As we all know almost everyone is a coffee lover and the main reason behind it being that it helps one stay awake or get rid of dizziness. Over thousands of years people have been making and drinking coffee and perfecting in it. Coffee drinks are prepared by brewing hot water with coffee beans. This brewing process is done either slowly by some kind of drip or filter or quickly under pressure by using espresso machines. Sometimes even milk or cream or some sweeteners or flavorings are added to get a different taste.

How to Make Different Types of Coffee Drinks:

Below mentioned are different types of coffee drinks which are available.

1. Cold Brew:

Cold brew also known as cold press is basically a drink which is made by keeping grounded coffee emerged in cold water or water at room temperature for an extended period of time. In this process the coarse coffee beans are soaked in water for prolonged period say about 12 to 13 hours. Then the water is filtered to remove the ground coffee particles with the help of coffee paper filter, French press or felt, fine metal sieve or by using some other advanced machine. The resultant is a coffee concentrate which can be diluted with milk or water and served either hot or cold. Cold brew coffee usually tastes sweeter because of its low acidity content, the reason being that the coffee beans never come in contact with hot water.

2. Turkish Coffee:

This consists of mixing the coffee grounds which has been made into fine powder with water and heating until the mixture boils. In the Mideast about four degrees of sweetness is used with this drink. Mix the required amount of sugar and keep on churning till the sugar is dissolved and coffee sinks to make a perfect drink.

3. Caffe Latte:

This is made by mixing a single shot of espresso with three parts of steamed milk. Add sugar to your latte to make it taste better. You can even add sponge cake, cookies or some bread pieces to turn your drink into a breakfast.

4. Espresso:

Espresso is a type of black coffee that is developed using espresso machines. This machine forces a small amount of steam and water ranging about 86 to 95 degree Celsius through a finely compacted and grounded coffee under immense pressure. The espresso machines where patented around 1901 and it spread slowly throughout the world. Coffee brewed with the help of espresso is usually denser then coffee brewed by other methods. The espresso which has been perfectly brewed will have thick golden brown foam on the drink’s surface. The quality of the creme can be determined when the sugar floats on it for few seconds prior to sinking. If the creme is good then it will surely float for few seconds. Espresso is known to be the foundation of different types of coffee drinks like latte, cappuccino, etc.

5. Cappuccino:

This is one of the most popular types coffee drinks generally available in all types of restaurants and coffee shops. The original form of cappuccino is a mixture of steamed milk, espresso and milk froth is equal amounts. You can even sprinkle some grated dark chocolate or unsweetened cocoa powder on it to enhance its flavor. If made properly with accurate mixing of its content then it can be regarded as a luxurious drink.

6. Vienna Coffee:

Vienna coffee is a type of coffee made by topping coffee with whipped cream. This type of coffee drink is one of the favorite for the cream lovers. Add milk to the espresso content and then top it with a good amount of cream. You can then sprinkle cinnamon, chocolate or vanilla powder on it to enhance its taste. Austria generally has a number of coffee drinks with whipped cream.

7. Caf Mocha:

Caf mocha is either caffe latte or cappuccino with dark chocolate powder or chocolate syrup. This drink is very famous among youngsters. To add some twist to the drink you can top it with some whipped cream. Cream will enhance its flavor to a great extent. Sprinkle some chocolate powder or cinnamon to improve its look.

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8. Caramel Macchiato:

This is another coffee types prepared and served by number of coffee houses. It is prepared by combining caramel, espresso and foamed milk. Many coffee houses even add vanilla to provide an extra flavor. You can add a twist to this drink by adding some caramel sauce to the drink. This type of coffee drink is very addictive and can provide you a heavenly java experience.

9. Coffee With Milk:

In this drink coffee syrup is mixed with milk. This drink is prepared by adding a sugared coffee concentrate to the milk, just similar to chocolate milk.

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10. Coffee With Tea:

Different types of coffee drinks are made by mixing coffee with tea. Below are mentioned few drinks made using coffee and tea together.

  • Red Tie:
    This is a traditional ice tea made in Thailand which is a mixture of spicy and sweet taste. This can give a different feel to your taste buds. To make this drink mix crushed tamarind, orange blossom water, chilled black tea, sugar, condensed milk, cream, star anise and a single shot of espresso.
  • Chai Latte:
    In this drink spiced tea concentrate is used to add flavor to normal caffe latte instead of espresso.

11. Liqueur Coffee:

These days even liqueur is added to coffee to make a completely different drink. Just brew coffee with about 25 ml of liqueur to get this drink. This drink is usually served in a clean, clear, pre heated glass where cream and coffee are separated to give an excellent visual and taste affect. Few types of liqueur coffee are English coffee, Jamaican Coffee, Irish coffee, Brandy coffee, etc.

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12. Iced Coffee:

This is basically a cold brew made by mixing coffee with cold water and ice. Plain iced coffee is the easiest to make by pouring hot water coffee over the ice. Numbers of drinks with coffee are available; few of them include coffee blended with ice, coffee with ice cubes and chilled coffee.

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