Are you in search of tattoos that can reveal your deeper side? The trinity knot tattoo designs are something that would complete your search. The trinity knot has a significant role in the ancient Celtic culture that indicates the description of the Great Mother. The design of the trinity knot tattoos represents the bond of a mother to father to the child.

Best Trinity Knot Tattoo Designs with Pictures:

Here are some unique trinity knot tattoos that might help you select. These are the best bonding tattoos ever.

1. Chain Trinity Knot:

When composed with the help of chains, the Celtic knot trinity tattoo brings a unique design. The pattern is made in a blackish grey colour, revealing intense bondage. The curvy chains add some charm to the tattoo.

2. Triquetra Knot Tattoo:

Want to ink a small trinity knot tattoo! A triquetra knot tattoo pattern includes both the knot and a triangle. The tattoo is also surrounded by greyish marks, making a circular motion.

3. Family Tattoo:

Want to show love towards your family The Celtic trinity knot tattoo with a heart design in the centre would surely give you desired results. The tattoo also contains a ribbon below labelled as a family forever.

4. Interlocking Circles Tattoo:

Pretty peace-loving people mostly interpret the interlocking trinity Celtic knot tattoo design. The tattoo design can be easily carried on the leg, arms, forearms, neckline, etc. If you want to try a unique tattoo design, you can choose it.

5. Western Irish Tattoo:

An Irish trinity knot tattoo gives out the best trendier design when given a modernised touch. The tattoo is dark ink with tiny black outlines for an embossed look. Four blinking dots are added at the ending curves to add more art to the tattoo.

6. Tattoo with Centralized Letter:

When given a centralised letter, colourful Celtic knot tattoo designs would increase the tattoo’s meaning. The beautiful tattoo resembles peace, harmony, and love, essential pillars for anyone’s life.

7. Ornate Tattoo:

The ornate tattoos are mostly linked to give a royal touch to your personality. The tattoo design here is made in black and grey shadings, where the central knot is surrounded by a shield-like design indicating protection from evil.

8. Personalized Tattoo:

When given the trinity knot tattoo designs, personalised tattoos uplifts the feelings the person shares for his family. The tattoo can include the names of the family, friends, children, etc., who share a strong bond. If you plan something different, get such a design for your tattoo pattern.

9. Butterfly Tattoo:

Butterflies posturise freedom, wisdom, faithfulness and much more. Combined with the Celtic knot trinity tattoo, they elevate the symbolism both have. The rough knot is given a 3D look with butterflies surrounding it.

The trinity Celtic knot tattoo also enriches the bonding between nature, the earth, water, and the wind, the base for the universe’s formation. Other Celtic knot designs include the Om sign, masonic eyes, double infinity tattoo, yin yan tattoo, etc. You can confuse your friends because such a design has a complex meaning; your dear ones will not guess quickly. Get some unique designs from qualified tattoo artists; they will surely update you about new collections in trinity know tattoo styles.

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