It is not often you come across people who mean what they say and be there for you. Friends are one such blessing.

The perfect bond doesn’t exist anywhere and we are sure every gang went through a lot of fights and stress before it took shape into something solid for life. The bonding is so strong that they know you in and out and have stood the test of time. But human personality is varied.

Each of the people you know has a personality trait that stands out loud. For example, someone might be a keeper, while someone might be the best person to give advice. We are quite sure your gang, too had such people. They are also people you need in life. Why don’t you take a look at naming them?

8 Types of Friends You Need For Every Group:

Familiar with the saying, A friend in need is a friend indeed? How good are you with judging who your friends are and who are not? This article guides you on how to analyse your friends and make the best choice.

A. The Advisor:

Run to him for the advice! He/she knows what is best for you and probably for your life and can go on with lectures after lectures on practically everything. That person is sure a blessing. In times of crisis, seek his/her opinion, some way sure will open up.

B. Challenge Taker:

This person is always up for challenges and views all the problems life throws at him as a challenge. For them, it is all about winning the problems. Such people are needed in life. They motivate you and allow you to see how there sure is a solution to every hardship life can throw at you.

C. The Clever One:

Your gang or probably every gang will sure have this clever one! They are is, smart and have an easy way out of all the problems and stress. They are also observers and know when exactly to open their mouth and when it is good to play safe. So, who is the one?

D. The Fun Dude:

This person is sure all about fun! And They are up for anything fun at any point of the day. They love to hang out, play and do all things in life that give them an adrenaline rush. They are the fun ones whom every gang needs to plan and go out to do some fun stuff.

E. Risk Taker:

They are the ‘try me’ attitude ones. She/he loves to take risks and go beyond what they are capable of. They are more like the challenge takers and see the positive things in being risk-takers. Risk-takers are essential to keep the gang exploring things they otherwise never would. They virtually open up a new world of enjoyment to you.

F. Honest:

Straight on the face! And they just don’t care what you think. Honest ones’ value honesty more than fake friendships. If they don’t like something, they come out clean and do not think twice before confronting. They keep them together and resolve all other issues the friends may face, by asking them to be honest.

G. Mentor:

Mentors are a blessing throughout our life. He (or) She train you and guides you in all walks of life. They push you to the right path and enable you to perform better in whatever you are doing. They are full of positivity and radiate only goodness.

H. The Outgoing:

Who is the star of the party? Well, social one! These people are very outgoing and spread happiness and enthusiasm all around. They are friends with everyone and practically know everyone around their vicinity.

There is a reason someone said ‘friendship is the only ship that never sinks’.

Each gang lives up to the last due to the varied personality of the people, and each of them is responsible in different ways to weave the relationship to a stronger ship. That’s exactly why you need to embrace all the types of friends in life.


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