An apple a day keeps the doctor away! This is among the popular proverbs regarding the apples. An apple is one of the sweet fruits which is easily produced by the Malus Pumila. According to the regions they grow in, the apple tree varieties, and the climate they grow in. So, there are various types of apple fruit which can also be determined by the taste they come with. Depending on the types of apple list, they are included in the diet in either a raw state, in the form of cider or even by cooking it in the both organic and non-organic state.

About Apple Classification:

Just as other fruits and vegetables are classified, the apple varieties list can also be classified easily based on various characteristics. They are easily are based on the shape and size they come with. Apart from this, the leaves, young shoots, blossoms, will status, etc. are also considered.

Different Types Of Apples in The World:

1. Gala:

This one is dietary gala fiber apple-colour which is best among other types of red apple. In India as well as around the world, the popularity of this apple has gained for 15 years. Get these useful new apple varieties for excellent baking or eating.

  • Scientific name: Binomial
  • Botanical name: Malus Domestica
  • Color & Identification: Orange skin and yellow (little thin)
  • Native place: New Zealand (1930)
  • Size: 2 ¼ inches to 3 ¾ inches (diameter)
  • Use: Useful for eating, juice, and baking or in salads too
  • Production: September month (every year)

2. Jonathan Apples:

This is the best apples in the world grown with a hybrid of Golden and Jonathan species. The lovely red apple comes with yellow shades on them which are given a smooth skin along with a tart like a flavour. So, it is a versatile fruit that is also used in various recipes.

  • Scientific name: Malus Pumila
  • Botanical name: Jonathan
  • Color & Identification: Red skin with yellow shades
  • Native place: Woodstock New York
  • Size:medium size
  • Use: Useful for adding taste to salads, beverages, snacks, pie sauces, etc.
  • Production: October to July

3. Golden Delicious Apples:

This is among the all-purpose apple fruit names which are also known as Red Delicious. The apple is yellow in colour, which is cherry and bright too. They are much soft with thin skin that is sweet, crisp and mellow in flavour. The colour of the apple is quite golden due to which it is given such name.

  • Scientific name: Malus Domestica
  • Botanical name: Mullin’s Yellow Seeding
  • Color & Identification: Bright yellow in color with soft skin
  • Native place: Clay County, West Virginia
  • Size:8 to 10 inches
  • Use: Ideal for sauces, freezing, salads, and pies
  • Production: Late September

4. Granny Smith Apple:

This is among the tart apple varieties that are popular for its miraculous taste. With too much of tart taste, the apple comes with bright skin, are crispy in biting, hard feel, etc. When the apples become too ripe, their skin comes with a reddish touch and the taste turns a little sour.

  • Scientific name: Malus Borkh
  • Botanical name: NA
  • Color & Identification: Light green in color with soft skin
  • Native place: Australia
  • Size: 3 inches
  • Use: baking, salads, snacking, pies, beverages, freezing, and sauces
  • Production: January to February

5. Fuji:

Another kind of apples that come from the crisp family is Fuji apple. With a crunchy flavour, the apple comes with sweet flavour, which is much popular for daily use. Similar to the Red Delicious, the apple was introduced in the 1980s which became popular in the U.S. when it was eaten raw. The Fuji apple is much sweeter with added health benefits.

  • Scientific name: NA
  • Botanical name: Malus Domestica
  • Color & Identification:Light red
  • Native place: Japan
  • Size: 75mm
  • Use: salads, snacking, beverages, baking, sauce, pies, and freezing
  • Production: September

6. Red Delicious:

If you are looking for the juiciest red apple varieties, the red delicious is the widely picked apple types. As the colour of the apple is attractive, so is the taste with added crunchiness and reasonable sweet flavour. It is among the soft types of red apples that come with a creamy inner texture.

  • Scientific name: NA
  • Botanical name: Rosaceae
  • Color & Identification: Dark red in colour with soft skin
  • Native place: Peru, Lowa
  • Size:10 to 20 feet
  • Use:salads and snacking
  • Production: August to July

7. Honeycrisp:

As the name sounds, this is the common apple varieties that are widely found in the market. Quite pleasant in texture, the apple is juicy and sweet too. The apple comes with red and pale green skin that is much moulted. This is one of the tart apple species that is quite savory. The apple would burst out the juice in the mouth of the eater.

  • Scientific name: Malus
  • Botanical name: NA
  • Color & Identification: Red apple with a greenish touch
  • Native place: St. Paul Minnesota
  • Size:12 to 15 feet
  • Use: baking, salads, snacking, sauces, pies and beverages
  • Production: September to May

8. Braeburn Apples:

This is among the green apple varieties that are much famous for its taste and color. The apple comes with a color combination of red, golden yellow and green. With a tart and sweet flavour, this is the best types of green apples that can be served in the lunch boxes.

  • Scientific name: Malus Braeburn
  • Botanical name: NA
  • Color & Identification: Mixture of three different colours with smooth skin
  • Native place: New Zealand
  • Size: 10 to 15 feet
  • Use: raw eating, pies, salads, snacking, baking and sauces
  • Production: October to July

9. Pacific Rose:

Also known as rose apples, and this is a popular apple name. They are the trademark apples that come with a mark of sciros on it. This kind of new apple varieties is widely used for long term storage. It is a kind of hybrid apple type with Gala and Splendour apples.

  • Scientific name: Syzygium aqueum
  • Botanical name: NA
  • Color & Identification: Rosy red in color with goldish yellow shades on top
  • Native place: New Zealand
  • Size: 8 to 10 feed
  • Use: sauces, salads, and snacks
  • Production: November to April

10. Pinata Apples:

Also termed as Pinova, this is the best apple varieties widely selected for its nutritional values. A hybrid with Golden Delicious and Clivia apples, this apple comes with a sweet taste naturally while the skin is quite soft. One of the good pollinizer, this among the small apple varieties that is juicy and crispy.

  • Scientific name: Genus Malus
  • Botanical name: NA
  • Color & Identification: Red and yellow with soft skin
  • Native place: Europe
  • Size: 8 to 10 feet
  • Use: sauces, baking, salads and snacking
  • Production: November to May

When it comes to how many types of apples are there, one will take a good time period to mention the number. Different apples come with different taste and sizes. However, their health values and the magic they bring to your diet is nearly the same. They are also known as the Forbidden fruit as mentioned in the Bible. They are helpful in various health benefits with only 80 calories. So, which apple varieties is your favourite or are you willing to have this season?

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