Tube tops are strapless tops worn by women. It has an elastic belt at the top which fastens it. It is tight on the breast, which prevents it from falling. It became popular in the 1970s. Many women like it for its freedom. There are no strings or straps that keep falling. It is perfect for summer. Many a time, girls wear a jacket over it if it gets chilly by night. They are an ideal hour-glass shaped figure as they enhance the waist’s curves.

Modern Tube Top Designs for Women with Images:

Here are a few images of tube tops for women to enhance their knowledge.

1. Tube Top Shirts for Women:

A tube top shirt is a shirt without sleeves. They are ideal for bulging belly as they are not usually fitted throughout. You can tuck it under your denim or skirts. A smart belt teamed with it is the way to go with this style.

2. Crop Tube Top in Black:

A crop tube top is a top that ends near the naval. They are short and a little revealing, and it is mostly worn with jackets and shirts. Many of the celebrities wear them during concerts. They are very cute when flowy. You can wear shorts or skirts to add a little more flirt to your look.

3. Tube Top Dress in White:

The tube top dress is similar to the off-shoulder dress. They are of all lengths. They are fitted till the waist and flowy mostly till the end. You can wear a statement necklace with it or even opt for a bold earring instead.

4. Party Tube Top with Bow:

A tube top with a bow is the cutest tube top. It has a bow on the top, near the elastic. It is a good choice for busty women as it hides the bulges. Normally they have a medium to large bow right at the front. A choker neckpiece will give you a killer look for sure.

5. Fashionable Tube Top with Frills:

If you are going out on a first date and wish to add a little flirt to the outfit without much exposure, a tube top with a frill is best for you. It has frills on the top. It is frayed with the wind, giving a little touch to your date. This is perfect for shopping or a long evening beach walk.

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6. Tube Top with Sleeves:

A tube top with sleeves is like a miracle. It makes me wonder how the sleeves get attached. Well, mostly, they are attached in ends. The sleeves can be pulled up too. Also, they are a bit retro. So be sure if you want to try it.

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7. Latex Tube Top for Girls:

Latex tube tops are the new trend in celebrities. They are made of latex material, which sticks to the body by its name. It gives a shiny look. This type of tube top is a bit uncomfortable. They are good for the party.

8. Cotton Lycra Tube Top:

Cotton Lycra tube top is the most common tube top style. You can use it for any occasion. They can never go wrong. Mostly they are stretchable. It also goes well with denim. They are available in all arrays of colour.

9. Georgette Tube Tops for Ladies:

Georgette tube top is made of georgette material. Since georgette is flowy, this tube top is loose except for the top. Team it with a short skirt to get the glamorous look for the perfect evening date or party.

10. Designer Cocktail Tube Top:

By its name, a cocktail tube top is a cocktail party top that has no sleeves. They are well fitted. Most of them have sequins and shines. They are made with a combination of fabrics. You can team it with a statement necklace and high heels.

11. Casual Tube Top for Teens:

The casual tube top is a hot favourite amongst teenage girls. They are made of t-shirt material. They are loose fitted. They give a laid back and cool yet classy look. They are worn with jeans and a skirt.

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12. Printed Tube Top:

Printed tube tops are my favourite style. It gives the right drama and highlights to complete the look. It is a fresh break from regular monotone tube tops. Experiment with your look with this new style.

13. Formal Tube Top:

The formal tube top is a classy example of a tube top. It is not very revealing and has the right amount of fit. They are mostly flowy and not very tight. You can team with blazers and skirts. They are perfect for formal dinners and parties.

14. Fitted White Gypsy Tube Top:

The fitted white gipsy tube top is a classic example of the tube top. Mostly this look is seen by travellers. It is ideal with classic denim shorts. Most of the actresses are seen wearing it coming out of the airport. They go well with hats and sunglasses, and minimum jewellery. They are made with laces and cotton cloth.

15. Tube Top Maxi Dress:

Tube top maxi dress is similar to tube top dress, except for its length. They are long and flowy. They usually have a cut below the knee for easing walking and sitting. They are very chic and glamorous style. You can wear it for parties and dinners. Many actresses are seen wearing this style at the award ceremony. This style is the best and classiest type of tube top.

Tube tops may have a long history behind them, but they are refreshing to our wardrobe. They are saviours for a hot summer shopping date with your bf. Team it with your favourite denim, or wear your flirty short skater skirt, for a cool look. Go ahead and try this style without shying away. On a hot summer day, when you struggle to keep your strap up, the tube top is here to rescue you. You can wear a tube top without having to worry about anything. This carefree style is safeguarded by elastic at the top.

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