattoo which extends to the elbow; you can also call it a half-sleeve tattoo. This beautiful design looks similar to Mauve’s knife from the animated movie Moana. Several miniature and intricate details are present in the tattoo’s interior, making it stand out beautifully. Of course, you can always make the tattoo more personalized by adding elements of your choice.

6. Simple Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Designs:

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If you want something simple to engrave on your shoulder, this tribal tattoo can be an ideal choice. Unlike many bold shoulder tattoos that are bold, this design has thin lines with patterns that look similar to planetary elements. The tattoo starts from the side of the neck and ends near the bicep area. Women usually prefer tattoos, but there is no restriction for men.

7. Small Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Design:

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Butterflies and flowers are some of the commonly used elements in body art. You can show off your personality, especially when it comes to beauty and femininity, by engraving a butterfly with a flower tattoo. One side of the butterfly has wings, whereas the other half has roses instead of butterfly wings. You can also allude to one’s love for nature, serenity and innocence with the help of a floral butterfly tattoo.

8. Roaring Tribal Shoulder Tattoos For Guys:

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Whether it is a skull, weapon, or tribal design can be a perfect way to represent your badass side. However, it all depends on the individual. A roaring tiger tattoo on the shoulder signifies power, strength, bravery, freedom, fierceness and fearlessness. This type of tattoo is something bold and loud which men usually prefer. Though this tattoo starts on the shoulder, it covers most of the chest area.

9. Shoulder Arm Tribal Tattoo Designs:

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Though understated, geometric tattoos give the wearer an undeniably cool look which is why they are growing in popularity in recent years. These are ideal for people looking for shoulder tattoos that stand out, showing off the wearer’s personality while being futuristic and minimalistic. Irrespective of gender, this tattoo is suitable for anyone.

10. Trendy Tribal Art Shoulder Tattoos:

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This tribal shoulder tattoo can work best for you if you are looking for trendy floral tattoos. Instead of one flower, this tattoo has three big and one small flower. These flowers are placed across a pattern similar to a blade or leaf—Shades of grey highlight the flowers against the bold black outlines. Remember that you can always use different colours for the three flowers making the tattoo more personalized.

11. Tiger Tribal Tattoos On The Shoulder:

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In this context, the tribal shoulder tattoo represents prosperity, wisdom, good luck and strength. Unlike the typical tiger tattoos, this tribal tattoo has an entire tiger with sharp claws and a roaring face, representing the violent animals realistically. The details involved in this pattern not only make the wearer stand out because of the curvy and stylish elements. Usually, men prefer these types of tattoos, though women can also get them done.

12. Tribal Dragon Shoulder Tattoo:

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Dragons have been a part of many cultures and represent wisdom, power and strength. You can also adapt these types of dragon tattoos into different art styles because of their versatility. For example, Chinese or Japanese-style dragons can be a unique option for a shoulder tattoo because of their snake-like bodies. They are also a dynamic option for anyone, irrespective of gender.

13. Colourful Shoulder Tribal Tattoo Male:

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If you are a fan of tigers but aren’t a fan of black ink, then this tiger shoulder tattoo can be a perfect fit for your body art. Tigers are powerful predators that are fierce and are usually preferred by men. These animals are tattooed frequently in Chinese or Japanese art styles because tigers are considered significant in many Asian cultures. This tattoo fits beautifully around the shoulder muscles, making it an excellent option.

14. Warrior Tribal Tattoo Shoulder Sleeve:

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Tattooing is a traditional right of passage, especially for men of Polynesian heritage and is also considered sacred. Solid black shapes, geometric symbols and curved lines are some prominent features of Polynesian tattoos, which is why there is an increase in a person’s life force with the help of the recognizable wave. In addition, the unique appearance of the tattoo makes it a top priority among many men.

15. Red Heart Tribal Shoulder Sleeve Tattoos:

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The colours used in the tattoos, in general, are black. But this design can be an excellent option if you are bored with black and want to add colourful elements to the tattoo. For example, this shoulder tattoo involves a cute little red heart which celebrates passion or friendship. A red heart is well-recognized across all cultures, regardless of the design and different elements you wish to add to the heart design.

16. Crab Tribal Shoulder Tattoo:

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If you are looking for a shoulder tattoo that is pretty simple yet stands out, this one can be an excellent option. Some symbols associated with crab tattoos include rebirth, happiness, wealth, renewal, masculinity, adventure, loyalty, and prosperity. Many people would like to get inked with crab tattoos because of all the features besides balance, harmony and good fortune.

17. Ferocious Tribal Lion Shoulder Tattoo:

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Lion tattoos are a popular choice for shoulders among men because these animals represent strength, confidence and power. However, you can define a lion tattoo design differently by incorporating your ideas. The roaring lion’s face looks exceptionally gorgeous. The places left in between the dark black ink make the tattoo look even more natural.

18. Stunning Tribal Tattoo On The Back And Shoulder:

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This beautiful Celtic art style is a perfect shoulder tattoo because of its striking lines, knots and rings. The unique thing about this tattoo is that it doesn’t look static on your skin or won’t warp, making them stand out beautifully. In addition, this shoulder tattoo covers the entire arm and one side of the back, which men usually prefer.


From sharing heritage stories to aesthetically pleasing ones, this article presents you with various Tribal shoulder tattoos. Make sure your tattoo expresses who you are on a personal level. Go through the list and choose the one that suits your personality the most. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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