Fever is an illness which causes the body temperature to increase above normal body temperature of 97.6 de free Fahrenheit to 99.6-degree Fahrenheit it. The other terminologies for fever are Pyrexia or hyperthermia (caused to vigorous exercise during ht climate). According to ayurvedic terminology, fever is called as Jwara. During fever, there is function in body temperature added with variation seen in the  hypothalamic Thermos regulation in the brain center.

According to American Academy of Pediatrics, they say that babies younger than 4 months with increase temperature in the rectal to 100.4degree Fahrenheit then immediate consultation to the doctor is advised.

Fever causes the release of Interleukin one and two and another factor like Tumor necrosis factor which come from white blood cells.

The Site for Measurement for fever:

  • Axillary Part.
  • Oral cavity.
  • Tympanic membrane of their ear.
  • Rectal method.

Causes of Fever:

  • Inflammtory reaction due to viral or bacterial infections.
  • Side effect of an medication.
  • Vaccines.
  • Lung infection.
  • Cancer.
  • Hyperthyroidism.
  • Drugs.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and such autoimmune disorder which lacks to react to forgein antigen-antibody reaction.

These causes leads to many types of fever which can be detectable through blood test, urine test or scan. Unknown causes may also lead to fever.

Different Types of Fever Symptoms and Their Causes in India:

Here are some of the type of fever brought out to knowledge:

1. Intermittent Fever:

When the body temperature comes to 37 degree Celsius and during night the body temperature increases which is called a intermittent fever.This type of fever is classically seen during  parasitic or bacterial infection infection.Malaria, Septicemia and few other types are classic example.The following are the types of intermittent fever

  • Quotidian Fever: Period of 24 hours due to plasmodium falciparum
  • Tertian Fever: Fever occurs in 48 hour periods due to Plasmodium vivax parasite
  • Quart an Fever: Fever occur in the period of 72 hours due to Plasmodium malaria

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2. Continuous Fever:

When the body temperature is raised through out the day temperature remains only one degree more than normal body temperature, seen during Typhoid fever caused due to a bacteria  Salmonella typhoid, Lobar pneumonia, Meningitis,  Scarlet fever are few examples.

3. Remit Tent Fever:

During the day body temperature is maintained and in the night the temperature differs more than one degree Fahrenheit than normal.Ineffective endocarditis and few bacterial infection like Brucellos is are few examples.

4. Pel Ebstein Fever:

It is a kind of fever caused due to Hodgkin´s lymphoma,this is the condition where the white blood  cells are affected due to Ebstein Barr virus leading to formation of lymphoma and enlargement of lymph nodes.

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5. Neutropenic Fever (febrile neutropenia):

It is commonly affected among immuno compromised people like who undergoes chemotherapy, dialysis or an organ translated patient.The necrophiliacs are significant less in number to fight against forge in bodies which may lead to bacterial or viral infection leading to cause fever.

6. Rheumatic Fever:

It is caused due to streptococcal bacteria causing throat infection, which when left untreated leads to painful fever.Streptococcal throat infection forms white spot on the tonsils, tongue and inflammation with headache.When diagnosed with this infection it is imperative to start with antibiotics.

7. Sudden High Fever:

When some one thinks he or she is normal but suddenly a rise in temperature occurs  and causes tiredness, Fatigue, Body ache which are the classic symptoms of Fever.Disease which causes this sudden fever is Dengue Fever.

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8. High Fever:

This type of illness is caused due to highly infectious virus or for an immuno compromised patient who can be easily affected with virus.One of the best example for high fever is Measles.

There are many type sofa fever which can divide into its severity and mild fever which persist for an day or two causes due to cold can be treated with over the counter medication along with home remedies like honey with hot water.But persisting and high fever should be immediately taken into doctors notice and treated.


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