Leather belts! Gone are those days when you consider the leather belts merely as an object to tie your trousers. Indeed, today in the modern world, leather belts are more than an accessory – a symbol of elegance, style, and class. Leather belts for men and women have evolved, and by now, we have a range of varieties and trends in these accessories to fit in a range of occasions, events, preferences, and outfits. Whether you have a party or formal occasion or a casual outing and day out, there is a perfect pure leather belt accessory to match your requirements. We have worked around bringing you the best in the world of leather belts and helping you acquaint yourself with genuine ones. Let’s explore them together today!

Features of Leather Belts:

The best leather belts most commonly will have the following features you can find in them.

  • The leather belts come in various colours, although the most common colour one can spot is the brown colour. There are, however, different shades in the brown colour too.
  • Most leather belts come with an excellent buckle to hold and tie the belt together. The modern variants, however, may differ in the design.
  • The leather belts can be worn for various occasions, from formal and professional looks to partywear and casual days.
  • There are designs one can even look at in the belts. There are printed leather belts, embellished and studded belts, plain ones, textured belts, and more.
  • The leather belts most commonly are made from full-grain leather, from calfskin. However, other variants are available, such as top-grain leather, bonded leather, and more.

How To Find Real and Genuine Leather Belts:

The market is loaded with tons of products and accessories; we understand it is challenging to find a genuine and pure leather belt. Here are a few tips and hacks on choosing the right and genuine leather belt for yourself.

  • The leather belts will not have any cracks or fragility when touched. The other belts have a different sense of touch and feel, with sensitivity and cracks.
  • The genuine leather belt will absorb water in a few seconds. Try this water test with your belt, and you can find out if it’s genuine and pure leather or not.
  • Check the smell. Leather belts will always have a raw leather smell that will not fade away if sold genuine and fresh.

Stylish and Genuine Leather Belts for Gents with Images:

You need to know the style you like and the type of belt you need. This article will learn about the top and best belts for fashionable men.

1. Burgundy Patent Leather Belt:

This sleek Burgundy colour patent leather belt is among the globally bestselling piece. This statement piece is a style accessory, perfect for high-level parties and events. The one belt can immediately enhance your looks seamlessly. If you are a man with fashion choices and an eye for classic looks, this is a must-have and worth the investment.

  • Design: Burgundy Color Patent Leather Belt
  • Material: Patent Leather
  • Occasion: High-End Events And Occasions
  • Style Tip: This Is Perfect For The Branded Designer And Luxury Wear Outfits And To Flaunt The Ideal Belt Accessory.

2. Woodland Leather Belt:

This Woodland Brown and Olive green leather camouflage belt are perfect for modern young boys who love contemporary looks. This printed camouflage belt is ideal for casual looks and displays a sense of ease, style, and vibrant hues seamlessly. It is good for regular wear and can go with the majority of versatile casual outfits. It is among the ideal men’s leather belts for jeans.

  • Design: Olive Green And Brown Color Printed Camouflage Leather Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Casual Wear
  • Style Tip: This Can Go Well With Jeans And Casual Wear Trousers Very Well.

3. Nike Leather Belt:

The black Nike Leather belt for men is a must-have for modern men looking for a plush regular wear accessory. This is much more budget-friendly than other branded wear belts yet seamlessly gives an elegant, classic, and statement look. Whether you are looking to pair it with denim or formal wear, it can go on very well!

  • Design: Black Nike Men’s Leather Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Regular, Formal, Casual
  • Style Tip: This is an excellent comfortable belt for simple formal or casual wear.

4. Wrangler Leather Belt:

The reversible Wrangler belt for men in brown and black is another such easy buy for regular men’s wear. It is durable, long-lasting, and gives a classic statement look with its elegance and sleek appearance. This is also budget-friendly and can work very well in rough and tough wear.

  • Design: Black And Brown Reversible Wrangler Belt For Men
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Regular
  • Style Tip: The belt can go well with types of denim and semi-formals when matched with casual shirts and jackets or blazers.

5. Superdry Leather Belt:

While we discuss ample such signature branded belts here, how can we miss out on Superdry? The genuine leather textured design belt comes with grand, intricate designs and patterns, with a luxurious premium look available at a pocket-friendly price. It is a long-lasting comfortable wear belt, ideal for events and occasions in hand, which needs you to get an elite and stunning look.

  • Design: Superdry Leather Textured Belt With Buckle Closure
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Cocktail Parties, Gatherings, And Dinners
  • Style Tip: This can go well with formal black trousers with light-coloured shirts and blazers. Pair with similar-coloured formal shoes for the best looks.

6. Tommy Hilfiger Formal Leather Belt:

This black and tan brown colour reversible solid belt for men from Tommy Hilfiger is a perfect multipurpose accessory for regular wear men. The solid colour slim, and the sleek belt is perfect and ideal for formal wear, especially for men who love elegant and classy looks. It is comfortable and versatile can go with the majority of the outfits in your wardrobe. And without any doubt, the brand manufactures among the best quality leather belts!

  • Design: Black and Tan Brown Color Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Reversible Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Regular Office Wear
  • Style Tip: This belt can go with jeans or formal wear with shirts and t-shirts too.

7. Branded Snake Leather Belt:

Have you ever come across a snakeskin design and texture leather belt? What better than this lovely snakeskin textured brown colour men’s belt for those who love classic and intricate designs and patterns? This belt comes with a buckle closure and stunning detailed design, with a unique look, one of its kind. Try this for perfect high-end parties and gatherings; we bet the accessory can effortlessly enhance and elevate your look.

  • Design: Tan Brown Snakeskin Textured Leather Belt with Buckle Closure
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: High-End Events
  • Style Tip: Wear this with formal pants and trousers with blazers and the same colour textured oxford shoes for the best looks.

8. Fastrack Leather Casual Belt:

The Fastrack leather belts are among India’s most budget-friendly yet classic options for guys and men. This navy blue semi formal-looking casual belt for men and boys is ideal for regular wear and casual looks. It can seamlessly elevate the sense of fashion for versatile clothing options easily. Try this gents leather belt, and we bet we will convince you to have one such in your wardrobe collection too!

  • Design: Navy Blue Leather Casual Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Casual Looks
  • Style Tip: Wear this with jeans or casual trousers with versatile options.

9. Fossil Solid Leather Belt:

One can never compete with the classic Men’s black fossil belt. This leather black-coloured solid belt from this brand is a versatile and most lovely statement piece everyone can wear. The black colour can go seamlessly on all the colours of pants and trousers and work well in formal to casual looks. It gives a sense of effortless and modern edgy fashion statement seamlessly.

  • Design: Black Solid Color Fossil Men’s Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Formal and Casual
  • Style Tip: One can easily wear this with casual, formal, and semiformal outfits.

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10. Calvin Klein Blue Leather Belt:

The advantages of owning reversible belts are well known by now. The dual-purpose navy blue colour and brown coloured textured reversible belt from Calvin Klein is such a gem. The branded belt comes with an adjustable buckle, ideal for regular office goers, and looks for a comfortable and easy accessory.

  • Design: Navy Blue and Brown Textured Reversible Men’s Belt From Calvin Klein
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Regular Office Wear
  • Style Tip: One can wear it with formal and semi-formal trousers and pants, with a range of shirts and blazers.

11. Full Grain Handmade Leather Belt:

Full-grain leather belts are among the most commonly found and popular leather belts, especially men. This handmade belt in brown colour is a budget-friendly option for men, be it regular office wear or formal outings. It comes with a zinc alloy buckle, easily adjustable and flexible. Try this out, and you will love it too. It is among the must-have belt for men in the wardrobe.

  • Design: Brown Color Full Grain Handmade Leather Belt
  • Material: Full Grain Real Leather
  • Occasion: Regular Office Wear
  • Style Tip: Wear this belt with dark or beige colour formal pants and shirts to look perfect.

12. Armani Exchange Genuine Leather Belt:

The Armani Exchange belt for men with buckle closure is one of the most coveted luxury brands and elite products all of us wish for. This genuine leather belt comes with a sleek, edgy, and elegant look, ideal for formal wear parties, gatherings, and high-end events. The belt is also comfortable, easy to wear, and is a flexible stretch material, ideal to fit in perfectly for a range of outfits.

  • Design: Dark Brown Color Genuine Leather Belt
  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Occasion: Parties, High-End Events
  • Style Tip: Wear the belt with white, cream, or beige colour pants and formals with blazers.

13. Shree Leather Textured Belt:

For men looking for rather unique, distinct and stylish, unlike the same old plain belts, the textured belts may indeed take your eye. This textured men’s belt in tan brown is such a lovely and ideal pick for young men who have loved fashionable accessories all along. This men and boys leather belt is a perfect looking fashionable, plush and modern one to try out.

  • Design: Tan Brown Color Textured Belt
  • Material: Genuine leather
  • Occasion: Parties and Gatherings
  • Style Tip: This belt can go well with formals and semiformal with blazers.

14. Tan Crocodile Leather Belt:

The crocodile pattern leather belt is a unique and distinctly looking belt we have seen and come across in recent times. This lovely dark brown colour belt fits men who want a sophisticated and trendy look for their ideal unusual evening wear. The belt comes with a loop head closure and crocodile skin pattern.

  • Design: Crocodile Skin Pattern Belt with Loop Head Closure
  • Material: Pure Leather
  • Occasion: Cocktail Parties, Weddings
  • Style Tip: This belt can be suitable for formal pants in black and white colour.

15. Green Levi’s Leather Belt:

Green belts! We bet you may not have come across this colour much. But if you are a regular person who often wears a belt and is looking for a quirky and unique fashion statement, what is better than this Green Levi’s leather belt? This Green design leather belt for man comes with a buckle closure from Levis and looks lovely and modern. It is ideal for a fun and quirky, fashionable appearance.

  • Design: Green Color Design Leather Belt with Buckle Closure
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: Wear this with funky and quirky looks at evening parties, matching green shoes and sunglasses.

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Fashionable and Trendy Designs of Leather Belts for Ladies:

Let us look at the top models leather belts for women with images.

1. Yellow Leather Belt With Tang Clasp Closure:

How about a quirky and fun yellow leather belt? This textured yellow belt comes with lovely clasp closure and a trendy feminine appearance, ideal for women who want a definite plush and gorgeous outlook on themselves. The signature ladies leather belts are durable, comfortable, and ideal for long day wear!

  • Design: Yellow Leather Belt With Clasp Closure
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Style Tip: This can be an excellent casual wear belt in trousers and denim.

2. Embroidered Leather Belt:

This vintage embroidered textured leather belt is pocket-friendly, simple, and classic in its sense. The design is among the topmost demanded pattern in women’s wear and accessories, and it can add good addition and definition to one’s outfit seamlessly. The versatile ladies leather belts can fit well with western and ethnic wear!

  • Design: Embroidered Leather Belt For Women
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Style Tip: Add this casual embroidered belt for ethnic wear or western denim and casuals to look stylish.

3. Louis Vuitton Leather Belt:

Louis Vuitton is another luxury statement brand known for its signature products and elegant pieces. Their black belt is excellent unisex wear, suitable for men and women to give an appealing and jaw-dropping beautiful statement look. Add this one to your wardrobe, and you are sorted for your high-end gatherings and parties seamlessly.

  • Design: Black Louis Vuitton Leather Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Events And Gatherings
  • Style Tip: Add this to luxury wear designer dress to look stylish and beautiful.

4. Adidas Leather Belt:

The basic Adidas belt is for women looking for regular and daily wear. The rough and tough wear belt is perfect for durability, comfort, and regular college or office goers. It is comfortable, versatile, and can go with numerous outfits effortlessly.

  • Design: Black Adidas Leather Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Style Tip: Add this to your regular denim or formal trousers to look elegant and stylish.

5. H&M Leather Belts:

Finally, how can we miss out on H&M? the budget-friendly brand came up with a range of leather belts for women, and they are nothing less than gorgeous. The black belt is a durable, comfortable, and signature piece in their collection with a premium look and design. The metal buckle stands out from the piece and elevates your appearance instantly.

  • Design: Black Leather Belt From H&M
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Parties, Dinners
  • Style Tip: The belt can go well with formal wear statement outfits and dresses in high heels to look elegant.

6. Woven Leather Belt:

This tan brown, pink and green colour block leather woven belt for women is a stunning feminine looking accessory. The casual belt is for young modern women searching for the perfect addition to enhance and elevate their regular looks effortlessly. Whether you want to style for denim or dresses, it can go well enough to give a modern and jaw-dropping look.

  • Design: Woven Brown, Pink, and Green Leather Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Style Tip: This can go well with skirts, denim, and dresses to add statement style and look.

7. Pink Leather Belt with Buckle Closure:

Everybody loves an excellent, bright pink colour! This vibrant-looking pink belt from Armani Exchange is the one luxury and plush accessory you need in your wardrobe. The bright-coloured belt can seamlessly elevate and add to your grandeur appearance. Try this out, and you will know it yourself! This can be a good investment for women who are good party-goers.

  • Design: Pink Buckle Closure Armani Exchange Belt
  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Occasion: High-End Parties, Cocktail Events
  • Style Tip: This can go well with dresses and maxi outfits with side slits, in contrast, colour to give the edgy appearance.

8. Diesel Leather Embellished Belt:

The embellished belt for women can never go wrong. Whether any dull outfit or a dull moment, the blue embellished belt from Diesel is one such addition to the wardrobe, which can easily elevate your look. This leather women’s belt is a versatile pick for various occasions, from simple gatherings to parties and dinners. How do you like it?

  • Design: Tan Embellished Diesel Women’s Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Dinners, Parties
  • Style Tip: Add this with light-coloured outfits and skirts to look edgy. Match it with similar-coloured heels or wedges.

9. Thin Faux Leather Belt:

How about a thin, classic, and sleek looking belt for women? This faux leather green coloured belt with the textured design is a feminine and gorgeous piece, ideal for quickly creating a stunning beautiful partywear look. It can easily add to one’s look and bring on a women’s statement vibe across age groups.

  • Design: Thin Green Color Faux Leather Textured Belt
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Occasion: Dinners, Outings
  • Style Tip: Add this belt for flared dress or denim pants with a crop top to give a statement look.

10. Coach Reversible Leather Belt:

The luxury brand Coach has a series of stylish and elite plush belt accessories for women, and this white reversible belt is one of their top-selling variants. The specially crafted belt comes with a metallic Coach branded element as its buckle finish and gives an incredibly beautiful fit for women out there. While one side has an attractive smooth leather look, the textured side also gives an edgy contemporary piece! This is among the top-rated and best leather belts in the world!

  • Design: Brown and White Coach Women’s Reversible Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Parties, High-End Events, and Gatherings
  • Style Tip: Dresses and maxi outfits can be the perfect pick for this signature piece.

11. Brown Braided Leather Belt:

While the braided belts for women are quite famous and known all along in the fashion town, this Aditi Wasan’s brown braided leather belt is among the latest trends. This slim belt brings in all sleek and edgy plush looks, ideal for seamlessly looking for a feminine and statement look. This versatile belt can also be worn for a range of outfits, right from dresses to jeans. Isn’t the girls leather belt all cool?

  • Design: Brown Color Braided Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Outings, Parties
  • Style Tip: The belt can be worn with an oversized dress to add definition, or even with denim and crop tops to the stylish look.

12. Gold Colour Skinny Leather Belt:

The shiny metal colour gold skinny leather belt comes with edgy buckle closure, ideal for women who do not prefer to settle for anything less than such a statement piece. The trendy belt is stylishly classic and gives a sizzling stunning, and hot look for modern-day girls and women. Try this belt out for special occasions and parties to stand out in the crowd.

  • Design: Gold Skinny Leather Belt with Buckle Closure
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Parties, Dinners
  • Style Tip: This belt can go well with denim shorts and skirts.

13. Red Wide Leather Belt:

The red colour solid leather belt is something unique and unusual from your everyday belts. For girls and women who prefer quirky and funky looking accessories, which is nothing like the everyday one you spot, this is the one! It is feminine, stylish, and yet comfortable and versatile. Try this out, and you will know why!

  • Design: Red Color Leather Wide Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Style Tip: This can be a good dress belt for one-piece outfits and dresses to give definition.

14. Studded Designer Leather Belt:

The studded and embellished accessories are among the best-selling ones globally, and we are quite amused with this studded designer belt. The black colour belt with buckle closure is an absolute statement and hot-selling piece, ideal for women who love to look just like a diva. Whether it is top class and elite gatherings or fashion parties, the studded belt can be your best friend and can never go wrong!

  • Design: Black Studded Designer Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: Wear this with a maxi or knee-length dress with high heels to look gorgeous. Beige, cream, white outfits can go well in this one.

15. Leather Corset Waist Belt:

The corset waist belt is an ancient and classic look for women. It is coming back in fashion with a bang, with its lovely and feminine bold statement look. The corset belt can be the one for those who love the unique and distinct style. Whether you dress extraordinary or attend thematic parties with outfits, these unique leather belts can go well with vintage and classic style statements.

  • Design: Leather Corset Black Color Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Gatherings and Parties
  • Style Tip: The corset belt can go specifically for vintage and classic outfits.

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While purchasing leather belts for men or women, you should consider the type of leather used as the leather is available in categories like basic leather, decorated leather, and braided leather. The basic category refers to the single-strap leather belts, whereas the decorated belts will come in cutout and painted designs engraved into them. Typically, the best-braided belts are made from a single piece of leather for long durability. But, if left unused for a longer time, it will get some moulds and mildew. Maintenance matters a lot when you own a leather belt, as simple as using them every day or by keeping them in a moisture-free place.

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