Turkish names are a delight to read. They come mixed with religion, culture and tradition. It will not be too hard to pick one, but the struggle gets really hard when you have to decide on a baby Turkey name. To make this a bit less burdensome for you, we have come up with a list of Turkish baby names with their meaning. It is time for you to take a call.

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List Of Turkish Baby Names With Meanings:

Here are some modern and popular Turkish names for girls and boys as follows.

Beautiful Girl Names in Turkish with Meanings:

1. Asli:

This is a name for a Turkish baby girl and can be claimed to be one of the finest names for all Turkish girls. The meaning is very sweet, which means “sincere”, and is suitable for almost anyone and everyone.

2. Aysun:

It is one of the most beautiful names of all time that are suitable for Turkish girls. The name means “of the moon beauty”. If you are in need of something new, then this can be said to be the most suitable thing for you.

3. Dacia:

A Turkish baby name for a girl, the meaning of the name Dacia is “a woman from Dacia”. Dacia is a place of high importance according to the Turkish people, and someone from there is considered quite holy and powerful.

4. Eartha:

The name Eartha is quite a popular name among Turkish girls, and it comes with a beautiful meaning as well. Eartha means “from the earth”. It depicts someone’s existence and from where they originate.

5. Earlene:

The name Earlene is something that is appropriate for almost anyone and everyone. Though the name is most suitable for Turkish girls, it was used for naming a number of Turkish baby boys during the old times.

6. Fabia:

Fabia, which means “lovely bean”, is one of the best names for Turkish baby girls, and it is something that every parent will love to name their child.

7. Filiz:

Filiz is a very unique Turkish name that means ‘to spring up and develop’. This is a very positive name for your baby girl.

8. Funda:

How about this rare Turkish girl name for your daughter? The name means ‘the general condition of body and mind’.

9. Gamze:

Gamze is a very beautiful Turkish girl name. The name means ‘a dimple on a person’s face’. A cute name, just like the dimple!

10. Gulizar:

The name means ‘girl with cheeks which are soft and pink like a rose’. This is another classic Turkish female name.

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11. Gulya:

Gulya means ‘flower’. For that delicate little baby girl, Gulya is a nice name.

12. Hadassah:

This is a name that all Turkish girls are proud to announce as their official identity word. The name originates from the myrtle tree and has all the features that are required to impress the parents to name their child by this name.

13. Hiranur:

Hiranur means ‘light of the diamond’. The name symbolizes the radiance and how she will shine bright in life.

14. Hande:

Don’t we all know how a smile is infectious? Here is a Turkish female name that exactly conveys this. Hande means ‘woman with an infectious smile’.

15. Jale:

Jale is beautiful for your baby daughter. The name means ‘dew.’

16. Joozher:

How about this unique name? Joozher refers to people as very easygoing and is nice. They tend to be forgiving and are known to maintain their dignity level.

16. Jubaila:

This is another interesting name for you to think of. The name means people who are charming and have good personalities.

17. Kader:

Kader means ‘pure’.

18. Kiral:

This is a beautiful Turkish baby girl name. It means ‘supreme leader’.

19. Lalam:

The name refers to the Tulip flower. It means ‘as beautiful as a Tulip flower’.

20. Miray:

Miray is also a Turkish Muslim name. It means ‘ glowing like the moon’.

21. Melike:

This unusual name refers to the gentle wind that blows in the warmest season of the year.

22. Nehir:

Nehir means ‘river’.

23. Nazik:

Nazik means someone who is slender or is a delicate person.

24. Necla:

The name means ‘female child’. It also means ‘cohort’.

25. Nuray:

Another Turkish Islamic name, Nuray, refers to the brightness of the moon.

26. Olcay:

The name means ‘champion or Conqueror’.

27. Ozge:

To truly give her a unique name, this will be a good choice. The name itself means unique and rare.

28. Pasa:

Pasa indicates a rank in the military system.

29. Pembe:

Pembe is a pinkish person.

30. Pinar:

This is a name that refers to a spring of water or fountain. It suggests the energy of the person will always be alive.

31. Rahsheda:

This is a traditional Turkish name that means ‘upright’.

32. Roshan:

The name means ‘brightness of light’.

33. Rezan:

Rezan means ‘a clear and bright woman’.

34. Reyhan:

Reyhan means ‘a plant name’.

35. Safiye:

Safiye is a beautiful Turkish name. It means ‘a genuine person’.

36. Sefa:

Sefa is also a Turkish nickname. It means ‘pleasure’.

37. Sevgili:

Sevgili is a very adorable name for your daughter. It means ‘darling’.

38. Sevnic:

Sevnic means ‘joy’ or ‘delight’.

39. Shahinaz:

Shahinaz is a beautiful Turkish Muslim name. The name means ‘a beloved or beautiful girl’.

40. Shakirat:

Shakirat is an appreciative person.

41. Sumeyye:

This is a truly beautiful name you can put for your daughter. This means ‘she who is high above others’.

42. Tansu:

Tansu means ‘water of the dawn’. It indicates a sense of freshness.

43. Toulin:

Toulin means ‘a circular band of light around the moon’.

44. Tubba:

Tubba is a Turkish origin name that means ‘pure and diligent human being’.

Unique Turkish Names for Boys with Meanings:

1. Alp:

This is a short but very effective name for all the kids out there. The name is suitable for Turkish baby boys and comes with a very impressive meaning. The meaning of the name is “heroic”.

2. Arslan:

This Turkish name is apt for a boy. The meaning of the name Arslan is “lion”. Thus this name will be suitable for a brave child. The name is most appropriate for a brave kid.

3. Berk:

The name is quite wonderful, and it will be good for your boy. The name is equally powerful and prestigious, like the meaning. Berk generally means a man who has immense strength. The name was one of the things that were given as an honorary to the king’s sons during olden times.

4. Belgin:

Belgin is of Turkish origin and a name for a baby boy. Here is a name that is absolutely pure, like the meaning. Yes! The meaning of the name is “pure” only. For decent pronunciation and beautiful meaning, this name is something that will be suitable for anyone and everyone (male children) out there.

5. Cade:

The meaning of the word Cade is “circular”. It is claimed to be one of the most used names during the present times, and for all the good hearing features, it is something that everyone will prefer being called by. The name is totally suitable for any man.

6. Cael:

The name is quite a sweet name for all the male children born in Turkish families. The meaning of the name Cael is ‘circular’. The name is used in other countries as well. It sounds good and has a pretty good meaning as well.

7. Cahil:

Cahil is a male Turkey name that is very modern and stylish. The name means ‘ a young and naïve man ’.

8. Candon:

Candon means ‘a sincere and honest man’.

9. Cenk:

Cenk is a very brave name. This Turkish men name means ‘one who wins war’.

10. Cetin:

Cetin means ‘the one who is strong and tough’.

11. Da:

Da is one of those names that are suitable for Turkish baby boys, specifically. The meaning of the name is beautiful, and one will find this name quite suitable to name their Turkish baby boy with. The meaning of the name Da is accomplishing, and that is why it can be said to be one of the best names for all Turkish babies (boys).

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12. Demir:

Demir means ‘one who is made of iron’. This Turkish baby boy name conveys how he has to be strong and emerge as a very brave-hearted person.

13. Duman:

Duman means ‘one who is supportive and helpful’. An apt name for your little boy who will grow up to be a kind-hearted one.

14. Eachann:

This name is also another good name for Turkish boys. The meaning of this name is “brown horse”. Clearly, it is one of those things that women will prefer calling a guy by. The name is used for naming most Turkish baby boys, and of all the good features of this name, it is considered to be one of the best names of all time for Turkish babies.

15. Earl:

Earl is an English origin name for a boy. The name is quite prestigious and has a good meaning as well. Earl means “warrior”, and for all the good features, this name is something that everyone will prefer having. If you are looking for something totally new and suitable for your behaviour, then this name will give you a warrior-like image.

16. Eadric:

The name Eadric is used for naming many baby boys in other cultures as well. It can be said that this is one of the best names for naming Turkish baby boys, and for its massive popularity, it is the right name for probably every Turkish guy out there. It means “wealthy monarch”.

17. Eagle:

The name is considered to be a decent one for Turkish baby boys. The name is simple, and the meaning is the same as the name. You heard it right! In this case, Eagle means eagle, the bird only.

18. Edric:

Edric means a robust man’.

19. Efe:

Efe is an older brother. If your baby boy, you think, can become an elder brother at some point, then this is a good name for him.

20. Eldar:

Eldar means ‘one who is born to fight with fire’.

21. Emir:

Emir is a Turkish men name that means ‘a prince or a commander’.

22. Enver:

Enver is a unique name for your baby boy. It means ‘bright’.

23. Eymen:

Another rare name, Eymen means ‘more fortunate, lucky and auspicious’.

24. Fai:

If you are in need of a decent Turkish name, then this is something new and good for your baby Turkish boy. Here we have yet another short and simple name for most of the baby boys out there. The name is quite suitable for all the boys out there having Turkish origin. Fai means initial.

25. Galip:

Galip means ‘winner or one who will overcome’.

26. Gyula:

Gyula is a Hungarian royal title and is not really a Turkish name. But, it is now being adopted by a lot of Turkish parents.

27. Hackett:

This name is for boys and is considered to be one of the most appropriate names for that sex. The name depicts a physical appearance, and the meaning of this name will determine the nose of a person. Hackett basically means a person with a hooked nose.

28. Hakan:

Hakan means ‘emperor’.

29. Halil:

Halil is a Turkish origin name for your baby boy. It means ‘intimate friend’. The name is found in Arabic as well. It means ‘bosom friend’.

30. Hidir:

Hidir is a Turkish Islamic name.

31. Kaan:

Kaan means ‘king of kings/ruler’.

32. Karawan:

Karawan is more of an expression that is used to avert the evil eye. The name is sentimentally connected to Turkish culture.

33. Latifah:

Latifah is a Turkish men name that means elegance.

34. Mehmet:

Mehmet is a very beautiful baby boy name in Turkish. It means ‘praiseworthy ruler’.

35. Mert:

Mert means ‘man’ or ‘manly’. It is of Persian origin. A name that aptly serves the little boy who will grow up to be a man.

36. Metin:

Metin means having or wielding force or authority.

37. Murat:

If your son is a true dream, Murat will be a good choice. It means ‘wish come true’.

38. Neval:

Neval means ‘new city’. It also means ‘original’.

39. Omer:

Omer means one who is a talker and who is also successful.

40. Ozge:

This is a very thoughtful name. If you are looking for a very unique name, this name is just the right one. It means ‘a unique and different individual’.

41. Roshan:

Roshan means ‘light’.

42. Safet:

Safet is a popular Turkish baby name that means ‘best part’ or ‘true’.

43. Sevket:

Sevket is a Turkish name that means power and dignity.

44. Sukru:

Sukru means ‘grateful’.

45. Tabib:

Tabib is a doctor. The name implies that your baby will be a saviour of millions.

46. Tarkan:

Tarkan means one who is bold and strong.

Turkish Names for Twin Babies:

1. Abbas and Basak:

  • Abbas is a great name for a boy, and it is the name of a martyr. It also means ‘stern’. It is a masculine name given in regions like Pakistan, Iran and Egypt too.
  • Basak is a Turkish origin name given to girls in Turkey. The meaning of Basak is ‘wheat’.

2. Berna and Bedir:

  • Bedir is of Turkish and Persian origin and is a great choice for a baby boy. In Turkish origin, it means “full moon”.
  • Berna is a Turkish origin name for a baby girl. The meaning of Berna is “young woman”. It also refers to a strong and brave bear. Other variations of this name include Bernadette in French.

3. Cahit and Candan:

  • Cahit is a Turkish baby boy’s name. The meaning of Cahit is ‘hardworking’. This is a very popular choice for boys in Turkey.
  • Candan is of Turkish origin and can be used for both boys and girls. It is a popular choice for boys. The meaning of Candan is ‘sincerely’.

4. Emin and Fatin:

  • Emin, a Turkish name for a baby boy, stands for honesty and ‘self-assurance’. It originates in Turkish. This name has a beautiful meaning and sounds trendy.
  • Fatin, another Turkish origin name for a baby boy, means clever and smart. It also is widely used in Arabic, where it means ‘intelligent’.

5. Abay and Abi:

  • Abay means ‘being talented’. The name is a very traditional name and is popular not just in Turkish but in other languages too.
  • Abi means ‘elder brother’ in Turkish. This name is also famous in Hebrew, where it means ‘father’.

6. Demir and Deniz:

  • Demir means ‘one who is made of iron’. It indicates strength and vitality.
  • Deniz means ‘sea of happiness’.

7. Guney and Gyula:

  • Guney means ‘south’ and is a rare Turkish baby name. If you are looking for one such Turkish name, this could be the choice.
  • Gyula is a Hungarian royal title that is also famously used by the Turks.

8. Kahraman and Karawan:

  • Kahraman is a very unique Turkish name to come across. It means ‘hero’.
  • Karawan is more of an expression that is closely tied to the sentiments of Turkish culture. It is used as an expression to ward off the evil eye.

10. Tanju and Tansu:

  • Tanju is a very popular Turkish name that means one who is blessed by Allah.
  • Tansu means ‘water of the dawn’.

11. Truong and Tuncay:

  • Truong refers to a college or meadow.
  • Tuncay, on the other hand, refers to the moon.
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12. Akara and Akasma:

  • Akara means ‘chief deity’. It also means who is ready to take risks and loves challenges. The person will also love changes.
  • Akasma means ‘white climbing rose’, indicating the rareness.

13. Banou and Burcu:

  • Banou means ‘female’. It also means ‘princess’.
  • Burcumeans; a sweet-smelling woman’.

14. Deniz and Dicle:

  • Deniz means ‘sea of happiness’.
  • Dicle means ‘life providing.’

15. Esma and Elma:

  • Esma is a Turkish origin name for a baby girl. The meaning of Esma is ‘attributes of God’. Esma also has attributes in Old French and Spanish where it means ‘beloved, esteemed to love or to love and emerald’.
  • Elma is a Turkish name for a baby girl, which means a sweet fruit. This is also a perfect Turkish name that sounds very English.

Turkish Unisex Names:

1. Akara:

this name means ‘Chief deity’. It also means ‘One who loves change and challenges but takes too many risks.’

2. Akay:

Akay is a beautiful Turkish baby name. It means ‘near a full moon or illuminating light of the full moon, full moon’.

3. Deniz:

Sea of happiness. This name is very popular.

4. Kiral:

Kiral means ‘Supreme Leader.’

5. Olcay:

The name means ‘champion, conqueror, leader, victor’.

6. Ozge:

This name is also unique, just like the person. It means ‘a unique and different individual’.

7. Roshan:

Roshan means ‘Brightness of the light’.

8. Shakirat:

Shakirat is an appreciative person.

9. Tansu:

Tansu means ‘Water of the dawn’.

Turkish Muslim Baby Names:

1. Abdullah:

The name means ‘one who worships God’. It also means ‘a slave to God’. This is a name for a baby boy.

2. Abidin:

Abidin means ‘one who worships religion’ and could be a good one for your son.

3. Adam:

This Turkish Muslim name is connected to religion. It means Prophet Adam. Adam is a popular baby boy name.

4. Ahmet:

The name Ahmet means ‘thanking God’. Ahmet is a good name for your son.

5. Celal:

It means ‘glory, the majesty of God’. Celel is a popular name for girls.

6. Cennet:

The name Cennet means ‘heaven’. Cennet is a modern baby girl name.

7. Erdem:

The name Erdem is a Turkish Islamic name that means ‘virtue’. Erdem is a name for the girls.

8. Faik:

It means ‘superior’. Faik is a name for the boys.

9. Gokce:

Gokce is the name of the mother of the Gazi founder of the Ottoman empire.

10. Habib:

Habib means ‘loving man’. It is a name for a baby boy.

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Turkish Names That Sound English:

1. Erol :

A Turkish name for a boy that means ‘brave’.

2. Enver:

A Turkish name for a boy that means very bright and handsome.

3. Neylan:

A Turkish name for a girl that means fulfilled wish.

4. Naila :

A Turkish name for a girl that means successful.

5. Ozlem :

A Turkish name for a girl that means yearning.

6. Temin:

A Turkish name for a boy that means to make safe.

From a long list of Turkish origin names, it can now be easy to pick the right ones. If you love to have a unisex name, that is available for you too. Some of them are really traditional and deeply connected to Turkish culture, while others are very modern and trendy.


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