Trisha in Saree – Our Top 9

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Trisha is a very dominant actress that has made a name for herself over the years, Trisha is an Indian actress that dominantly works in south Indian movies. Trisha over the years has become a veteran actress but not once has she faltered in her looks. In her saree this actress steals the hearts of every fan and on a normal day she looks absolutely stunning. Trisha always has accepted how beautiful she is and has great confidence in herself and her acting.

Trisha loves sarees and always is seen with a new addition at different social events. Given below are a few popular pictures of Trisha in various sarees showing how exactly she rocks the look of an Indian lady

1. Ombre All The Way:

Ombre all the way

Ombre is a more recent design of saree but this does not stop this actress from using the design to steal the hearts of her fans. Sarees are traditionally Indian clothing and new colors means modernization and this actress does not want to lose out on the fashion of the day.

2. Nude Gold:

Nude gold

Nude gold sarees are always great showstoppers and this saree is another one of a kind piece of art. The saree heightens these great actresses looks making her look absolutely dazzling compared to anybody else, but the saree also has a very serene feel to it giving the people a sense of peace.

3. The Floral Show:

The floral show

The floral show emits femininity and this is what this diva aims for, using a saree to show how impeccably beautiful and downright cute a woman can be. The floral show is a great saree and truly is a work of art matching femininity with elegance and downright beauty.

4. The Golden Girl:

The golden girl

Even on set this great actress absolutely takes the look of a saree to a completely new level. The golden colors of the saree are an absolute thrill to look at adding to the environment around her, another great saree worn by this astounding actress.

5. The Sultry Red:

The sultry red

The sensual look is one of Trisha’s more on screen looks that show that she is not only a veteran actress but a diva as well. 7 years into the business this outstanding actress knows how to look real good.

6. The Netted Pattern:

The netted pattern

The netted pattern is another very sensual saree that brings out the actual beauty in this great actress. The netted pattern saree is actually available in many different patterns and colors allowing you to choose as per your liking. This is one of Trisha’s favorite sarees.

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7. The Sweet Mauve:

The sweet mauve

This is one of her latest additions to her wardrobe, the sweet mauve is a very extravagantly simple saree that brings out the radiant features of this impeccable actress and inspiring ladies all over India to feel more confident in themselves.

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8. The Sheer Black:

The sheer black

Give this south Indian diva a chance to look great for any social or formal event and she will absolutely rock her looks. In this picture a sheer black saree which is loved by all is the perfect addition to the festive environment giving an addition of color to her surroundings.

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9. The Cooler Shades:

The cooler shades

The cooler shade sarees are actually yet again available in many different colors. This particular saree that this great actress is wearing truly brings out the true meaning of a traditional Indian saree and shows that sarees are not only meant for special events but can be worn on a daily basis as well without looking drab or boring in any way.