15+ Different Types Of Love

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Love refers to the emotion of a strong attraction with personal attachment. It can also be virtues of representing person compassion, affection and kindness. It is described as the compassionate and affectionate actions towards other human, one self’s or animals.

Non-western traditions have distinguished variants of symbioses of theses states. Diversity uses and meanings combined with the complexity of the feelings which are involved to make love difficult to consistent define when compared to emotional states.


Love can be in various forms of acts which have major facilitator of interpersonal relationships and to maintain the central psychological importance. Love is understood by human when they facilitate the continuation of species.

The word love has variety of meanings in different contexts. In many other languages multiple words are used to express love to others. There are many types of love: they are affection, bonding, broken heart, compassionate love, conjugal love, courtly love, falling in love, free love, friendship love, interpersonal relationship, intimacy, love addiction, love at first sight, triangle love, loving kindness, love sickness, love struck, obsession love, passion, puppy love, relationship love, self-love, unconditional love, unrequited love, sexual passion, deep friendship, love for anyone, longstanding love and love for the self. These are kinds of love experienced by an individual.

Love is eternal. It gathers two individuals to become one. It sooths individual when there is any problem. Through love a person will be very happy because the bonding between two people will be increasing but there will not be any clashes or issues. Love is endless. It is builds a relationship between two people with no differences in ages. We still unite to each other with our family; friends etc. with bonding of love one to another. Love can be felt. Here’s how many types of love that man understands.

There Are Different Types of Love Form Ancient Times:

So, what are the different types of love we are talking about? Love is same everywhere, but the level and intensity differ in each. Take a look.

1. Erotic Bond:

Sexual passion is considered as erotic bond. It is derived from Greek Eros. It was named after Greek fertility. It is represented as passion and desire. It means being of love, loving someone with an oppose draw sexuality. They use distinction between wanting a woman and wanting a particular woman which matches something classical for a rational man. It is a composition of angel and instinctual alley cat. This love is viewed as fiery and dangerous. They are appreciative of all pleasures.

2. Agape:

Agape is considered as love to everyone. It is most radical and selfless love. It was extended to all people, it means to family people, friends and even strangers also. It is called as caritas in Latin, which means charity.

This love serves to all regardless of changing circumstances. It is recognized as greatest of three different types of love. They are natural love, charitable love and love to god. Natural love will be never self- sufficient. It is universal love because this love is given and shown to all people in the world.

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3. Deep Friendship:

It is termed as second variety of love for Greeks. It is valued far more than the sexuality base of Eros. It was developed between brothers in arm who fought side by side on battlefield. It shows the loyalty they had one to each other. It sacrifices, shares the emotions one to another. It is seen most in friendship in present world.

4. Playful Love:

It is referred to the affection of love between children or younger generations. It can be tasted like flirting and teasing in early stages of relationship. Relation with strangers is a ludic activity which leads to substitute sex itself. In this major portion will be only lie. It is an uncommitted love.

5. Storage:

It is slow developing friendship love. It is seen mostly in the younger people. These may start at school or colleges. This not purely a committed ones, it has partial uncommitted and partial committed to each other. In they may or may not get to long term relationship.

6. Love Of The Self:

It is cleverly realized by the Greek. There were two types in it. One will be unhealthy variety associated with narcissism. In which they become self-obsessed and focused on personal fame and fortune. It is enhanced wider with capacity of love.

7. Affection:

Affection can be also called as attraction, infatuation and fondness. It is a disposition of rare state mind or body. It is often associated with feeling or type of love. It has given rise to number of branches of psychology and philosophy. Affection can be communicated through words, gestures or touches.

8. Human Bonding:

It is process of development of close interpersonal relationship. It will be mostly seen in families and friends. It is also developed in groups such as sporting teams. Bonding in interactive process, mutual is different from liking. It is the process of attachment which developed between romantic partners, close friends, parents and children. The bond will be characterized by emotions and trust. This types of love relationship drives family. Any two people who spend time with each other will bond to each other. In this male bond is characterized as the establishment of relationship between men through sharing the activities. Female bonding will leads to forming of close relationship between one another.

9. Conjugal Love:

Conjugal love is also called as companionate love. It is intimacy and commitment without passion. It is experienced by all people at one stage. A couple who experiences love for many years and not get married can experience conjugal love. Conjugal love can be said as the couple getting married after fifty years. In this manner conjugate love is illustrated.

10. Compassionate Love:

It is also called altruistic love. On this research took place since 1990s. It is closely related to construct unlimited love. It is distinct from compassion, romantic love and altruism.

11. Courtly Love:

Courtly love was seen in medieval European literacy conception. It is said as ladies perform various services and adventures because of their courtly love. This kind of love is originally seen in literacy fiction for entertainment of nobility. Loving nobly is considered as enriching and improving practice.
Courtly love began in the ducal and princely of Provence, champagne, Aquitaine, Norman kingdom of Sicily and ducal burgundy.

11. Falling in Love:

Falling love is the concept of moving from a feeling of neutrality towards a person to one of love. Factors which includes are mental, chemical and timing.

12. Free Love:

Free love is a social movement which rejects marriage and is seen as s form social and financial bondage. Free love movements initial goal to separate state from sexual matters such as birth control, adultery and marriage. It is claimed with such issues were concern of the people involved and no one else.

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13. Love Triangle:

A love triangle is also called as romantic triangle and romantic love triangle. It is usually a romantic relationship where three people will involve. It refers to two people independently romantically linked with a third, which implies three people have relationship with the other two individually. The relationships can be romantic, familal and friendships. The romantic triangle is formally identical to the friendship triad.

Two main forms of love triangle can be distinguished. It is rivalrous triangle where the love is competed with a rival for the love of beloved. Split object triangle where love has split attention with in two love objects.

14. Love At First Sight:

Love at first sight is a personal experience by an individual. It is a common trope in literature where an individual character, feels an instant, extreme which has ultimate long lasting romantic attraction on a stranger on first sight. It was well described by poets and critics in poetry, novels, and love stories. It is seen mostly in western friction.Isn’t this something we all have experienced?

15. Love Struck:

Love struck is experienced by an individual when love got stuck in their relation. The reason may be anything for the cease. Love struck means having physical and mental symptoms associated falling love. Love struck will experience when any reason will struck the emotion of an individual. It hits the emotion of a person and anything may happen. It depends on the person how they receive. Some will be easy going and some may take it heart. Love struck is experienced by an individual when they love the other person truly and accepts them.

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16. Lovesickness:

Lovesickness is seen in an individual when their love will struck. It describes the informal syndrome of rejected or absence of love covers physical and symptoms of mental also. Lovesickness leads a person to move under depression and this leads to health problems. The people will be like as they lost everything in their life.

17. Love Addiction:

Love addiction is proposed model of pathological passion related behavior which involves the feeling of being in love. It means people will be addicted through some reasons. It acts as person addicted to a drug.

18. Unrequited Love:

Unrequited love is also known as one sided love which is felt only by one person. The beloved will be not aware of person who admires. It will be strong romantic affection or rejected consciously. One side love will be experienced by almost all persons in their life. Because they admire the other person and it leads to the first sight of love at the stranger.

In love every type of love is inter related to one another in one way or the other. From birth of a person until death or after death every person will be loved by their loved ones. Love is a reflection of a mirror. It means how a person behaves with other the same will be experienced by the person from others.

  • Person expresses their love to others in multiple ways. They have their own style of expressing their love. Some of the ways to build realistic ways for the building of relationship.
  • They need to create a safe environment where they can trust to each other and share their feelings and opinions to one another without any fear.
  • They need to separate their feelings from facts. It means we need to see our partner clearly without any difference of feelings and facts.
  • We need to connect us with different parts present in the world. For example we are not solo instrument if any issues have occurred it is needed to ask the mind twice or thrice before taking decision.
  • Compassion is to be developed. It means observing ourselves with our partner.
  • Need to build thinking capacity as ‘I’ include the both person it means you and partner. Better to eradicate thinking about y you only. If it is understand by partner then the relationship will never face any clashes or may not lead to any issue.
  • Try to heal the emotional problems of their own. It is not good to heal individual’s emotions on others and asking them to face the same only.
  • Try to spend more time with you relations even in busy life. Share your feelings, thoughts and opinions to improve the relationship further.
  • Try to say bye for clashes which got already occurred, do not feel shy to compromise if anything occurs because the partner is mirror reflection us only. So, there is no chance of feeling shy in front of our partner.

It takes a lot to understand what are the different types of love.

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Some of The Tips To Express Love For The Beloved One Are As Followed:

  • Every person has unique way of expressing their love to others.
  • Some will express through the letters.
  • Some will dare to speak to partner directly and express their love.
  • Some say indirectly through social networking like mails, chats etc.
  • Some expresses through their nearby people of the partner.

Love which is eternal and a great gift of god. The one that will bring peace and harmony is love, peace being the second. All of us share a special bond with the people we are close to and that’s what makes love special and unique. You become ten times a better person when you receive and give love. Don’t you agree?