When expecting parents are told they are having twins, it’s the best feeling ever. Having a boy and girl twin is like hitting the jackpot!! A complete family at one time!! So the names of twins are the next thing that they will look for. Male and female twin names can be found in many places. You can get names that work for the present generation, as well as names that are very popular. Meaningful names are always something that parents look for. Another option is to have the starting letters be the same. This can be an extension of the parent’s names too.

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Table of Content:

  1. How to Select Name
  2. Hindu Names
  3. Muslim Names
  4. Christian Names
  5. Names With Similar Meaning
  6. Name That Mean Rhymes
  7. Names That Start With The Same Letter
  8. Celebrity-Inspired Names
  9. Matching Names
  10. Floral Inspired Names

How to Select The Best Twin Boy & Girl Names?

Having a list of names for twin boy and girl is great support for parents. It is usually difficult to choose names for a single kid, so having to select twin names will be much more. The best twin names are usually those that mean the same; start with the same letter; rhyme; etc. First, start with what your criteria are. Once you establish this criterion then, it becomes easy to narrow down the list of names. Choose something that you feel will gel well with the present generation and is not too old-fashioned. Names that can be shortened or names that are easy to pronounce are also good choices.


10 Best Indian Hindu Twin Boy and Girl Names:

1. Abeer & Abha:

  • Meaning: cowherd/ray of light
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Origin: India

Here are two names that begin with A and are very popular too. These are names that you will love to keep for your kids.

2. Daksh & Aadya:

  • Meaning: competent/excellent
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Origin: India

Choose these powerful names for your kids. For parents who feel that name makes the child’s future, then these are the best bet.

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3. Ayaan & Arushi:

  • Meaning: god’s gift/first ray of the sun
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Origin: India

Choosing god’s gift and the ray of the sun as your kid’s name will be the best thing ever. These are perfect names for twins.

4. Rachit & Aadhira:

  • Meaning: invention/swift
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Origin: India

Here are two names that have lovely and beautiful meanings. When the kids have names with good meanings, it makes them happy too.

5. Ahana & Ayush:

  • Meaning: morning glory/ long life
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Origin: India

Another set of names for your baby boy and girl is this one with the same letter A. Choose this for your babies and be filled with love.

6. Daneesh & Aditi:

  • Meaning: knowledge/free
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Origin: India

Choose these Sanskrit names for twin boy and girl. The names are powerful and work well for kids who are meant to do great.

7. Saharsh & Ruhi:

  • Meaning: with joy/ beloved
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Origin: India

These Hindu twins’ baby names, boy and girl with meanings, are great to have. The names have happy meanings.

8. Aastha & Nevan:

  • Meaning: belief/ holy soul
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Origin: India

Here are some nice names with spiritual meanings that you can choose for your kids. The names are easy to remember too.

9. Prisha & Hardik:

  • Meaning: beloved/heartfelt
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Origin: India

Choose these names for your kids if you are overjoyed and want to thank the Lord for them. The names are popular ones too.

10. Dhriti & Parth:

  • Meaning: joyful/king
  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Origin: India

Here are two names that have been there for many years but are still popular today. They are loved by all and are easy to remember.


5 Muslim Twin Baby Boy and Girl Names:

11. Aadil & Aadila:

  • Meaning: Justice/high moral
  • Language: Arabic

Choose these lovely two names for your boy and girl and see how they prosper in life. These are great names that sound good too.

12. Aarif & Zoya:

  • Meaning: knowledgeable/ loving
  • Language: Arabic

You will love to have these names for your kids. The name for the boy is very promising and the one for the girl is lovely.

13. Haniya & Abaan:

  • Meaning: joy/clear
  • Language: Arabic

Choose these lovely Muslim twin boy and girl names for your kids. The names have lovely meanings and this adds to the charm.

14. Sabira & Izaan:

  • Meaning: patient/obedience
  • Language: Arabic

Here is another set of meaningful names for your kids. The names fit well in modern time, too and sound nice.

15. Sana & Saeed:

  • Meaning: to glow/ happy
  • Language: Arabic

Here are two names that begin with the same letter S. These are nice names for your kids that you will love to give them.


5 Christian Twin Baby Boy And Girl Names:

16. Emma & Emmanuel:

  • Meaning: God with us
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Origin: Bible

These are stunning Christian twin baby boy and girl names that are perfect for you. The Hebrew names are popular as well as spiritual.

17. Abigail & Benjamin:

  • Meaning: Father’s joy/fortunate
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Origin: Bible

Here are powerful characters from the Bible that you will love to give your kids. Both boy and girl names are popular today as well.

18. Natalie & Nathan:

  • Meaning: Born on Christmas/ He has given
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Origin: Bible

These are happy names that are perfect if your kids are born around Christmas. They fit well in terms of meaning.

19. Grace & Daniel:

  • Meaning: Blessing/ God is my judge
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Origin: Bible

Choose these perfect names for your kids that have the blessings of God. They are both powerful names that add humility too.

20. Dinah & Peter:

  • Meaning: judgment/ rock
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Origin: Bible

Another set of lovely names for your babies is Dinah and Peter. Both work well in the modern day and are great due to their origin.


5 Names With Similar Meaning for Twin Boys & Girls:

21. Jonah & Jemima:

  • Meaning: Dove
  • Language: English
  • Origin: Old Testament

This is a lovely name for a twin boy and a girl. It comes from the Old Testament in the Bible. It is even used in places like Hawaii and Alaska.

22. Oliver & Olivia:

  • Meaning: Olive Tree
  • Language: English
  • Origin: England

This beautiful-sounding name is something that you would love to keep for your twins. These are cute baby names for twin boys, and girls.

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23. Asher & Alisa:

  • Meaning: great happiness
  • Language: English & Hebrew
  • Origin: Bible

These are two sweet names that have the best meaning ever. Parents are obviously filled with great happiness to have twins.

24. Brian & Briana:

  • Meaning: noble
  • Language: Old Gaelic-Celtic
  • Origin: England

The best names for the twin boy and the girl will be something that has character, and these two are just the ones.

25. Andrew & Andrea:

  • Meaning: manly
  • Language: English
  • Origin: England

Here are two very appealing names that fit well with the new generation. Choose them for their popularity and also their modern sound.


5 Names for Twin Boy & Girl Names That Mean Rhymes:

26. Madison & Mason:

  • Meaning: Mighty battle/Surname
  • Language: German/English
  • Origin: Germany/England

Made popular by the movie “Splash”, Madison is a great name for your girl child. Mason is hugely popular in most places.

27. Isaiah & Isabella:

  • Meaning: God is salvation/God is my oath
  • Language: English
  • Origin: Bible/England

Isaiah is one of the most popular names with Biblical connections. Isabella is a royal and beautiful name that is stunning.

28. Alison & Wilson:

  • Meaning: Of noble kind/son of William
  • Language: English
  • Origin: England

Give your newborn twin’s boy and girl names that are popular as well as meaningful.

29. Darrel & Cheryl:

  • Meaning: Open/ dear
  • Language: English
  • Origin: England

These are two of the best rhyming names for twin boy and girl. Choose these lovely names for your kids.

30. Marie & Zachary:

  • Meaning: Mary/ Lord has remembered
  • Language: German/Hebrew
  • Origin: Germany/England

Marie is a name that is popular among the Germans, French as well as other European places. Zachary is a great name to shorten to Zach.


5 Twin Boy and Girl Names That Start With The Same Letter:

31. Charlie & Charlotte:

  • Meaning: free man
  • Language: German/French
  • Origin: Germany/France

These are beautiful names for twins. They both mean free men, with Charlotte being feminine. Both are popular names in most places.

32. Zac & Zoey:

  • Meaning: Lord has remembered/Life
  • Language: Hebrew/Greek
  • Origin: England/Greece

Love these two names that begin with the least used alphabet, Z. Both are bold names and very popular too.

33. Mia & Max:

  • Meaning: Mary/Greatest
  • Language: Hebrew/ Latin
  • Origin: Bible/ France

These are two short forms for very popular names Maria and Maximilian. The shortened forms make them very attractive and likeable.

34. Chloe & Caleb:

  • Meaning: blooming/faithful
  • Language: Greek/Hebrew
  • Origin: Greece/Bible

Cute names for twin boys and girls are ones that have beautiful meanings. These are lovely names that you can keep for your babies.

35. Sophia & Samuel:

  • Meaning: wisdom/name of God
  • Language: Greek/Hebrew
  • Origin: England/Bible

Another great set of twin boy and girl names in this powerful set. Both names have been used across the ages but are still popular.


5 Celebrity-Inspired Twin Baby Boy & Girl Names:

36. Hazel & Phinnaeus:

  • Meaning: from the hazelnut tree/ Oracle
  • Language: English/ Hebrew
  • Origin: England/ Bible

Choose these wonderful names that Julia Roberts has given her kids. They are perfect names with beautiful meanings.

37. Vivienne & Knox:

  • Meaning: alive/hillock
  • Language: French/Scottish
  • Origin: Great Britain/ Scotland

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have named their kids Vivienne and Knox. So, this celebrity couple loves these names! We are sure you will too.

38. Juno & Rex:

  • Meaning: goddess/ King
  • Language: Roman/Latin
  • Origin: Roman

The lead vocalist of the band Coldplay, Will Champion, has named his twins Juno and Rex. These are lovely names that are easy to pronounce too.

39. Gideon & Harper:

  • Meaning: hewer/harp player
  • Language: Hebrew/English
  • Origin: Bible/England

Neil Patrick Harris has named his twins Gideon and Harper, and we couldn’t be more excited. Choose these gorgeous names for your twins.

40. Charlie & Dolly:

  • Meaning: free man/doll
  • Language: Germany/English
  • Origin: German/England

Actress Rebecca and actor Jerry O’Connell named their twins Charlie and Dolly. These are two cute names that are perfect for babies.


5 Matching Twin Boy & Girl Names:

41. Lily & Lyle:

  • Meaning: flower/island
  • Language: English
  • Origin: England

These beautiful names are perfect for two adorable little babies who are twins. The English names are great for any place.

42. Clover & Cliff:

  • Meaning: flower/ short for Clifford
  • Language: English
  • Origin: England

Another set of appealing names is Clover and Cliff. The short version of Clifford pairs well with Clover. Select these for your babies.

43. Jade & Jayden:

  • Meaning: stone of the side/Thankful
  • Language: Spanish/Hebrew
  • Origin: Spain/Bible

Choose these lovely names for your babies that have beautiful meanings. These names work well in modern times too.

44. Dawn & Ron:

  • Meaning: the beginning of day/ Song of joy
  • Language: English/Hebrew
  • Origin: England/Bible

Here are matching names for twin boys and girls that sound very similar. These names have wonderful meanings and make the heart sing.

45. Sherry & Barry:

  • Meaning: darling/fair-haired
  • Language: French/Irish
  • Origin: France/ Ireland

Choose these sweet names for your kids, and they will love you forever. Easy to pronounce and sweet flowing, they are the best choice.


5 Floral Inspired Twin Baby Boy & Girl Names:

46. Lily & Ren:

  • Meaning: a symbol of innocence/ water lily
  • Language: English/ Irish
  • Origin: England/ Ireland

Lily is a beautiful floral name that symbolises purity and innocence. It is one of the more popular names. Ren is another beautiful name that you can use for a boy.

47. Rose & Jared:

  • Meaning: name of flower/Rose
  • Language: Latin/Hebrew
  • Origin:-

Rose is one of the most popular flowers and also the name of girls. Jared, on the other hand, is the masculine name for a rose.

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48. Alyssa & William:

  • Meaning: rational/ name of the flower
  • Language: Greek/ English
  • Origin: -/ England

Choose these wonderful names for your babies and give them beautiful-sounding names. The floral names work well in the modern age as well.

49. Jasmine & Kunal:

  • Meaning: small white flower/lotus
  • Language: English/Sanskrit
  • Origin: -/India

Choose these Indian names for your babies that are quite popular. You have Jasmine from Aladdin fame and Kunal as one of the famous actors.

50. Daisy & Cedar:

  • Meaning: day’s eye/name of the tree
  • Language: English/ French
  • Origin: England/-

This lovely girl’s name that relates to the sun is a bright and famous one. Cedar is a powerful tree that many feels hold spiritual strength.


Choosing the names of your babies can be very difficult, so a little help is always the best thing. Similar names for twins, boy and girl, are always the popular choice. You can also choose names that start with the same letter. Either way, having names with meanings is the topmost choice of all parents. English names for twins, boy and girl, is one the most popular choice. You can have names that are spiritual or related to nature.


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