Creating a perfect indoor ambience is something we all love. Candles have that power to add a special effect to the place, be it lighting up the lighting room or simply somewhere around the house. It creates a comfortable ambience, elevating the look of the room as a whole. And, if you thought picking up candles is an easy cake walk, we are sorry to break the truth. Candles have much more options to offer to you. They come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours.

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Candle is a block of wax that has a central wick to enable us to light. Candles have a slight religious significance. They are known to illuminate life in darkness of a person’s life, which is a symbolic meaning. When they are lit during death, they represent light in the next world and the Christ is regarded as the light. Some candles have a fragrance that is artificially added just for pleasure. Here are some of the characteristics of a good candle.

  • Quality if wax: The best candle will always have a good quality wax. Some of them are known to come with beeswax and paraffin which makes them a bad quality one.
  • Good wick: A good candle will have a wick of the right size and length. A good wick will also provide the right flame size with less or no carbon deposits.
  • Good oils: A scented candle will use only the best oil for a goof fragrance and is known to last a long time.

Candles are classified into two; the wax candles and those that are flame-less like the emergency, torch etc. Take a look at some of the types of candles and their uses.

Types of Wax Candles:

Wax candles have further been divided into many types of candles with names. Take a quick look.

1. Taper Candles:

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Taper candles are known to last for about 10 hours. However, they can’t stand on their own. Make sure to have support for them. They come in many colours and are very thin and hence are called taper candles. The ones you see on a candle light dinner is the taper candles that are long, beautiful and slender. To make a dipped taper, paraffin and beeswax are used. They usually are in a length of 18 inches with 1 inch of thickness.

2. Pillar Candles:

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Pillar candles can burn without a holder. They burn for a long time, about 3-4 hours, and are smoke-less. They can come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Pillar candles can two or three wicks. Their size can range from 3 inches to 16 inches tall. The burn time usually depends on the thickness of the candle. They can be used at any time and are made from palm wax. You can also place your pillar candle on a broad holder like a glass plate, or a short glass tumbler.

3. Votive Candles:

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Votive candles are small and about 2.5 inches high with a 2 inches diameter. They will need a holder before you can light them, so make sure you have a small glass holder or the multi-candle stand. Wall sconces are also available for them. They are mostly used in the churches as a prayer to the Lord. Votive candles come in a range of colours and are made of either, paraffin, soy wax or also beeswax. They burn for 6-7 hours.

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4. Tea Light Candles:

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Tea candles are small and light weight in design. They burn for about 2 hours and so you can put them all around your house for a party effect. Their names come from their use of warming tea pots and also as food warmers. They are also best suited for accent lighting. Tea light candles are approximately 38mm and usually come in white and sometimes in other plenty of colours. They are made of palm wax or soy wax. Tealight candles are used in restaurants and churches sometimes.

5. Candle Pot:

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Did you know you could make candle support from terracotta or other piece of pottery? You can also paint them and decorate to the way you like it to be. Low shrinkage wax can be used to make them and the bottom of the pots will have a hole that has to be filled before using them. Container candle wax is a good choice for it. The height of it can be about 26 mm with a diameter of 60mm. It is known to last for about 14 hours. They are mainly used as decorative pieces around a Christmas tree.

6. Container Candles:

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Container candles are a non-flammable container that has wax filled in it and comes with a wick. They don’t drip and they come in varying sizes, shapes and colours. Container candles are made using soy wax or paraffin. They burn for about 4-5 hours, depending on their thickness. Choose containers that won’t break, will stand the heat and won’t break or crack. If you are interested in making candles, container candle making could be a good start for you. They can be used as decorative candles at home or restaurants.

7. Floating Candles:

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Floating candles are a lightweight that is known to float on top of the water. They are best used for decoration, around your dinner table, adding a special effect to your home beauty. You will also fine this in the reception area of office spaces or restaurants. It measures for about 3 inches in diameter and a height of 1 3/8 inches in height. They burn for about 8-10 hours and are made of paraffin or palm wax. They come in beautiful shapes and sizes, making them look beautiful.

8. Gel Candle:

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Gel wax candles can be as low as 3mm to as long as 9mm. Most often, the container in which it is placed will determine the height of the candle. They can be slightly scented and are made from low or high-density gel. They are usually placed on glass jars or mason jars. The containers are known to heat up and hence it is safe to not burn them for more than 2 hours. They are used for decorative purposes around the pool side or at dinner tables.

9. Liquid Candles:

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Liquid candles are made from the soft pure liquid paraffin. It is safe to use and is also approved for use in Food services. They don’t make any messy drippings and are known to last for 8 to 100 hours based on the thickness of it. They are about 2-1/8 inches tall and 2-1/2 inches thick. Liquid candles usually come in transparent form and colour.

10. Birthday Candles:

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Birthday candles are made from safe and pure beeswax. It is known to burn clean and neat. Birthday candles is naturally healthy and does not drip on your birthday cake. It does not use any synthetic ingredients and come in many colours and shapes. They are typically about 7 inches tall and requires support to stand.

11. Cartridge Candles:

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They are economical and used mainly for vigil and emergencies. Cartridge candles come in a range of height, size and colour. They can stand for 90 hours on disposable liquid paraffin.

12. Glass Candles:

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Glass candles are made of dragon glass which is also known as obsidian. No, And you thought choosing a
candle was easy! Well, we are not done.

Types of Flameless Candles:

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Flameless candles are an alternative to traditional candles. The body of the flameless candles is made from wax to make it look like a candle. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. It is cylindrical and contains a battery pack and an LED open flame that sits on the top of the candle. Some of these are scented and are also used as room fresheners. Their uses include outdoor lighting, ambience enhancer and as a decorative set. The candle requires two C batteries that last for about 750 hours on regular and continuous use. The candles are approximately 6 inches tall.

1. Battery:

Batteries enable light through the flow of electric charge between the anode and the cathode. When a device is connected to a battery, it helps to light up the device. However, when the materials in the plates cannot hold the discharged current, the battery dies a bad death. Car batteries live for about four years while the torch batteries will last for about 15 hours on continuous use. They are used in a variety of appliances.

2. Rechargeable Battery:

These are the storage battery or the secondary cell that can be charged many times, unlike the primary battery. They are known to last for about 3 to 4 years and uses less energy, making it more efficient than the cost of making a new battery.

Candles: What Should you Watch out For?

  • Make sure the holder you use for the candle is of good quality and does not bet burnt.
  • Avoid using the candle when there are only 2 inches of wax remaining.
  • Paraffin wax candles can sometimes be harmful to you. Avoid using them at the maximum.

Well, that’s about the types of candles and their uses. There are plenty of options available and be wise to choose the right holders for them. Candles have the potential to burn for a long time and set a beautiful and cosy atmosphere. The next time you go out shopping, pick the right candle, one that will suit your needs and home.


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