Cats belong to the tiger family. What is surprising is how they run away even when you casually shoo at them. They show no traits of belonging to the tiger family. However, they remember people and more, their owners and their memory is seen to be 200 times better than that of dogs(1). While the short-term memory of the dog is about five minutes, cats can store in their short term for about 16 hours! However, cats are independent and do not humans(2) to feel safe and are perfectly happy indoors, provided they have what they need. Cats love fish, and one common sight in India is the cat hovering around the fish seller. Milk is their favourite drink.

Cats are also more in tune with humans and their emotions. While they may not feel empathy but can sure pick on some of our nuanced human gesture, they also do not have any trouble distinguishing an angry tone from a normal tone. They recognize the words you use with them frequently.

10 Interesting Facts about All Kinds of Cats:

But before you get to know the cat varieties, here are some interesting facts about cats, that will surprise you.

  1. Cats are great hunters: You could occasionally see them hunt fast-moving images on TV as well! One of the most significant benefits of a cat in the house is your house will remain pest free. It will hunt around and catch the houseflies and cockroaches.
  2. Unlike many other pets, cats are quiet. You may hear them fight in the night, which is most often the ‘territorial fight’. They may meow once in a while, that signals they want something or mostly a petting session. They also slide up alongside humans and move between the legs, which is a coy way of telling they need something.
  3. Cats were once worshipped as gods in ancient Egypt. The first Egyptian cats fought their way hard for a living and hunted rodents and snake, thus protecting their masters, the occupants and the grains they stored at home.
  4. They have an acute sense of smell and can thus sense ailments and diseases. It can smell out the chemical change in the body that the disease caused. And it will detect the slightest change in your mood or even your behaviour.
  5. Cats have the superpower to hear ultrasonic noises that the rodents and dolphins make to communicate.
  6. Have you ever observed how cats miss the food right below them or in front of them? The reason is simple! They can’t see directly below their noses.
  7. Cats, like humans, can dream. Kittens start to dream when they are about a week old.
  8. Kitten sleep a lot. One reason is that their body releases growth hormone only when they are asleep.
  9. Did you know that most male cats use their left paw more, while the females use the right paw more?
  10. Do cats sweat? Yes! Through the pads of their paws.

6 Common Types of Cats in India:

Cats are also of different kinds, ranging from friendly to the most dangerous. But they have different shades. Some of them are downright cute, while some look scary. There is a lot in between too. Here are some of the types of cats that you probably didn’t know.

1. Caracal Cat:

Caracal weighs from 8 to 18kg and lives in Asia and Africa. They are known to eat birds, baboons, rodents etc. It can leap into the air for about 5m and kill about 10 to 12 birds at one go. They look fierce and have pointed ears. They are dangerous ones you need to watch out for!

2. Singapura Cat:

Singapura is also known as the ‘forever kitten’ about weighs about 4 to 8 pounds. However, even after growing into an adult, it retains its size and the playful attitude. They love adventure and like to play as they are seen to frequently involve in climbing curtains, riding on human shoulders. Its voice is usually too low, that is in contrast with its structure. Singapura is typically a small cat that is often a pet for many.

3. The Moggy Cat:

Moggy is an unknown breed/mix. They are the commonly domesticated type cat, which comes in many sizes and colours. They are known to be very smart and you will probably bee surprised at their navigation skill around. They are very adorable and looks too cute to handle. They are also healthy and so you don’t have to worry about them falling sick often. Here is your friendly cat breed!

4. Maine Coon Cat:

Looking for a big sized cat breed? Well, Maine coon is one! At the same time, it is also cuddly and can be domesticated. However, what you may need to watch out for since they are huge, they are prone to heart disease. They are nevertheless, very gentle and friendly. The cat was first discovered in the state of Maine, in America and thus the name.

5. Norwegian Forest Cat:

This cat type is a forest cat that originated in Northern Europe. It has a bushy tail and a sturdy body. It looks similar to Maine coon and is aggressive when it comes to seeking your attention. They are friendly and playful, at the same time attested to be highly intelligent. This forest cat has typically adapted itself to survive the climate of Norway.

6. Teacup Persian Cats:

These kind of cats are the smallest ones you will find. They weigh only about 3 to 8 pounds, and some can fit the size of your palm! And the ideal family pet and have a good temperament. They are considered in the family of Persian cats and are preferred because they are too small to take up and space. They are too cute that it could probably hurt your eyes.

Cats love to play, and they are quite acrobatic. Against the popular belief that they are filled with pride, most of them are too quiet that makes one think of them as strong-headed. Their delightful purr is pleasing to hear and love to be cuddled. You can even train them to do their business in a litter box and thus don’t require constant attention. Decide your pick of cat breed you like to have.

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