A quite trendy women’s wear trendy these days is the tunic tops. Tunic tops are just a modified outlook of the ancient Greek and Roman clothing priory known as a chiton. They are long gown or knee-length tops which are loose in fitting. In ancient times, both men and women used to wear it. Today it is widely known as kurta for men and tops tunics for women.

Latest Tunic Tops in Different Models in Short and Long:

The tunic tops for women are quite widely worn for the hot summers. Following are few widely worn designs of tunic tops.

1. Plain Loose Tunic:

A long women’s tunic tops design is quite famous among the women between 40s and 50s. As the top is thin and long, it is comfortable for them to carry. The top is given a triangular ending which helps them to walk easily.

2. White Plain Tunic:

Quite in trend, the white tunic top is popular among women, especially in summers. The sleeveless tunic is made with double material combining cotton and chiffon for a marvellous appearance.

3. Long Full Sleeve Tunic:

The tunic tops for leggings are quite trendy among the college girls. The top is given fitting till the waist and then loose flaw with long sleeves. It is made from a stretchable material with a cotton base. It is quite preventive in summers and winters with a wide range of colours.

4. Tunics for Winter:

Looking for something unique for your winter wear! Go for a long sleeve tunic with thick cotton material for prevention from the cold winters. The tunic is also given two pockets for a fancy look. It is widely selected in the cold countries as a jacket as it is very loose from shoulders to the end below.

5. Bound Neck Tunic:

A simple and sophisticated neck design for ladies tunic tops is the one which has a neck design with bounded ribbons. The design gives a broad neck design similar to the net pattern. The sleeves also have elastic at the end to give a foamy effect.

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6. Black and White Short Tunic:

Want to have a glamorous look for a party or want to look simply cosy for weekend nights! Try a women’s tunic tops design with a black thick bordered design. The top is made with chiffon elastic material with black and white spots for a unique look. It is short from the front and slightly longer from behind which make it amazing on jeans especially low waist jeans.

7. Floral Design Tunic:

Want to shop for something pleasant to wear this summer! Try a tops tunic design with floral designs. The chiffon tunic is given a V Shape neck bordered with floral design. The bottom is also decorated with a similar design for a pleasant look.

8. Designer Long Checks Tunic Top for Girls:

Looking for something simple but still having a stylish touch! Go for a cotton tunic which is lengthy. The tunic has checks design with it. The front part carries buttons fully which is inspired by the formal shirts of men or women. Such tunics are widely carried for official purpose. Other than that, the tunic tops for leggings is also worn for weekend parties or picnics.

9. V-Neck Hip Tight Tunic:

A plain blue tunic which is loose from shoulder to waist, but becomes tight at the hip portion, is quite in trend for jeans these days. The outfit is made with cotton polyester material which gives a beautiful flaw are a waist and the sleeves. It is widely worn as regular wear for office, parties, picnics and much more.

10. Net and Chiffon Tunic top for Pregnant Women:

Passing through the best maternity period of your life! We also have favourable dresses for you. A tunic loose top designed with net neck and sleeves gives a stunning look even though you have a big tummy. The loose dress in fact hides your tummy to a great extent for a lovely appearance. They help the to be a mother to have a comfortable day while travelling for shopping or picnics.

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11. Batwing Sleeves Tunic:

A funky design in tunic tops is the one which has batwing sleeves with it. The tunic is made with batik print and material which carries amazing designs with it. The top is loose in fitting but also carries a belt with it go have fitting from the waist for a different and sensual look. The design is widely worn in colleges and offices.

12. Double Tunic Top:

A stylish and cosy look is adopted once you wear this double tunic top. The women’s tunic tops have two clothing in it. The inner part is a cotton t-shirt while the upper cloth is a loose flowing one which takes the appearance a step forward. The loose shoulder sleeves add to its beauty.

13. Frock Tunic:

Want to have a girly look! Here you go with a wonderful design for tunic tops. The tunic top has a fitting from the shoulder to the waist. From there, it is left with a flowing effect which is inspired by the frocks of the small girls. It gives a lavishing look for parties, pubs, or chill outs.

14. Traditional Long Chiffon Tunic Top:

A long chiffon tunic top with chiffon material is quite amazing to wear. The tunic is given minute design which is made with Kashmiri thread work. The light chiffon is given a cotton material within for comfort. The side of the tunic is given a knitted pattern which is quite trendy.

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15. Apple Cut Tunic Top:

Looking for something sensual to wear on parties and dates! Select an apple cut tunic tops for women suitable on any jeans, Capri or shorts. The tunic is given a circular end below from both the sides. It is available in short and long sleeves. You can also opt for cap tunics which are attached to it.

The tunic tops are now available in a wide range of designs, colours and sizes. They are now also knitted with Kashmiri work, Rajasthani work, printed with floral designs, pinch stitching, and much more. They give comfort to a great level while travelling and hence are more preferred.

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