11 Different Types of Hugs that Describe your Relationship Perfectly!

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A hug is also known as a comforting clasp because it essentially is enclosing the person in a case of love and protection and a silent assurance that you will always be there. Hugs have always existed as a sign of physical comfort and assurance since ages. So, there is no one age that is fit for a hug. There are, for example, hug between the same gender that signals friendship or a greeting; between the opposite gender which is a sign of love or friendship; hug between children and the parent which is the epitome of love; between the grandparents and grandchildren that is a sign of love across generation etc.

Some of these types of hugs last for maybe just for a second or more, that is typical of a greeting while the ones that are held on for a longer time which is an obvious sign of an important relationship. Even the minute details like these tend to speak a lot on the kind of relationship between the two.

types of hugs and their meanings

Besides, it also boosts oxytocin, nicknamed the ‘love hormone’ which is a social regulator hormone, that will effectively heal your loneliness or sadness. The elevating mood is also an associated outcome of hugging when the serotonin levels go up. When you feel loved, achieved through a hug, it can result in a more open conversation and will break the barrier between the two of you. Haven’t we all had that feeling where all we needed was a warm hug to set things right or feel good? The power of hug rests right there. Fostering comfort between two people, uplifting their mood, help overcome sadness, enable a barrier-free communication, console in times of difficulty are some of how hugs prove useful. There also have been a popular hugging therapy doing rounds. The idea is to show that hugging has healing power, where the nurturing touch between the two will instil a sense of security and safety.

But, there are types of hugs that exist. Each one has its meaning and signals something different from the other. Here are the basic ones.

11 Different Types of Hugs That are Meaningful:

Before you know of the types of a hug, here is something you need to know. Hugs have a huge potential to boost someone’s mood and help someone uplift them from sadness or distress. However, there is a range of hugs each with a unique meaning. Which hug describes your relationship perfectly?

Types of Affectionate Hugs:

1. Partner Hug:

types of hugs

The most basic of all is the exchange of hug between two partners in a relationship or marriage. A simple hug is enough to patch up the fights and differences you both may have. This one is gentle and more of an assurance of how much each still means to each other.

2. Family Hug:

types of hugs and their meanings and pictures

Haven’t we all experienced this? The hug that is gentle and a constant reminder that family is there through thick and thin. When you meet each other in family functions or if you have been away from home for a long period, this one is a sure due. The family hug is always warm and comforting as it has to be.

3. Friends Hug:

Different types of hugs

The one hug that always supports you even in your worst shape! Friends hug an ultimate hug that is constant throughout your life. Whether it’s your success or your loss, one hug from them can set things on track. Agree?

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Types of Emotional Hugs:

Apart from the emotional hugs, there are also hugs that are associated with emotions. Here are some.

4. The Assurance Hug:

Emotional Hug

When all goes wrong, bet on a hug to relax you a little. The assurance hug is a sympathetic hug that is given to the other when they lose someone. It is a sign that the person is not alone in the world and has a shoulder to lean on. The assurance hug is a very emotional kind of a hug. A mother-daughter here is a classic sign of assurance.

5. The Fight Hug:

hug types between people

Sounds ironical, isn’t it? A fight hug is usually given after a fight between two people. It signals peace and an unsaid apology for whatever happened. It is more of a compromise hug. Like, is there anything a hug can’t cure?

6. The Comforting Hug:

Hugs Names

None of us wants to hear bad news. But when we do hear it, it is impossible to unhear it. The comforting hug comes as a little saviour from the bad news. The hug will ensure that you don’t get dejected and tries to make you feel a lot better. It lasts for a little longer allowing the other to fully be able to cry or express.

7. Break up Hug:

Emotional hugs

The most essential that should exist is the hug that you receive after a breakup. Without a second opinion, we sure know how much breakups can hurt. The most important you need in this phase is a hug that will let you know that you are not worthless and that you do matter. While it can’t get you off the pain, it can, however, the ease the process a little.

8. The Bear Hug:

different types of hugs

The bear hug is the typical hug that people give when in love. It is warm, gentle and is full of love. The bear hug is intended to put the message straight, of warmth and ‘I will be there’ attitude that is essential.

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Types of Happiness Hugs:

The happiness hugs are the ones that are exchanged then joyous occasion and another such happy gathering. Take a look if you have experienced one.

9. Welcome Hugs:

Welcome Hugs and types

Welcome hugs are a gesture of being warm and hospitable to the host. It is also important because it sets the mood for your conversation., creating a space for a free and lighter environment for interaction.

10. Win Hugs:

different hugs

This one is going to last for a long time! Spreading happiness and being a part of the other person’s happiness is the thing about win hug. The win hugs are the hugs that you give for your other person’s victory. The celebratory hugs are a pleasant thing to watch.

11. Party Hug:

hugs types and their meanings

The typical celebratory hug is the party hug that is a mood elevator and a platform to generally only socialize. It does not mean anything beyond the party and is primarily meant to feel more ‘in’ the mood. Party hugs are a common thing seen during parties.

Health Benefits of Hugs:

Do you know what a 20-second hug can do to you? Hugs have healing power and have been supported by various studies on how just a 20-second hug can effectively heal you from sickness and distress.

But did you also know hugging has its own health benefits? Well, in case you don’t, here are some benefits a hug can do to your body.

  • Lower Stress: the most obvious outcome of hug is it will lower your stress level. Try hugging someone you like before a tensed situation like a presentation or an interview, you will see how you remain calm, composed and collective in the entire period.
  • Reduces Depression: hugging is known to release serotonin which is an anti-depressant. Hugging will build an emotional attachment and a special intimacy which is crucial for a healthy relationship.
  • Relieves Pain: did you know hugging releases endorphin that is known to relieve pain by inhibiting pain channels.

While many hugs can sure help you soothe and relax, they also help in a lot of ways in your relationship, for the better. So, the next time doesn’t look out for reasons to hug, just hug, and you will see how elevated and better you will feel. But before, check to mark the hugs you have experienced.