Is your kid a fan of trucks? Is your house filled will truck toys? Then your kid will love this article for sure. Here we have collected the 15 best truck coloring pages suitable for kids and adults. These colouring sheets provide your kids with some heavy-duty fun. Though we have provided tips for choosing colours, you can always let your kids choose colours adding their unique spin to the colouring page.

So, what are you waiting for? If a truck is what your kid loves, let them enjoy filling their favourite vehicle with colours of their choice. Read on!

15 Popular Truck Coloring Pages:

Irrespective of age and gender, many of us love colouring and drawing, and if a truck is involved, there is no turning back. So go through the list of colouring sheets and choose the one you like the most.

1. Fire Truck Coloring Page:

This is a fire truck colouring page which can be an attractive option for kids who love trucks. Use bright red for the entire truck body and yellow for the part in the centre area. These two colours complement each other and make the truck look authentic. The colouring sheet is suitable for kids of all ages, though younger kids might need a little guidance.

2. Monster Truck Coloring Page:

This monster truck coloring sheet is a perfect option for kids who are fans of heavy-duty, specialized off-road vehicles. Unfortunately, as the name suggests, this truck’s tires are pretty oversized, which is seen crushing a car indicating its power. So use black for the tires, whereas a combination of two colours, like blue and gold, for the body of the monster truck makes it look more authentic.

3. Pickup Truck Coloring Pages:

A pickup truck is a light-duty truck with an open cargo and an enclosed cabin. This vehicle is very popular in countries like Newzealand, Australia, United States. You can choose a single colour for the pickup truck, giving it a sleek and finished look. You can opt for glossy red or shiny silver to make the truck look authentic. Depending on the child’s age, crayons or poster colours can be a good colouring tool option.

4. Construction Truck Coloring Pages:

Construction trucks are some of the popular trucks kids love to play with, which come in different sizes, from small to ones which look life-like. For a realistic-looking truck, you can use a combination of black and yellow for the construction unit and yellow for the truck in its entirety. Use black for the truck tires, which gives the colouring page an authentic look.

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5. Police Truck Coloring Page:

No single kid didn’t play with a police car, whether small or big. As a result, we all have memories of playing with vehicles in childhood. If you want this police car to look authentic and close to a real one, using shades of black and grey can be an excellent solution. In addition, you can use bright colours for the background of the car, which will elevate the vehicle further.

6. Garbage Truck Coloring Page:

A garbage truck is designed to collect garbage and transfer it to a solid waste treatment facility, hence the name. Recycling has become a common phenomenon where many tend to protect our environment while disposing of garbage. The green colours look perfect for improving the truck’s authenticity. Use black for the tires and different shades of green for the truck’s body.

7. Ford Truck Coloring Pages:

The ford truck colouring page is another popular vehicle among adults who like storage space more than passenger space. You can choose any colour you want for the car as per your preference. For example, poster colours with a metallic touch can give the vehicle a glossier look. This colouring page is suitable for kids of all ages, though younger kids might need a little guidance.

8. Army Truck Coloring Page:

Army trucks are enclosed armoured military vehicles used to transport soldiers or things about the military. Use black for the tires and dark green for the entire vehicle body. You can always use a black sketch pen to outline the vehicle, which helps elevate the military truck beautifully. Colour pencils or crayons are the perfect tools for this colouring page.

9. Tow Truck Coloring Pages:

A tow truck is a truck that helps move indisposed, impounded or improperly parked vehicles on the road. This tow truck looks more like a cartoon, making it more relatable for kids. Yellow or orange look great on the truck’s body. Using black colour for the tires complements the truck’s body beautifully. This colouring sheet is usually preferred by children in the age group of 4 to 6 years.

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10. Semi Truck Coloring Pages:

A semi-truck is a vehicle many of us introduced during the animation movie CARS. However, many people might know about them from before too. Yellow, blue, or grey are the perfect colours for the truck’s body, whereas black is for the tires. These types of truck colouring pages are usually preferred by children aged 6 to 8 years with crayons as colouring tools.

11. Lorry Truck Coloring Page:

If you are looking for a truck colouring page suitable for pre-schoolers or kids as young as 5 years, then this colouring page is an excellent option. Use brown or black colour for the tires of the truck. Use a combination of bright and light colours for the truck, which kids might feel entertaining. Using multiple colours will excite younger kids. Crayons are the perfect colouring tools for young kids, especially if you want mess-free work.

12. Tanker Truck Coloring Pages:

A water tanker is common on many Indian streets, especially during summers. This vehicle carries water to places where water is a necessity. Use blackish grey for the tires of the truck. Whereas you can choose bright colours for the truck’s body. You can use different shades of a single colour giving the truck an authentic and realistic look. Else you can use multiple colours giving it a personalized finish.

13. Mack Truck Coloring Pages:

Cars is a popular animation movie that has made kids aware of different types of trucks. This Mack truck is a truck that is used to carry the protagonist of the film Lightning McQueen. Use bright red for the truck’s body while highlighting the words with yellow or glitter. Of course, you can always leave it to your kid’s taste when choosing a colour. Crayons or watercolours can work well for the colouring sheet.

14. Cute Truck Coloring Pages:

If you are looking for a truck colouring page for your pre-schooler, then this colouring page is an excellent option. You can let your kids choose multiple colours, which makes the truck look attractive for kids. Since this colouring sheet is suitable for younger kids, crayons are the perfect tools for mess-free work.

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15. Realistic Dump Truck Coloring Pages:

A dump truck is a vehicle usually used to transport construction material from one place to another. The dump truck is also called a dump lorry, dump trailer or dumping truck. The truck looks pretty realistic when you use shades of orange or yellow. But you can always use the colours of your choice to make the truck more relatable.

Kids of all ages love playing with trucks of all sizes. But there is a limit to how many of them you can buy. This is where the truck coloring pages from this article can come in handy. Go through the list thoroughly and choose the sheet that suits your kids the most. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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