Among several dishes that are famous in India, Biryani has its own fan base. The rich flavors and condiments, whole spices and overall delicious taste distinguish the dish beyond any other. Biryani is one wholesome meal every Indian never fails to love. Do you know there are different types of Biryani with unique variations of the dish, depending on where it has come to origin in the country?

Yes, the delicious and rich aromatic dish has types in it, and these varieties of Biryani indeed is extraordinary in every place. Today, let us explore and learn all about the most delicious and popular types for the dish in India.

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Biryani and Its Brief History:

Several stories and versions try to explore the dish Biryani’s exact origin. Most believe that the dish is from Persia, Iran, and Iraq. Biryani has come into Indian cuisine during the Mughal time. In the initial days and time, not many know about the dish. This perfect aromatic and delicious rice concoction is only present around the feats and festive occasions of royal families. It was only later that Biryani was widely acclimatized and made famous across the regions.

As the dish spreads across the states and regions in India, we have different types and flavors within it depending on the region it is developed from.

Biryani Vs. Pulao: The Difference

This feud and differences between the foodies exist until today: Biryani and Pulao, are they the same?! Definitely not; both Biryani and pulao are perfect and rich rice-based dishes, but the method of cooking and assortment of spices differ between them to a large extent. Pulao is a much more straightforward and easier dish that consists of a range of vegetables and stock. This dish is humble in spices and quantity and is wholly based on vegetables. For Biryani, the cooking is complex, where the one first prepares and boils rice separately in most cases, and then layered on the Meat for a perfect taste. The whole spices are essential and the foundation of this dish. The cooking philosophy also differs significantly between the dishes. In Biryani, the vegetables or Meat is semi-cooked and then buried under half-cooked rice to eventually bring on a smokey and ‘dum’ effect.

So indeed, with such significant differences between both the dishes, one cannot tell that both dishes are the same. Do you agree?

Most Popular and Best Types of Biryanis Every Biryani Lover Must Try Out!

We are super excited to explore and know all about the different famous Biryanis types across the globe. Isn’t it exciting? Let us begin exploring popular kinds of Biryani in the world!

1. Lucknowi or Awadhi Biryani:

The first in our different styles of Biryani comes to the Awadhi Biryani. As the name suggests, the Lucknowi or Awadhi biryani is first in India’s Northern part by the Mughals in Awadh. The royal kitchen biryani is cooked in a dumpukht style, with a range of whole spices flavors such as saffron and star anise seeping into the rice to deliver a rich flavor. This royal dish has a lighter taste with both the aroma as well as in the stomach. This Biryani is the most famously available dish in India’s Northern part and has risen to prominence for its rich, delicious smell with a mild spice-cooked effect.

2. Kolkata Biryani:

Most of us have already heard of the famous Kolkata or Calcutta biryani, which has its roots tracing back in its connection to Lucknowi biryani too. The Kolkata biryani is more of a non-spicy subtle in flavor dish that is with a light yellow colored rice. The dish uses fewer spices and more eggs and potatoes. A bit of sweetness is also present in this Biryani. Not just it rose water and saffron is also present, giving its unique color and appearance. For those who don’t like spicy food, Kolkata biryani can indeed impress them with a subtle dose of flavor.

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3. Hyderabadi Biryani:

Here comes the king of Biryanis in India, Hyderabadi Nizami Biryani. The Biryani dish’s taste has reached Nizam’s city when the monarchy’s chef has tasted Mughal food options and has decided to bring the plate with a more rich royal spicy look. The Hyderabadi Biryani stands out from others in the sense of more heavy spices, slow-cooked rice in Dum style, heavy addition of fried onions and mint, and seeping in the thick meat flavors into rice with perfect aromatic layering. Indeed this Hyderabadi Biryani is famous among types of non-veg biryani, especially chicken and mutton.

4. Malabar Biryani:

Malabar Biryani is from the Kozhikode region of Kerala state. Biryani is a heavy indulgence of spices and moist Meat (unlike the dry, spicy one in other biryani variants) and dry fruits. While the procedure is almost similar to other Biryani dishes, the rice flavor is much different here, as the dish uses tiny grain thin rice called Khyma. The dish is very famous among the Malabar Muslims in the state. It is also famous for its types of Fish Biryani taste too.

5. AmburBiryani:

As the name suggests, Ambur Biryani is a popular dish in a place called Ambur that is from the Northern side of Tamil Nadu. The dish is also known as Vaniyambadi Biryani. The region has the presence of a heavy Muslim population, and because of that, the dish is with inspiration and clues of the tastes of the Nawabs of Arcot. The Ambur Biryani is much spicer than other kinds of dishes and dominates in the strong flavor of chili than of whole spices.

6. Memoni Biryani:

Memoni Biryani is a variation of Biryani that has come into existence from the cuisine of Memons of western Gujarat and the Sindh region of India. This dish is heavy in spice and taste, which has a higher amount of small soft chunks of meat with onions, potatoes, tomato, and onions. The Biryani is easily one of the most spiciest variants in entire India.

7. Dindigul Biryani:

Dindigul Biryani is another variant of the dish that is famous in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Dindigul biryani quite varies from its other style variants, as it uses more of a strong tangy flavor when compared to others. Meat (chicken or mutton), curd, onions, lemon, and pepper are the main ingredients to bring in this dish’s flavor. In addition, the Dindigul biryani also uses Jeera Samba instead of regular Basmati to get the authentic traditional flavor.

8. Tehari Biryani:

While most of our Biryanis are with Meat, do you know there is mainly a kind of Biryani dish that does not mix Meat at all? Yes, you heard it right. The Tehari Biryani is a special dish that is for the vegetarian Hindu bookkeepers in the Mughal time. Since then, it only has grown and got prominent for its unique taste and rich vegetable aroma. Several vegetables, right from Carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, and spices, are crucial here in preparing this delicious meal.

9. Mughalai Biryani:

The Mughalai Biryani is most common in and around Delhi and is among the first of its kind taste in the dish that Mughals have genuinely introduced. The Mughalai Biryani is more hot and spicy one in taste and appears more of yellow-orangish-colored rice in appearance. The cooking process is almost similar to that of other Biryanis. It is one of the oldest types of Biryani in India.

10. Sindhi Biryani:

Sindhi Biryani is a popular one in Pakistan. Since it is famous around India’s Sindh region prior to partition, the dish has got its name. Sindhi Biryani is more of a perfect blend of vegetables with meat, spices, and rice. Onions, nuts, chillis, mint, coriander, and dried fruits are crucial in the dish with ample amounts. Further, a blend of spice powders is also present to bring in an aromatic and exotic taste and appearance. Plums and potatoes are often also present in addition to giving it a royal look too.

11. Chettinad Biryani:

Chettinad Biryani is another prominent and famous dish in Tamil Nadu. The Biryani is an entirely different variant when compared to others, both within and outside the taste. The Chettinad Biryani uses lesser whole spices and combines the cooking process with coconut milk, which helps add a distinct flavor. It takes lesser water and more Meat and flavor to give it a different taste when compared to the traditional variety. It is a must-try among types of South Indian Biryani.

12. Kashmiri Biryani:

Kashmiri Biryani is more of an ideal blend of aroma, spices, dry fruits, and fennel seeds powder to bring in its traditional exquisite taste in a rich manner. Not many have known the flavor of Biryani when compared to other mainstream variants. Still, it is believed that Kashmiri biryani stands out as one with a rich yet mild spice flavor with an excellent delicious aroma. The presence of asafoetida powder in the dish is what stands out here when compared to other ones.

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13. Afghani Biryani:

Afghani Biryani traces its origins to Biryani in Afghanistan. The rich and spicy Biryani here is a perfect blend of dry fruits, rice, and Meat with a dry texture and juicy flavor. This dish uses more saffron and nutty dry fruits to bring in the authentic flavor compared to the other varieties. In India, Afghani Biryani is prominently available and found near the Bhopal region.

14. Sri-Lankan Biryani:

The dominance of Indians, especially the Tamil population in Sri Lanka, has given rise to its own kind of Biryani, known as the Sri Lankan Biryani. However, spices and flavor are not much distinct in comparison to the dish we find outside. The spices such as star anise, cardamom, bay leaf, ginger-garlic, onions, ghee, and chillis are all well blended to bring in a powerful spicy flavor. The half rice is layering is present to give out delicious and exotic Biryani in the slow cooking method.

15. Middle Eastern Biryani:

Do you know the Biryanis are as famous in Middle East countries such as Iran and Iraq, just like in India?! Yes, no wonder we share our favorite food habits of Biryani and Kababs with them. The Middle Eastern Biryani is with perfect condiments balance to give in flavor, aromatic smell, and natural taste. Dry fruits and saffron are good addition that is present in suitable proportions to give out a perfect look too.

16. Paneer Biryani:

If you are a vegetarian, we get that the Panneer Biryani is probably the most common or known-after dish in the list of Biryanis. The cooking process is almost the same, where the cottage cheese or medium-sized cut paneer cubes are marinated well with spices, powders, yogurt, and lemon. The cooking of the gravy is first, after which para-boiled rice is arranged in layers with fried onions and mint coriander leaves to bring in a fine and exotic flavor. This paneer biryani is the top trending one in different types and varieties of veg biryani.

17. Potato Biryani:

Like Panneer Biryani, the Potato biryani variant is also well-known in the Northern parts of India, especially in and around West Bengal and Northeast regions. The cooking process is similar here, too, with good potato flavor dominating in addition to whole spices and dry fruits. The Biryani here is much less in spice.

18. Mushroom Biryani:

For those who love mushrooms, the Mushroom Biryani is also growing famous. The Mushrooms here are to go through the process of slow cooking with fried onions and other exotic vegetables. This brings in vibrant and colorful flavor and dry fruits. Further, layer the rice with ghee and saffron to bring in an aromatic look as well as appearance.

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19. Soya Chunks (Meal Maker) Biryani:

In recent days, we have been seeing Soya Chunks biryani growing out to be popular all across. Just like the panner variant, here, soya chunks are well marinated to bring in good flavor. Cook them well with the good layering of rice, fried onions, nuts, dry fruits, saffron, and whole spices. This Biryani is a famous recipe in the Southern parts of India.

20. Tomato Biryani:

The Tomato Biryani is an easy and quick version of the dish; all you need to have is a rich version of tomatoes, whole spices, fried onions, ghee, and chillis yogurt. The Biryani is not directly from one place but instead is a quick, lately discovered version of a home-cooked, easy recipe.

We hope you have enjoyed exploring these most famous types of Biryanis. Which is your favorite kind of Biryani for you, and why? Let us know your thoughts too. If you are a biryani lover, make sure to try out all of these. After all, who want’s to miss an excellent tasty Biryani!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Which is the most spiciest Biryani out of all?

The Memoni Biryani is known to be the spiciest version of all Biryanis. So if you like a spicy dish, this Biryani is a must-try one.

2. What are the must-have ingredients to prepare any type and kind of Biryani?

A few of the must-have ingredients to give flavor to any Biryani includes saffron, curd, onions, and dry fruits.

3. Which rice is the best for Biryani?

Ideally, the long grain Basmati rice can be perfect to match the flavor and aroma of Biryani. Unless the nature and kind of Biryani you are preparing match old ancient days’ true authentic cuisine taste (which requires traditional rice variety), the Biryani can be made with Basmati rice for the best flavor.


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