Tunics or tunic a in Latin, are simple garments, made of a variety of materials. Ancient Romans of the third century wore tunics(chiton) as a shirt or gown. Men’s tunics were loose-fitting from neck to knees. Women’s tunics were tight or loose-fitting from neck to over the skirts. Greeks wore tunics (chiton, chitoniskos and exomis) that were decorated presenting residents, using dyes at hem-lines.

Celtic and Germans living in colder middle and northern Europe wore long-sleeved, pull-over tunics from shoulder to mid-thigh or knees. Tunics reached Byzantine through Romans. Even in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh tunics or kurtas are worn.

Comfortable Models of Tunic Sweaters for Winter:

Here are 9 best women’s loose and tight tunic sweaters in different colours and models.

1. Caslon – Side Slit Cowl Neck Tunic:

Cowl neck, face-framing and pull-over the head is a good tunic sweater. The fashion of this item is dropped shoulders. Also, there are long ribbed sleeves with slits on the sides. This item is soft, warm, cosy and mint coloured.

2. Cotton Emporium -Front Pocket Turtle Neck Tunic:

Crimson coloured with elaborate cable work is made of 100% acrylic. Style of this tunic sweater is turtle neck, long sleeves, and frontal pockets. This item can be easily maintained by a cold machine wash.

3. Halogen – Shirttail Wool and Cashmere Boat Neck Tunic:

Tunic sweater is traditional pull-over with boat-neck raglan long sleeves with ribbed cuffs. It is made of 30% cashmere, 70% wool. Colours are in neon and others.

4. Macy Leopard Print Tunic Sweater:

Tunic sweater resembles leopard skin since it is made of leopard-print material. Tunic sweater has a turtle neck, and style is pull-over like all tunics. The length of the tunic is up to the thighs.

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5. Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Blend Turtleneck Tunic Sweater:

Tunic sweater having cream colour goes with all your dark coloured winter trousers. This one is made of organic colon/wool/nylon. It is loose-fitting, pull-over, drop shoulder with a turtleneck. The tunic reaches after the zip of your trousers.

6. Jeanne Pierre Colour-Blocked Cable Knit Tunic Sweater:

Tunic sweater is cable knit that looks fashionable with leggings and slim pants. This tunic sweater has the traditional turtleneck, pullover, slits on two sides and the length is below the hips. The material used is cotton and design is complicated having many coloured blocks, knitted stripes with two front pockets. Best to take care is hand wash.

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7. Leather Trim Tunic Sweater by Jeanne Pierre Faux:

Tunic sweater has long sleeves, boat neckline pullover, slits at sides and length reaching below the hip. The tunic is knitted all over with fake leather trims at neckline, pockets. This item is ideal for cold weather because it is made of polyurethane leather. There is also a cotton lining for your comfort. The tunic has two front pockets with faux leather trimmings. Hence the best method to take care of this item is to hand wash.

8. Maxmara -Weekend Tunic Sweater Dress:

Tunic sweater design looks very simple. Sleeves are unusual because they are stitched to the body and cowl neckline makes this attire fashionable. This item can be used as casual wear over the weekend when you are relaxing. Since this dress is light brown it goes with dark brown shades.

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9. Cashmere V-Neck Tunic Sweater:

Cashmere made, V-neck, long-sleeved tunic, vented hem sweater reaches after the end of your zip. Hence this tunic sweater can be used as a top when you wear with your trousers, jeans or leggings. This item should be hand washed for maintenance. Traditionally this item is a good tunic. Also because of modern vented hem, this provides comfort to users.

We conclude that tunics are available in several types of material for various purposes. One thing is common for all tunics are they are made comfortable and practice.

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