Cats are among the most common pets in several households. But do you know, these tiny fur creatures need not be all pet and tamed ones? Yes, you heard it right! There are different types of cats and their species worldwide, and not all cats are the same. While all of them may belong to the same family’s classification, they have different characteristics and features, behavior and looks as per the breeds.

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This informative guide on types of cats and different cat species will give you overall gist on the World’s famous and top cat breeds, with their images and brief description.

Types of Cats And Their Characteristics:

The cats are small carnivorous mammals belonging to the species Felis catus. They are domestic species and are the only ones in the entire family of Felidae that can be tamed and trained. However, the cats can be either domestic or house cat or even wild cats.

Like other Felidae family species, the cats have healthy bodies, sharp teeth, and retractable claws. They are with quick reflexes and are known to live on killing small prey. Cats have a strong sense of night vision and smell. Their communication and vocalization process includes meowing (which is observed in most cases) and trilling, hissing, growling, grunting, and purring.

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Interesting And Unknown Facts About Cats:

While several households across the world own cats as their pet animals, most of us do not know the fascinating and exciting facts about these animals. Here are a handful of interesting ones we have come across.

  • Do you know cats spend most of their lifetime sleeping? Yes, you heard us right. Around 70 per cent of their time is on sleep, and they sleep for about 13-14 hours a day.
  • The longest cat to date recorded is around 48.5 inches. We don’t see such long domestic cats in our homes or neighbourhoods, but this longest cat surely should be among the World’s biggest ones.
  • Cats walk with two right feet first and then with two left feet. This pattern is similar to giraffes and camels. Did you know that?
  • Once, a cat went to space! Well, if you think we are kidding, no! in 1963, the cat was sent to space. Just like a dog and monkey, a cat too travelled!
  • Most of you may not know that cats are super quick. Well, not just in their reflexes but also in speed. You may have observed cats walking most comfortably and lazily, but their reach speed can be up to 30mph.
  • Cats can hear very precisely. Well, you must think you know about this already. But not just that, this precision is about five times more than adults.
  • Most of the cats we observe in day to day life do not have any eyelashes.
  • They can even rotate their eyes 180 degrees. Their hear precision can be explained through this fact we think, what do you think?

Most Famous And Known Cat Types And Varieties Names Globally:

Let us now move forward and check out the most popular and best kinds of cat species known worldwide with pictures. Here we go!

1. Siamese:

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The Siamese cat is a known pet cat breed originating from Thailand. The Siamese is known to be talkative and active and looks elegant with white and black chic looks. With about a life span of ten to fifteen years, the cat, on average, can grow only from 18 to 20 inches. The cat has a fine texture with a smooth reflex cream body. The muscular body is paired with slim and long legs. They are kid-friendly, affectionate creatures, intelligent, and easy to groom. They are generally good in health terms, and hair shedding isn’t very high compared to other cats. The Siamese are among the popular types of cat breeds.

2. Persian:

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The Persian cat breeds is among the oldest breed of the cat family. They have long hair and silky fur, with chubby cheeks and face and a small head. The Persian cats are known to be calmer and docile; they are quiet, sweet to humans, and are relaxed in beings. Their life span varies from ten to fifteen years and can grow a maximum of up to 18 inches only. As you guess, the name, Persian cat, is because they originate from Persia, present-day Iran. They weigh a maximum of ten to twelve pounds. They need a daily care regime of grooming – they need to be brushed and combed every day.

3. Maine coon:

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Maine Coon suggests that the cat is from the native England region of Mine and is more popular as farm cats back in the 19th century. They are big long-haired cat types and can grow incredibly taller in size. In fact, the World’s longest house cat recorded is a Maine Coon. Interesting, isn’t it?! They are simple cats who love people and are known to follow the person they like the most always. Their life span is about ten to fifteen years and can grow until 40 inches too. They weigh around 15 to 18 pounds. These Maine Coons are among the most popular cat breeds.

4. Ragdoll:

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The Ragdoll cats are cute chubby, and furry cats that originated from California, USA. They are docile, sweet, calm, and good-looking with a chubby appearance. The first thing many of us ponder when they see ragdolls are a good cuddle session. They are very pet-friendly cats, affectionate with the family, and are very intelligent too. Ragdolls love their grooming sessions, but that doesn’t mean they need regular everyday grooming. Combing twice a week is suitable for these cats. Their life span is about 12 to 17 years, and they can grow up to 18 to 21 inches maximum. Their weight can range anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds.

5. Bengal:

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The Bengal cat is from its ancestor, Felis Bengalenis, a breed created by crossing an Asian cat with a domestic USA cat. Many assume this is an Indian cat breed. They are large cats in size with muscular bodies and has very distinct wild and bold appearances. With small ears around the large body, they have a marbled coat all around, with a thick tail. These cats are highly social and active creatures. They do not need heavy grooming. However, they love their sessions. The Bengal cats can live up to 12 to 15 years and grow in body length to 46 cm.

6. Abyssinian:

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The Abyssinian cats are as old as from the late Victorian era, originating from Britain. They are brilliant, intelligent, and smart cats, inquisitive about their surroundings, and are quite observant. They are fast creatures who love the height and like to climb and jump harder to any extent. The Abyssinian cats are curious. However, they are graceful and love attention. They are easy to care for and take care of, needs only weekly combing. Their median size ranges from six to ten pounds, and their life span is about 10-15 years. Their length is anywhere from 12 to 15 inches.

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7. Birman:

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This beautiful cat, the Birman breed, is known as a sacred cat of Burma. However, they are a cross-breed of Persians and Siamese. However, the origins and dating back aren’t known and established. These Birman cats have a slow and calm voice and look graceful and very beautiful. These charming creatures, as lovely as they look, are also curious beings and smart. They love attention, and their silky textured body often makes us fall in love with them. They are heavily family and kid-friendly cats and are very playful. Birmans’ lifespan ranges around 12 to 15 years, and their length can be anywhere between 15 to 18 inches. The Birmans weigh around 6 to 12 pounds at maximum.

8. Oriental Short Hair:

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The oriental shorthair cat breeds look unique with long lines around the body and smooth body, and silky hair. The cat is neither too thin nor too heavy but has an excellent strong muscular undertone. Their ears are sharp and pointed, broad at the baseline. These cats have fine-textured and glossy hair. The oriental Oriental shorthair cats are known for their intelligence and smartness and are very affectionate towards their owners and loved ones. They are playful yet not independent at all and need attention and care from humans. They are comparatively well friendly with other pets and people but aren’t docile. The grooming requirements of these cats are also less and minimal. The cats can live anywhere between ten to twelve years and can grow up to 14 inches. The weight is maximum to 10-14 lb. only.

9. Himalayan:

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The Himalayan cats are Persian and Siamese; they have blue eyes and color points, just like the parent’s body. They originated from the United States of America. These cats are very docile and sweet but are heavy. They have discriminating and superior qualities, unlike other cats. Although they are affectionate, these cats also have their own reservations in approaching and going to people. They tend only to those they love. These cats weigh around 10-12 pounds on average and have a life span of approximately 9 to 15 years. The American cat breeds length is about 17 to 19 inches.

10. Balinese:

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The Balinese are long-haired versions looking similar to Siamese cats. However, it is unknown if they are crossbreeds or not. Although they originated from the USA and Thailand, Balinese named these cats after beautiful dances in Bali, Indonesia, given these cats’ features and behaviour. The Balinese cats are known as helpful creatures and are immensely liking and affectionate towards people. They always are with those the cats love, follow the people or sit with them. These cats love to play and are smart and observant. They learn from their surroundings and can grasp things quite quickly. Balinese cats’ life span is around 10 to 15 years, and they can grow to 18 inches only. These cats weigh till approximately 10 pounds at maximum.

11. Egyptian Mau:

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Egyptian Mau is a notable domesticated cat, easily recognizable by its distinct coat of silver or bronze on its body. As the name suggests, they originate from Egypt, and Mau means cat in the Egyptian language. These domestic cat breeds are very active cats who are always happy and like their idle time sitting around alone. They can run up to very fast, as much as 30 mph, are playful, and yet very silent. However, they are affectionate towards their owners. These cats are also easy to maintain and groom; their life span is about 12 to 15 years on average, like other cats. They weigh a maximum of 14 pounds.

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12. Sphynx:

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These unique and quite distinct cats, Sphynx, originated from Canada. These are also called Canadian hairless cats, given their hairless naked body. They are quite an unusual breed in their appearance and behaviour and are known for their sculptured body. However, these Sphynx cat breeds love attention, and he draws the humans towards him wherever he goes. They are also observant, always remember, and know the surroundings they are in. These social beings often love company. The Sphynx’s lifespan is about 8 to 14 years, and it can weigh up to 12 pounds only at maximum. Their length ranges from 13 to 15 inches.

13. Savannah:

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Savannah is a beautiful cat. However, it is a hybrid of a domesticated one and a wild African cat breed. They are originated and made in the USA and are very low in energy and lazy cats who are always observed as lying around in their surroundings. However, they enjoy life and are active at certain times, and when they get the stimulation, they are known to climb and jump around heavily. They are intelligent and friendly towards strangers too. The life span of Savannah is more than other peer cats, ranges about 17 to 20 years. They weigh around 8 to 20 pounds and can grow until 15-20 inches only.

14. British Short Hair:

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British shorthair is native to England cat and has originated around the Victorian era when several crossbreeds of cats were made possible by cat lovers. They are easygoing cats and enjoy mild affection but an arrogant attitude, which like to lie around alone every once. British shorthair is entirely in voice and is undemanding with love and companionship. They aren’t very climbing and jumping around the kind of creatures, aren’t destructive, and gives a feeling of a governess. Their breed life span ranges approximately around 12-17 years and is about 22-25 inches in length. These are popular among types of pet cats and weigh about 8 to 17 pounds, anywhere in between.

15. Cornish Rex:

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Cornish Rex cats are originated from Britain region and look very similar to those dogs. They are knowledgeable and smart cats who love attention and being in the limelight. Cornish Rex cats enjoy being cuddled, kissed, and tamed. They are very affectionate with every human he meets and is very playful in nature. Further, they also get along fine with other pets. These cats are easy to groom and care for as well. The Cornish Rex’s life span ranges approximately around 11 to 15 years and is very small in size and appearance. Their weight ranges from about 8 to 10 pounds. They are among very small cat breeds.

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We bet most of us did not know these many different types of cats and their species existed worldwide. Did you? Which is the particular species you are fascinated to learn about? Please tell us your thoughts here.


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