Gemstones are a beloved and treasured part of human history, valued for their beauty, rarity, and symbolic and spiritual significance. With countless types of gemstones, it can be overwhelming to understand the differences between them and what makes each one special. Each gemstone has unique characteristics, properties, and uses, from precious and semi-precious gems to organic and synthetic varieties. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of gemstones and delve into the main types of gemstones, discussing their history, symbolism, and significance. Whether you are a collector, jewellery enthusiast, or simply curious about these beautiful and mysterious stones, this article will provide a comprehensive guide to the types of gemstones that exist today.

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Significance of Gemstones:

Gemstones have been valued for their beauty and rarity throughout human history, and they have also held symbolic and spiritual significance in various cultures. Here are some of the main reasons why gemstones are significant:

  • Aesthetics: Gemstones are prized for their beauty and the way they reflect light, making them popular for jewellery and decorative objects.
  • Rarity and Value: Many gemstones are rare and difficult to find, which makes them valuable and sought-after.
  • Symbolism: Gemstones have been associated with different meanings and symbols throughout history. For example, diamonds are often associated with love and commitment, while emeralds are associated with growth and prosperity.
  • Healing Properties: Some people believe that gemstones have healing properties and can be used to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Cultural Significance: Gemstones have played important roles in various cultures and religions. For example, in Hinduism, the Navaratna gemstones are associated with the nine planets and are believed to bring good luck and fortune.
  • Historical Significance: Gemstones have been used throughout history to signify wealth, power, and social status. Many famous gemstones, such as the Hope Diamond and the Koh-i-Noor Diamond, have fascinating histories and have been owned by royalty and other prominent figures.

In summary, gemstones have significance for various reasons, including their beauty, rarity, symbolism, healing properties, cultural significance, and historical significance.

List of Gemstones and Meanings:

Let’s glance at the different types of gemstones available in the market.

1. Garnet – January Birthstone:

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This unique stone in the list of gemstones is available in various colours and is also called a rainbow gemstone. It is available in Russia, Africa, Sri Lanka, Namibia, and Rhododendrons with red, green, orange, pink, and purple colours. For this reason, it is widely used as a gifting stone.

  • Importance: It symbolizes protection as it helps prevent nightmares and accidents while travelling.

2. Amethyst – February Gem Stone:

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A widely available and beautiful coloured stone can be obtained in several shapes. The wonderful colour of the gem is so attractive that it suits both gold and silver. An amazing stone to have in your wardrobe is the February stone. Gemstone Jewellery with this stone gives a stunning look to your personality.

  • Importance: The belief of the Greek and Roman communities decreases the power of Bacchus and helps the wearer think n of a better way to solutions.

3. Aquamarine – March Birthstone:

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The name itself informs that the stone’s colour is sea blue. The stone is very beneficial for people who are born in March. It is also a gem that smoothies the relationship between the two; hence, it is a perfect gift for newly wedded couples.

  • Importance: This lovely gem symbolizes hope, health, wealth and fidelity. The gem’s colour also symbolizes life after death, i.e. the eternal.

4. Jade – March 2nd Birthstone:

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The jade gemstone is said to be a royal stone as it was studded in the crowns of the big emperors in the ancient age. The gemstone Jewellery with jade is also well known in communities such as the Darbar and the Maharajas in the current time. It is a smooth and shimmering stone in pink, lavender and white.

  • Importance: Jade is a symbol of protection, fertility and prosperity.

5. Diamond – April Birthstone:

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Among the several types of gems, diamonds are the hardest ones. Admired worldwide, they are highly attractive to men and women studded in gold, silver or platinum. They are available in many sizes and colours; they are said to be formed when lightning struck the rocks and turns hard into the depths of the earth.

  • Importance: It is the most admired gift for couples, symbolising eternal love and desire.

6. Emerald – May Birth Stone:

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Emerald is one of the rarest found gemstones. The green colour of gemstone is dark green with a bluish hue. They always contain an intuition along with it which means birthmark. It is also believed that the ancient mummies with an emerald beside their necks meant eternal youth.

  • Importance: The emerald is a spring and Venus stone. This symbolizes love, rebirth and fertility.

7. Alexandrite – June Birth Gemstone:

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This is also known as a magical gemstone as it changes its colours per the time it is seen. In the daytime, its colour is blue with a mossy green effect. While at night, it becomes red in the lamplight with a raspberry colour touch. It was discovered in Iraq Mountain in 1930 and is available in Brazil, Sri Lanka and East Africa.

  • Importance: It strengthens intuition and imagination. It also helps in making you creative.

8. Pearl – June Birthstone:

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It is believed that a pearl is the tear of God. It is the only gemstone available in a living creature; the sea seashells are the most adorable and expensive gemstone. The original pearls are hard to obtain; hence, artificial pearls are available in various colours. They give a classic look to gemstone Jewellery.

  • Importance: Just as the pearl symbolizes purity, spirituality, wisdom, integrity, femininity etc.

9. Moonstone June 2nd Birthstone:

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A crystal stone in the gemstones list is believed to be formed from the cold breeze from the moon. The moonstone with a blue sheen is the perfect stone with utmost clarity among various colours. It is easily available in India and Madagascar.

  • Importance: According to the colour, it symbolizes peace, wealth and fidelity.

10. Ruby – July Birthstone:

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The king of gems, ruby, has always been the favourite of kings and queens in the ancient period. The main attraction of this gemstone is the variety of colours it carries. Highly available in the valleys of Myanmar and Tanzania, it is highly used for making gemstone Jewellery with different shapes.

  • Importance: The colour of the ruby itself symbolizes passion, love, divinity, courage and emotions. When gifted, it brings good luck and fortune to the receiver.

11. Peridot – August Birthstone:

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Peridot is one of few gemstones available in a single colour, lime green. It is available in Pakistan, China, Myanmar and Arizona. Available in various shapes, it takes your jewellery collection to a new level. It is also affordable and easily available.

  • Importance: It is believed that the wearer of this gem gets the power of healing and gets protected against nightmares.

12. Spinel – August 2nd Birthstone:

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The spinels have a similar colour to the ruby and are hence also known as the daughter of the ruby. Rarely available, they are also found in different colours and textures. When Studded In Jewellery, they give a royal look to the wearer.

  • Importance: The wearer of the spinel is strongly believed to be protected from harm and sadness and can differ in relations.

13. Sapphire – September Birthstone:

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The word sapphire indicates the colour of the stone, violet-blue. They are available worldwide, but the costly ones are found in Myanmar, Kashmir and Sri Lanka. They are available in various colours and shapes and are one of the few costly gems. They give an elegant look when studded in jewellery designs.

  • Importance: The sapphire represents honesty, purity, trust and loyalty. Thus it can be the best gift for engagement with your love.

14. Lapis Lazuli – September 2nd Birthstone:

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The word lapis lazuli itself describes the stone colour. It means blue stone. This stone is also known as a royal stone, as it was treasured in ancient times by kings and Queens. Available In two shades, sky blue and ocean blue, they attract you towards it in one look.

  • Importance: The gem keeps your limbs healthy and protects the soul from fear and envy.

15. Opal – October Birthstone:

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Also known as the Queen of gems, opal is the most beautiful gem among different gemstones. It is available in rainbow shades with blue and green colours, red and yellow flashes, etc. With any shade, it gives a realistic look. The rare black opal is also a delicate stone that is most preferred.

  • Importance: A Birthstone for October is the best wedding gift and symbolizes hope, innocence, purity, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence.

16. Rubellite – October 2nd Birthstone:

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The other name given to this amazing stone is red Tourmaline. The colour of the stone is a combination of pink and red ruby. The stone shines similarly in both daylight and lamplight. It is believed to stimulate the heart and root chakra of the human being as it relates to the earth and the heart.

  • Importance: The stone symbolizes perfection, passion, life and energy. It also emotionally brings calmness and balance to the life of the wearer.

17. Topaz – November Birthstone:

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A gemstone that is available in a variety of cool colours is topaz. The Imperial Topaz, which comes in orange and pink colour, is the highest expensive topaz gemstone. The stone looks amazing, giving a perfect look to the jewellery made with gold and silver.

  • Importance: The ancient people believed that the topaz could heal and protect. It is a magical stone, and you get enchanted once you look at it.

18. Citrine – November 2nd Birthstone:

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A lemon yellow to orange-brown colour stone is also available in various attractive shapes. It is also easily available at an affordable price. The brightness of the stone gives a glance at the sun, and hence it is believed to be a gift of it. The colour makes it dashing when studded in gold jewellery.

  • Importance: It is believed that the citrine stone was carried to be protected from the venom of snakes and evil. It also symbolizes success and prosperity.

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19. Tanzanite – December Birthstone:

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This is the only stone in the gemstones list in velvety blue and purple shades. It is also available at only one place, Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. The stone is available in various shapes and colours, which makes it favourable for jewellery design.

  • Importance: The magical stone is very effective for mental stability. It provides post-energy to fight against the negative. It also helps you to discover yourself.

20. Turquoise – December 2nd Birthstone:

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The turquoise is said to be the robin’s egg. It is crystal clear, transparent and available in cool and calm colours. They are also known as a matrix, giving a design similar to the spider Web. It is the oldest stone that the foremost kings and Queens wore on their crowns and dresses.

  • Importance: The blue turquoise is said to have the power to heal and bring prosperity, good luck, and wealth to the wearer and protect him from evil eyes.

21. Zircon – December 3rd Birthstone:

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The stone is available in sea blue, green, yellow, orange etc. The stone is rare and affordable, so it is highly popular in gemstone jewellery. It is the oldest jewel on the earth and is found mostly in the crust. The people’s bodies wore blue zircon in December.

  • Importance: It helps the owner to be apart from nightmares and sleep silently. It also brings prosperity, honour, self-respect, and wisdom and increases the feeling to love for you.

22. Shiny Lemon Yellow Stone:

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Inspired by nature, these diamonds are also called the fancy colour diamond. They are rare and available in cool colours like bright yellow, light pink, sky blue, orange, brown, cognac etc. They give a fancy look over silver jewellery with designer wear.

  • Importance: The stone symbolizes fire, brilliance, power and strength.

23. Morganite Gemstone:

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Morganatic is a stone that is the favourite of nearly all the women on earth. It is available in colours like pink and peach, giving your look coolness. As it is suitable for silver and gold, it is the dominating stone in the jewellery industry.

  • Importance: The stone, due to its soothing effect, symbolizes divinity, love, prosperity and charm.

24. Onyx Gemstone:

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Have you ever thought of wearing a black stone? Here you go with a black but fashionable gemstone onyx. It is never out of trend and hence high in demand. It gives a classy look to the wearer. Also available in colours like brown, red and white but is highly preferred in black.

  • Importance: The onyx is the protector stone from evil and death mares to the wearer.

25. Paraiba Tourmaline:

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Paraiba Tourmaline is the most precious and costly gemstone among the various gemstones listed. The oceans of Paraiba are the only place you can find these stones at. It is a combination of sea blue and green colours.

  • Importance: The stone symbolizes beauty, stability, spirituality, creativity and divine love.

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It is believed that when you wear the proper gemstone, which is advisable, you benefit from several life problems. There are also gemstones like Larimer, variscite, jasper, eoliths etc., which are also helpful to some extent in your life. To find your perfect gemstone and smoothen your life.


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