Tube Skirts, also called pencil skirts are extremely popular with women who have slim, curvy bodies. These skirts are figure flattering and can give a taller appearance. Tube skirts get their name from the tube-like design and are usually made up of stretchable material. Tube skirts are one of the most preferred outfits for work wear. They are very comfortable and have a narrow hem line. Most tube skirts are below the knee, making them great formal wear skirts. These chic and classy garments can give you a neat silhouette like appearance. This article helps you explore some of the best and latest women’s tube skirts.

Why Tube Skirts Are So Popular?

Tube skirts are extremely popular with women who prefer a defined look for their bodies. These skirts can enhance the figure and make you look slim. If you wear the skirt at the right waist line, tube skirts can also make you look taller.

Best Age Group For Wearing Tube Skirts?

Tube Skirts are best for age group between 20-40 years. You need a good body to effortlessly carry these skirts. Teens, who look very thin or adult women, who have bulky waistline may not look very good in these skirts. However, if you have a good waistline with slim thighs, tube skirts are perfect for you irrespective of your age.

What is the Suitable Fabric For Tube Skirts?

The basic rule for a pencil skirt is that it need to stick to the body, to make it look like a tube. The fabric must be a medium weight fabric. You can use crepe, twill, linen, denim and suit fabrics. These must be attached to a good lining fabric that provides the right body to the skirt.

How To Pick A Right Tube Skirt?

Picking the right skirt depends on where do you want to wear it for and what your body type is.

  • Fit is very important for a pencil skirt to flatter your figure. It cannot be too loose or too tight. You need to make sure you are choosing the right size that fit your body like a glove.
  • The waistband must be about 2 inches above your navel. This ensures that the skirt sits in the right place for a perfect fit.
  • Length of the skirt is another important parameter. If it is for a professional wear, the length should be below the knee. Casual tube skirts can be above the knee.
  • Fabric, texture and colors play an important role in making or breaking the look. You need to choose good quality, medium weight fabrics for a decent and fitted look. If it is an office wear dress, solid colors are suitable. Printed fabrics can be perfect for a casual look

Latest Tube Skirts For Women:

Skirts of tube pattern are mostly used for formal occasions. Now with the printed style, these are widely used for casual parties and even by the college girls. The perfect the shape, the perfect it will fit. Here are some simple tube skirts for you.

1. Business type Tube Skirt for Women:

The formal tube skirts are the most preferred business outfit. They are of knee length and they give a perfect bossy look. The most preferred one is the grey tube skirt. These can be worn with normal formal shirts. This skirt is made with suit fabric, with a mid-wasit line. It is figure flattering and can enhance your curves. The best part of the skirt is its neat, well-defined finish that suits a professional environment. Pair it with a crisp white shirt to rock the board meeting.

2. Ladies Long Tube Skirt:

The long tube skirts cover the legs and they look like stuck to the skin. These are usually worn for business parties. As they wrap the legs around, the movement of the person is restricted. A slit is provided at the back of the skirt to make movement easy. This skirt is made with elastic material that stretches based on your figure. It hugs your body perfectly and maintains the overall fit. This skirt can also be worn inside sarees for a beautiful curvy drape. Choose a cute crop top with this skirt.

3. Womens Maxi Style Tube Skirt:

These are similar to the long tube skirt, but the length differs. The maxi tube skirts are available in glittery shiny colors and fabric. The maxis are available in metallic colors which makes it perfect for evening parites. These skirts also come with stitched pleats for a textured effected. Metallic skirts are usually leathery in texture and also come in sequin models. IT is advisable to keep the top colors subtle and black is the best option. You can also accessorize it with some metallic jewellery for a bright look.

4. Party Time Tube Skirts for Women:

The mini tube skirts are the best outfit for DJ parties and Saturday nights. They are long at the waist and are short at the knee. They are short and they allow the person to move a lot. If you are confident about your body, then you can pull this skirt effortlessly. Floral mini tube skirts give a very cute look to young girls and slim women. These are made with fabrics like chiffon and crepe for that easy-breezy look. Pair them with a netted top to look like a stunner.

5. Womens Midi Style Tube Skirts:

These are almost the same as the maxi tube skirts. But the midi tube skirts have a loose end just below the knee. These are preferred by college girls and these make the perfect formal outfit.Black tube skirts and white tube skirts are the most used colors. These are high-waisted skirts with the waist line above the navel. This particular skirt sits snugly on the waist and gives a perfect silhouette effect. It is made with a stiff fabric material with an elastic lining. You can go for balloon tops or even cute shirts for a chic look.

6. Blue pattern Tube Skirt for Ladies:

The fabric used is changed according to the occasion. The blue tube skirts with patterns and printing are the most trending style. These are loves by young women and they are available in different size and different tints of blue. Patterned tube skirts are great for parties and evening wear. They are widely chosen for the number of creative prints available. This blue skirt comes with a symmetric effect, which can be quite hypnotizing. Printed skirts such as these are to be paired with plain tops for a decent look. Don’t forget to wear your pencil heels to grab some eyeballs.

7. Womens Casual Tube Skirts:

The Casual tube Pencil skirts have just made its place on the trending fashion. The fabric of the skirt is simply printed to give a classy casual look. Sometimes 2 colors are mixed up to give a perfect finish and sometimes multicolor are mixed together. They are usually made with hosiery or quilt material with a number of patterns and textures. These are perfect for everyday wear and are to be worn with casual t-shirts. You can even accessorize with simple stuff like pearls for a dressed-up look. Do sport a hat on these skirts to look like a diva in making!

8. Classy Tube Skirt for Women:

The material of the skirt is changed with leather to give a classy look. The shiny finish of the leather makes it look more elegant and classy. These are mostly black tube skirts and these can be worn for special occasions and celeb nights. These skirts are made with rexine or faux pas leather. They are not too comfortable on skin, so it needs to be attached with good quality lining. These skirts should not be too stiff, as they can stand out from the body. Pair it with a beautiful, party wear top to look amazing. The best way to elevate your look is to wear pencil heels in metallic colors.

9. Sexy Outfit Style in Tube Skirt:

The red tube skirt combined with white top or tunic gives the sexier look. The skin tone and the curvy structure of the person are enhanced with the red tube skirt. These are suitable for both formal and casual occasions but mostly preferred for casual evenings. This skirt is made with stretchable fabric and snugly fits the body. These come in moth long length and knee length styles. This type of fabric is suitable only for those who have no bulky thighs, as it can easily show off from the fabric. It is recommended to pair this skirt with a simple t-shirt or a tank top for a cute look.

10. Striped Navy Tube Skirt:

Check out this ultra-cool striped navy skirt. The skirt style is inspired by the nautical stripes and is one of the most popular designs. It is made from cotton and elastane materials for a bodycon look. This stretchable skirt comes with an attached waist band and gives a neat shape to the body. It is perfect for casual day outs with your friends, as it can quite comfortable, yet smart. The best way to enhance the look for this skirt is to for a cute white top with some contrast accessories. You can try wearing wedge heels for a stylish and trendy look.

11. Denim Tube Skirt:

This smart denim skirt can make heads turn towards you. This is the girly version of a blue denim trouser and comes in mid-length. The denim skirt offers great fit and has a neat waist band with buttons. It also comes with a zipper model, just like your favourite denim trouser. The hand stitch on the hemline of this skirt elevates the look of this skirt. This dark blue denim skirt comes with a five-pocket model. It is best paired with a crisp white shirt and white heeled shoes for a smart look. IT can also be worn to offices on Fridays to maintain professionalism while looking stylish.

12. Pin-Striped Tube Skirt:

Check out this uber-sexy pin striped tube skirt in black and white. This monochrome striped skirt can give the illusion of adding extra few inches to your height. The skirt is figure-flattering and the knee-length version perfectly suits petite bodies. If you have a slightly bulky waist line, opting for vertical stripes is always recommended compared to horizontal stripes, which add more bulk. This skirt is perfect for spring wear and is clearly a high-street fashion. It is recommended to team this skirt with either black, white tops and wear wedge heels. You can also try wearing yellow top for a unique look.

Tube skirts are ruling the fashion world. Although they are were once a fashion in the 70’s and 80’s, these skirts are still popular with today’s generation. They are versatile and come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit different bodies. Tube skirts are a favorite choice with slim and petite girls, who can flaunt their curves, while wearing a full outfit. These skirts can be made to suit a casual or a professional environment by simply opting for suitable fabrics and patterns. The best way to carry a pencil skirt is to wear slightly loose tops to create a a stylish look. We hope you liked this collection and are now clear about how to choose your favorite tube skirt.

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