Aircrafts are of varied shapes and sizes and they also come with different engines. Different aircrafts are for different purposes and for all the aviation-lovers out there, this article will be very helpful, as here we are going to be discussing about the different types of aircrafts in the world and their different uses. The list of all aircraft types known is covered in the article.

Especially in USA, there are aircrafts available which will charge you not more than the value of an used car. At the same time, there are aircrafts which will have a cost somewhere near to a beach-side house.

Different Types Of Aircrafts with Names and Uses:

1. Amphibians


Amphibians are a different category of the floatplanes. As the name indicates, they can travel in water and air. The only different between an Amphibian and a Floatplane is a set of retractable wheels to help it run on land.

2. Helicopters


Helicopters also called Choppers are the most popular forms of aircrafts. They are widely used by the Army, Navy, Police and Tourism departments for the convenience they offer. Helicopters do not need a special runway and a plain land can serve as a pad for landing. They are operated using a rotor which when rotates makes the engines run.

3. Multi Engine Piston


These aircrafts are advanced and need two or more piston engines to fly. They are expensive and require a special training to operate the planes. Pilots who are undergo this training earn a special Multi Engine Piston rating to fly a plan with more than one engine.

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4. Biplanes


Biplanes are also a type of taildraggers, but with two main wings. They were used before the Second World War, but are a common sight even in the modern era. They are mainly used to perform aerial acrobatics as they quite small and agile.

5. Balloons

Balloon aircrafts are filled with air to help them stay afloat in the sky. They are usually unpowered and travel using wind energy. The hot air inside the balloon is lighter than the surrounding air, which lifts it up into the air. These balloons are mainly used for carrier and military purposes.

6. Gliders


A glider is a small aircraft that is used to fly higher and greater distances. The mechanism to fly gliders is different from that of a normal aircraft. They need to be maintained a high flying speed to give its wings, a lift from the ground. Gliders use the technique of a slingshot, which they use to launch from an altitude and descend. By maintaining a high speed, they again can fly high into the air.

7. Gyroplanes


Gyroplanes work on an aircraft engine with a small propeller attached on the front of the plane. This propeller rotates with a speed to push the air through them and enabling the plane to move forward. They are inexpensive and easy to operate compared to an helicopter, due to their small and compact size.

8. Parachutes


Parachute Aircrafts are powered with a motor to help it glide in the air. Unlike the normal parachutes used to descend from an altitude, Parachute aircrafts can fly. A strap with a motor and propeller is attached to the back of a person to gently fly in the sky. The maximum seating capacity of a Powered Parachute is two people.

9. The Single Engine Piston:

This is one of the most commonly sighted aircrafts out there. The engine is fixed at the nose and it is considered to be one of the most affordable aircrafts out there. It is used for general aviation sighting purposes and most of the time are used by certified pilots only. It is definitely one of the best aircrafts out there. The aircraft has only one piston engine and that is what makes it so comfortable for aviation-lovers to get their hands on this particular product. The aircraft can be said to be one of the most purchased ones throughout the world.

10. The Tricycle Gear Aircraft:

Here, we have one of the most interesting aircrafts out there. The airplane was made after being inspired by the design and work-process of the WWII aircrafts. The landing gears are place a bit further on this compared to the other ones. The engine of this one is quite interesting and people often purchase this as a vintage beauty to cherish the memories of winning the war. It is not used massively but still can be said to be one of the most preferred aircrafts by all the aviation enthusiasts out there. Nowadays, it is mostly used as a sport aircraft.

11. The Business Jets:

Now we have stepped into the aristocratic class aircrafts. More people can fit on this one and is considered to be one of the priced possession of all the millionaires in the world. This is often used as a presidential class aircraft and is one of the most beautiful sedan-class aircrafts right now. This is one of the best jets for pleasing the CEO’s of the corporate giants right now. The GA fleet is quite impressive in this one. This particular aircraft can cover distances quite easily and more faster compared to the previous two ones.

12. The Taildraggers:

This is quite different from the ones discussed previously. Generally, the aircrafts have their two landing gear the back. This one, however, has them to the front and the single landing gear is at the back. The design of this one is quite interesting and is definitely considered to be one of the most interesting aircrafts right now. One of the foul things about this aircraft is that it takes long time to take off. Special training is require to fly this one.

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13. Tiltrotors:

This is one of the most complicated aircrafts or all time. It is mechanized to work under the vertical take off procedure. Besides being relatively complex, it is quite interesting and impressive at the same time, according to engineers. Without a doubt, any aviation enthusiast can easily claim that this is one of the most beautiful aircrafts right now and is something that all people out there will love to fly someday. The propellers face the sky to create the vertical flight and for the forward or progressive flight, they are to face the back,

14. The Light Sport Aircraft:

As the name suggests, this particular aircraft is kept aside for sport uses. It weighs a lot less than the ones discussed before and is offers some of the most fascinating aviation trips ever. The aircraft is widely used in the countries for non-sport purposes and just made it’s debut in USA a few years ago. By looking at this particular aircraft, you can guess that how awesome it will feel to fly one of these. They come in varied colors and the engines are quite powerful. If you are interested in flying some of the best aircrafts in your life, then definitely mention this one in the list. It has an ultra light version as well.

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15. Turboprops:

Looking for something that will cover miles within a fraction of minutes? This might be the one for you then. It is considered to be one of the fastest aircrafts out there. There is a massive debate on it being that fast to be mentioned in the list of the fastest aircrafts in the world. But still, it can be said without a doubt that it flies pretty fast and is definitely one of them things that you can rule the sky with. The passenger space on this one is a little bit more than the business jet and the aircraft offers a wide range of luxury facilities to the flight attendants.

The engine is quite powerful and the hydraulics are always on point. It looks quite good as well and can be said to be one of the fastest and prettiest luxury passenger carrier aircrafts of all time. The body is quite well designed and for all it’s fantastic features it find it’s place in this list containing the different kinds of aircrafts out there.

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16. Floatplanes:

This one doesn’t require a runway to land. You can settle this baby down on the water. These are called floatplanes and the procedure that it follows while flying is quite different. There are no wheels on this one. They have floats instead and that is why the name, “floatplanes”. If you ever go to Alaska, then this will be a pretty common sight. The bodies are quite strong and beautiful. However,there are certain qualified opinion leaders who find them quite risky (especially, because of the landing and take-off system).

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Aircrafts are man’s greatest invention. What used to take days and months to travel by sea and land, now takes just a few hours. With changing technology, modern-day aircrafts are equipped to offer the best flying experience for us. Whether it’s a passenger aircraft or a war craft, these flying devices have come a long way. It’s a great sight to watch these amazing aircrafts soaring up into the sky, while we admire the modern-day marvels.