Makeups result in enhanced beauty and texture of the skin. This is highly reliable on the products that are being used. The proper use of appropriate tools and cosmetics can give a flawless appearance. Brushes turn out to be more important in making up the beauty. To our surprise brushes count more than a dozen in its variety and each of it has its own purpose. Good quality products can be used for better results. The quality of the products are based on the durability of the product and not the design or the beauty of it. The products can be chosen over the name of the brand, the quality of the product, the unique feature of it and so on. On proper usage and maintaining the life of the product could be extended. Cleaning the brushes at regular interval makes it more durable and keeps it free from contamination.

Tips to Choose Right Makeup Brushes

Check out these tips to choose the right brush for a flawless makeup finish:

  • Flawless appearance begins right from the selection of the product.
  • Each of the variety is specifically designed for its specific use and the improper use of it can cause some difficulty during application and may show minor differences than that of using the right ones.
  • To choose the right ones it’s is always essential to know about the different types of brushes and the brands. The quality of the bristles in the brush is more important than the color and the design.
  • The natural bristles have cuticles and that might trap make up at times whereas nylon bristles do not.
  • Natural bristled brushes are less likely to be durable but are advisable for very soft skin types.
  • Designer brushes may be eye catching but are not always guaranteed for a longer life.
  • The choice can be even made over the brands.
  • The brands that stand high in the market tend to be good in quality.

Types of Makeup Brushes:

Makeup brushes are in a good number of varieties and each has got its own purpose and usage. Proper usage and maintenance of each brush can improve the durability of the brush. Choosing the quality brushes is more likely associated with the quality of makeup.

1. Foundation Brush:

Foundation brushes lay the foundation for the makeup. The neatly applied foundation with no streaks is a good start for makeup. Good quality foundation brush can result in good and flawless finish. Foundation should be applied from the middle of the face and then in the edges.

2. Concealer Brush:

Concealer brushes can be used to apply concealer below the eyes. Nylon bristled concealer brushes give a neat look than the natural ones. The good quality brushes with soft bristles makes it streak free.

3. Stippling Brush:

Stippling brushes are used in highlighting. After applying foundation the highlighter can be used on the sides for a better finish. The professional finishing brushes are compatible with both liquid and cream. It can also be used for blending the mixture and highlighting the curves and sides of the face.

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4. Angled Blush Brush:

Angled blush brush can be used for a good sculpted look. The angular design makes it easier for application. The brush is designed with soft and natural bristles. The soft brush easily gives the fine and finished look. It also helps in contouring the facial features easily as it has soft and natural bristles.

5. Powder Brush:

Powdered brushes are generally wide and easy for application. It can be used for applying powder based cosmetics, say, foundations. More handy and comfortable for fine dusting. Used for professional finishing and for high definition results.

6. Angled Brush:

Angled brushes are easy to use as they are designed in angular way. Eyebrows are corrected with angular strokes. It is also used in angular strokes for highlighting the curves in the cheeks. Highlighting is done differently for different age groups. It can also be used in firmly distributing the colors.

7. Contour Brush:

Contour brushes leave strokes flawlessly on the cheeks, jawlines and nose. It is used in case of single strokes in the finishing of makeup. For a sculpted and highlighted look contour brushes can be used.

8. Highlight Fan Brush:

Highlight fan brushes are wide as the name suggests and are generally used in dusting excess powder from the eyes. Creases of nose and eyes are also corrected with the highlight fan brush. This is also used as the highlighter when slim strokes are to be drawn.

9. Eye Liner Brush:

Eyeliner brushes with thin and angled bristles makes it look pointed and easier for application. The long bristles are used to draw fine and long lines for catchy and highlighted eyes. The bended brushes makes the flow of strokes more easier.

10. Eye Shadow Brush:

Eye shadow brushes are soft and less wide. The soft and natural bristles gently lay perfect strokes and give a highlighted look. The soft bristles can also be used for leaving shaded strokes. It can also be used as a blender.

11. Lip Brush:

Lip brushes enhance the application of lip colors uniformly. The soft bristles leave gentle strokes on the lips. A good quality lip brush with natural bristles lays a perfect mark. The nylon bristles may be harsh with the lips hence natural bristled ones are more preferable.

12. Mascara Brush Or Spoolie :

Mascara brushes highlight the eyelashes and enhance the beauty of the eyes. Curved mascara brushes curl the eyelashes

13. Blush Brushes :

Blush brushes can be used to highlight the powders on the cheeks. Blush, face powder and finishing powders are dusted with blush brush. The soft bristles are helpful in applying gently on the cheeks and make it look more prominent.

14. Kabuki Brush:

Kabuki brushes are used to apply powdered cosmetics free on the face. Liquid based cosmetics may get trapped with the bristles whereas the powdered cosmetics are free flowing. It is designed in a way that it spreads evenly on the face and gives a natural finishing. Foundation, face powder and blush can be applied with kabuki brush.

Top 5 Makeup Brushes Brands

1. Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush:

Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt Brush is designed with a unique finish. The color and design makes it look catchier and, so is the quality of the brush. Wooden handle is designed in an easy to hold and use way. The soft and closely placed bristles help in applying powder based cosmetics. The brush is designed with the signature colors rose gold and night crimson.

2. NARS Ita Kabuki Brush :

NARS Ita Kabuki Brush is designed angularly for a free application of powder based cosmetics. Small and flat design makes it more controllable while applying powders and color. The brush is inspired by drama and artistry of Japan’s Kabuki Theater. The brush is also suitable for blending, contouring and highlighting.

3. Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush:

Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush is designed with ease and luxury to use and get to know it right from the first stroke of it. Natural bristled brush makes the application effortless and flawless. Soft and natural bristles blend with the creamy products and looks even on the skin. Long handle makes it more ease of use and comfortable.

4. Bobbi Brown Concealer Blending Brush:

Bobbi Brown Concealer Blending Brush is designed for a handier and comfort use. The less weighing feature makes it more comfortable. The soft bristles give a fine and finished look.

5. Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush:

Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brushes are designed for wider application and the bristles are made soft. The soft bristles and wide brush makes the application free for a large area. It is suitable for both body and face.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Cleaning the brushes regularly and properly makes it more durable. Intervals of cleaning the brushes can vary from one another. For instance eyeliner brushes should be cleaned twice in a week whereas foundation brushes can be cleaned once in a week. This not just improves the durability but the quality of makeup. Use luke warm water to clean the brushes as it might not make the bristles hard.

  • Hold the brushes in upright position for better cleaning.
  • It is advisable to use gentle shampoo or soap, baby shampoos and soaps are more likely to be gentle.
  • Dilute shampoo in luke warm water before using.
  • Pat dry the brushes in a cloth that is more absorbing
  • Do not use hair dryers to dry brushes.
  • Keep the brushes in a ventilated area to maintain the quality of the bristles.
  • Use oil to clean oil based makeup brushes and later use luke warm water and soap.

Some Extra Tips for Using Makeup Brushes

  • To maintain the shape of the brushes, it can be kept in flat brush cases.
  • Place the brushes in the upright position always.
  • Never leave the brushes in water for a long time.
  • Clean the brushes at regular intervals.
  • In case of makeup artists, brushes should be cleaned after every use.
  • It is advisable for makeup artists to use single use brushes.
  • It is not advisable to use the same brush for every cream or liquid.
  • Brushes should be shaped after every wash to maintain the shape for a long time.
  • To make the brushes disinfectant wash it in water mixed with vinegar.
  • Using hot water can reduce the life of the brushes.
  • Keep the brushes flat while drying.

Makeups are always fascinating both for the doer and the one who gets it done. Good makeup is a result of having used good quality cosmetics and brushes. Well made up men or women always tend to be more confident and seems more appealing, and this can only be accomplished only with the good collection of branded cosmetics and brushes.