Coffee! It is undoubtedly the world’s most favorite drink. We all have at least once had coffee in a café or restaurant. But if you did see the menu, isn’t it overwhelming to observe several different types of coffee drinks’ names around us? Well, it gets confusing, too, at a point in time. If you enjoy coffee, then it is time you must also know the differences between several types of coffee!

We have worked around compiling the world’s most popular different types of coffee famous around us. So let us together learn something exciting about these favorite drinks today!

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Coffee and The History:

Before we check out the coffee kinds and types within, we are excited to discover how coffee became the world’s most popular beverage. Well, what you must know is that it is certainly not a very new concept. It can be traced back centuries together. Many believe that it was around the Ethiopian plateau that a herder, Kaldi found potential coffee beans. However, the trade and cultivation of coffee began around the Arabian Peninsula region in the 15th century. Later on, it eventually spread to Europe, the British, and several plantations around the world.

Different Types of Coffee Beans:

Essentially, before getting into the varieties of coffee, do you know that there are four main different types and kinds of coffee beans? These are what can lead to brewing a perfect coffee grounded with one of such beans.


Arabica is the most common among coffee beans. It is a bit delicate and sweet in flavor and with lesser bitterness. The arabica beans are generally in plantations with very high levels of elevation. Brazil is a country famous for the high exports of these beans. They are delicious, often small in size. The Arabica beans in the world concentrate the highest production of coffee beans. Over 60 per cent of beans are from this variety.


This is the second most-produced variety of beans. The Robusta beans are hardy kind and are known to help in boosting the immunity system and several diseases. The caffeine content in Robusta is almost double that of the Arabica variant. So as one can guess, they are harsh and strong in flavor. This kind of coffee bean requires a warmer and hot climate for production.


The Liberica beans, however, are not very popular and readily available like Arabica. They are grown in very few countries, requiring specific and ideal conditions of climate conditions for production. The Liberica beans have a rich flavorful aroma, with a bit of fruity floral and smoky feel. The Philippines country first harvested Liberica in the world, and later it spread to the US gradually. However, not many countries grow these beans.


Excelsa coffee beans are very distinct and unique. These coffee beans variety mostly grow around Southeast Asia and have lesser production than any other kind of coffee beans. They have a fruity flavor and feel, with dark roasted color.

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Types of Coffee Brewing Styles:

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Now that we have an idea about different coffee beans, how exactly is coffee brewed?! As one can guess, depending on the different types of coffee, the brewing methods are also distinct. While there are several brewing styles, let us round up on the most popular ones in the world to get an idea. Remember, brewing all types of coffee is from the help of one of these processes.

French Press:

As the name suggests, this method is from the land of France. In this method, a container with a plunger and screen for the filter is used to press hot water through coffee beans or ground coffee. This method gradually will bring the rich, dense coffee liquid to the bottom. The process takes up to a few minutes, after which one can use the brewed coffee from the pot.


Drip coffee brewing is a method of bringing cold filtered water to a boil in the drip coffee machine. The water first is put to warm up with the heat, after which it is filtered through between coffee grounds which helps in brewing. This brewed coffee goes through the filter and comes gradually out in the form of dripping.

Pour Over Style:

This is again among the most common styles of brewing. In this, a filter and grounds are in a funnel that is over a coffee bug. Next, water goes into a funnel where grounds begin to bloom and release the flavor gradually. In this process, water is just soaking through coffee grounds thoroughly and doesn’t mix with them appropriately. So, as a result, this coffee is a bit lighter in taste and texture.


Cold brew is a famous brewing style, especially in restaurants and cafes. In this method, the coffee beverage is brought out by grinding the beans finely. Then, this ground coffee and water are mixed and refrigerated for over 12 hours to bring out a cool fizzy drink.


Siphon coffee style is only possible with the help of a vacuum coffee maker, which is key for the brewing method. This kind of immersion method is where coffee beans are put to brew between two partitions between vacuum and vapor pressure. This coffee maker heats and cools down the water in a chamber and infuses it again until the perfect brewed coffee comes out.

Aero Press:

The Aeropress brewing method involves immersion and pressure brewing. This dense, high-quality coffee is prepared by holding coffee grounds and water in a chamber for a long. Once the coffee looks ready, the plunger is pressed down, and pressure filters the brew down to the cup.


Espresso is again among the most popular coffee method in the world. Here, the brew is by pressured water passing through grounded coffee. In addition, the coffee beans here are roasted for a longer time to create a thick look.

Instant Coffee:

As the name suggests, instant coffee is brewed then and there without any machines or filters. The fine coffee powder is an instant mix with hot water or milk (per choice). Again, the roasted fine powder is used here instead of hard beans. This is among the quickest types of coffee.

The Most Popular Different Kinds of Coffee Drinks:

We know the different coffee brewing styles and coffee beans. Let us see the famous and popular coffee varieties in the drinks below. While there are several types of coffee names and beverages (both types of hot and cold coffee), we round upon the world’s famous ones!

1. Espresso:

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Espresso is among the most common types of coffee drink in the world. The Espresso comes with different variations and changes across countries. However, this coffee is a highly concentrated one as such and is a straightforward choice. The coffee initially originated from Italy and is prepared by forcing pressure steam from the grounded beans. So the final coffee drink product comes as a very thick one in texture and hence also has high levels of caffeine. It is the most popular variety of coffee drinks.

2. Ristretto:

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Ristretto is similar to the expresso kind but has an even lesser amount of water than the former. As a result, and as one can guess, the Ristretto even have a concentrated shot of coffee. This is only preferred by coffee lovers, given the very high amount of caffeine within it. The shot looks much darker in color too. The Ristretto is also originated and famous in Italy.

3. Americano:

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Americano is a prevalent kind of coffee drink that is a preferred choice during world war II. The Americano considers a similar method to Expresso; however, the water is well diluted with the grounded coffee put under pressure. As a result, one can get not a shot but a mug of coffee.

4. Pour Over Coffee:

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The pour-over coffee is quite simple to prepare in this method; a filter and a pour-over dripper are used to prepare the drink. First, the hot water is gradually put into the dripper, which consists of freshly ground coffee, and eventually, the filter brings the brewed drink to the mug. It is popular in several countries across the west.

5. Red Eye:

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If you have to stay up the whole night and have no other option to stay awake, nothing is best than the Red Eye coffee. The red-eye consists of a shot of espresso with dripped brewed coffee in a mug. It is a form of black coffee, but in a larger quantity than Expresso brought out from the drip method.

6. Cappucino:

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This is another common form of coffee we often see in cafes and restaurants. Finally, the cappuccino is a creamy coffee drink that is popular in Europe and the US. This coffee drink types of two espresso shots with steamed milk, foamed milk, and a pinch of chocolate powder. The formulation and measurement of milk and espresso can alter from shop to shop and from region to region. As a result, this is not a very highly concentrated coffee. Indeed it is the preferred choice given the caffeine flavor mixed well with milk.

7. Flat White:

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The Flat white coffee is originally from the lands of New Zealand and Australia. However, this coffee drink is similar to Capuccino; it doesn’t involve too heavy foamed milk and chocolate powder. While cappuccino is more of a frothy drink, the flat white is creamy in texture. Here, one shot of espresso is the main ingredient, with three or four times the steamed milk.

8. Café Latte:

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Café Latte differs from several other coffee drinks mentioned earlier, as this contains a larger proportion of milk than others. These types come with a milk aroma because of the reason. Here, a shot of espresso is with a large mug of steamed milk. The bitterness of coffee and caffeine is cut away given the amount of milk proportion here. Some even add a layer of flavor on top.

9. Mocha:

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The Mocha coffee comes within the same variety of café lattes. Here, instead of single espresso mixed with milk, we use a double espresso shot with foamed milk, along with cocoa powder or chocolate syrup. Some even use whipped cream or cinnamon or chocolate chips as toppings. Because of the additional flavors, Mocha mostly comes with a creamy thick textured chocolate coffee flavor and is perfect for just beginning to taste the drink.

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10. Vienna:

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The Vienna coffee comes with the two holy grail ingredients here: espresso and whipped cream. Although there is no milk here, unlike the other variants, the cream itself provides density, texture, foam, and a sugary sweet feel. Depending on the choice, one or two espresso shots are with whipped cream in a mug. As the name suggests, Vienna coffee is from the land of Austria.

11. Affogato:

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The Affogatos are not a very common type of coffee you may encounter. They are a form of dessert, given that the coffee drink has ingredients such as sweeteners and ice creams in them. The Affogato is nothing but shots of espresso with one scoop of vanilla ice cream. Few add even whipped cream or a bit of dense milk to the coffee. Thus, they are a dessert coffee variety of drinks.

12. Café au Lait:

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The Café au Lait is a French press kind of coffee, that originated in the countries around France. The coffee drink is with French press coffee and scalded milk in a mug. Steamed milk is not present in this drink, which makes it distinct from others.

13. Iced Coffee:

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Iced coffees are quite a famous coffee in several countries, especially the United States. They are a form in types of cold coffees. These coffees kind of vary according to regions or shops; however, the essential ingredients remain the same, although the proportion may vary. Drip coffee or espresso is taken here with ice and water (most preferably) to prepare this drink. Few even add flavoring syrups to add a different taste.

14. Breve:

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The breve coffee is a form of Latte. However, it is thicker and voluminous in look. It is prepared with espresso, steamed milk, and foam. It works almost like an espresso, however, with a creamy texture and feel. Breve in Italian means short, so it implies a short form of espresso coffee in the process of making.

15. Macchiato:

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The Macchiato coffee is a blend of espresso with steamed milk leaves. Flavoring syrups are also present, as per customer’s preferences, and this differs from region to region. As a result, it is a lesser popular version of a coffee drink.

16. Vietnamese Coffee:

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The traditional Vietnamese coffee preparation is done with the help of a metal filter that filters the coffee powder or grounds with hot or cold milk. Some regions even have a version of egg coffee, where the beaten egg yolks that are creamy and fluffy are ingredients into coffee and condensed milk that is brewed thoroughly.

17. Turkish Coffee:

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Turkish coffee is a blend of finely grounded coffee beans in a traditional Turkish coffee pot, Cezve. The boiling hot water in Cezve with sugar is put alongside the ground coffee in this process. As the name suggests, this coffee is from the land of Turkey. This form of coffee drink is unfiltered, which means one should remember that the remanents of coffee are still in the cup.

18. Cortado:

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Cortado coffee is a blend of espresso with steamed milk. A very flat texture, unlike the frothy feel, is brought by mixing both ingredients. This coffee does not contain any foam, and the ratio of coffee to milk is 1:2. The Cortado coffee drinks are popular around Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

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Interesting Facts About Coffee Drinks:

Being one of the world’s most popular and favorite beverages, coffee indeed has many interesting facts that we do not know.

  • Coffee beans are, in fact, the seeds. Did you know this? These seeds can grow if planted and taken care of in the right conditions.
  • The word Coffee is from Wine. They used to call coffee ‘qahwah’ in Arabic, which means a type of Wine. Later, the dutch word, ‘koffie,’ is used to derive the expression.
  • Over and above ten million tons of coffee are produced every single year in the world. It is the second most commonly consumed commodity in the world.
  • Coffee, given the presence of antioxidants, can help you live a longer life. In addition, it helps in a happy and more extended lifestyle.

We hope you liked reading about these different types of coffee varieties present globally. If you are a coffee lover, these ones are among the must-try ones. So what do you think of them? How many did you try till now? Let us know your thoughts and comments below.


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