We are sure you know what a massage is. But to be more specific, massage is a way of manipulating your tendons, soft tissues and muscles of the body, that is intended to be a relied therapy. Since a massage involves the muscles and tissues, it is usually done by an expert and trained individual, who knows the art of stroking, rubbing and moving the parts of your body in order to arrive at a remedy to your problem. The pressure that is usually applied to the body will vary from light to strong pressure, each depending on what issue of the body needs to be addressed. Massages are thus the sure way to shed those bags of tension and allow yourself to get immersed in some relief. Some massages are even done to get relief from frequent headache or cold.

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Massage Therapy Techniques for All Body Parts:

Take a look at the various massage techniques that are practiced by experts.

1. Kneading:

Kneading is best described by the part of the hand that is used to perform the massage. For example, thumb kneading and palm kneading are popular ones. The pressure varies according to the massage and what it seeks to accomplish. The rhythm and rate of massage is also crucial in the massage.

2. Trigger Point Therapy:

This kind of therapy is about the pressure that is applied to the muscle tissues. When a certain amount of pressure is applied, it relieves you of the pain and cures any dysfunction in your body. These trigger points are usually the hub of muscular hyperactivity that cross the acupuncture points.

3. Longitudinal Gliding:

This one may sound big, but it essentially is a massage in the direction of the blood flow. It also helps in fluid dispersion from any part of the body where an injury has taken place, thus reducing inflammation and swelling.

4. Compression Massage:

Compression massage is also known as rhythmic compression into the muscles. It is done to make a deep hyperaemia and will also soften the tissues. This one is more of a warm-up massage before doing any of the other massages.

Different Types of Massages in World:

Apart from these massage techniques, there are also types of massage methods that are practised. Take a look at these.

1. Swedish Massage:

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The most common method of all is the Swedish massage. It is the best one for relaxing, especially after a stressful and tiring week. The massage is light and is intended for absolute relaxation purpose. They involve longer and more fluid strokes that will provide a relaxed feel, creating a positive hormonal response. Studies have shown how a single Swedish massage reduces circulating cortisol, which is a stress hormone. It is particularly famous in Goa as there are a lot of experts available.

2. Deep Tissue Massage:

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Deep tissue massage helps fix the movement patterns, that involves going deep within a massage in order to release trigger points and thus improve mobility. The massage is not painful but can be quite uncomfortable. Only get this massage done under an expert. Deep tissue massage is best done in Kerala.

3. Rolfing:

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This one is a massage with a whole-body approach. It was developed by Ida Rolf. Therapists usually poke, push and knead your body to stimulate blood flow and better movement. They use a technique called Structural Integration which is a whole-body approach. The Indian state of Maharashtra has a lot of certified rolfing therapists who are trained.

4. Shiatsu:

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Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese, where the therapists use only the thumb, fingers and palm all over the body. They were applying varying pressure with an aim to heal and regenerate the body. Shiatsu is also known to improve your sleep cycle. Kochi, in the state of Kerala, offers excellent Shiatsu massage.

5. Sports Massage:

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Sports massage is used by athletes to prep them up or top even recover from any sporting event. It is done to prevent injuries, enhance flexibility. It will also improve overall athletic performance. However, even if you aren’t an athlete, you can still get one done as it will only treat muscle pain and improve your overall movement. The sports massage focuses on those set of muscles which the athlete is involved in thereby increasing the blood flow. Compression, faster strokes friction and pressure point therapy are some techniques employed by the expert.

6. Reflexology:

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This one is not really a massage, but a practice that applies pressure on the reflex zones of your feet, your hands and the outer ear. These parts relate to other specific organs of your and even the glands. When these parts are stimulated with finger pressure, it helps in better health of those connected organs and also the glands that is stimulated via the energy pathways. Trust on Kerala for this!

7. Cranial Sacral Therapy:

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CST or Cranial Sacral therapy is a type of massage that is a bodywork intended to relieve compression of the bones of the head, sacrum, which is a triangular bone in the lower back, and spinal column. It only applies gentle pressure on the head, neck and back in order to relieve the compression that is caused and also the resultant pain. It can be done by people of all ages and mainly as a treatment for migraine, constipation, headache, sinus, neck pain and disturbed sleep cycles and insomnia. This massage is a famous and experts are found mainly in Delhi and Gurgaon.

8. Prenatal Massage:

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This one is a regular kind of massage which helps in relaxing the tense muscles, ease soar spots, improve circulation and mobility. The techniques employed change according to the needs of the carrying mother and what is apt for her at that stage. It relaxes the ligaments. It is known to improve the mood and pregnancy depression that commonly grips women during her pregnancy. There are a couple of well-trained experts at Hyderabad, who provide outstanding service.

9. Geriatric Massage:

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Here is a good massage for the elderly and ageing people. It is specifically designed to meet their needs, where the hands are used to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. This will improve the overall circulation, relieve pain and also improve the range of motion. It will also help to maintain their overall health as they age. Any leading spa in a metro city will help you with this.

10. Aromatherapy Massage:

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This one is more like the Swedish massage, but with scented oils and odour. The essential oils are a good way to promote relaxation and relieve you from stress. They have high healing power. Lavender oils help in relaxing, while rose oils will calm and soothe your mind. This soothing effect can heal your headache, insomnia and other digestive disorders. They are best done when in Goa or Kerala. The states offer a wide variety of aromatherapy massages with genuine scented oils.

11. Hot Stone Massage:

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The hot stone massage is another kind of massage that is meant to relax also loosen the tense muscles. What happens in the massage is that the body is subjected to smooth and flat heated stones on specific parts of the body. The stones contain basalt that is known well to hold heat. These stones can be placed on the stomach, chest, spine, face or feet. They may use long stokes, circular movements, vibration or even kneading to meet the particular treatment. It significantly reduces depression and relaxes your body by improving blood flow to the affected area. Hot stone massages are famous in Udaipur.

12. Thai Massage:

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The often-heard massage next to Swedish massage is the Thai massage. It uses pressure points, muscle stretching and even compression in a rhythmic motion. The hand, feet and elbow are used by the therapist when doing the massage. It uses no oils and takes the energy points of the body for the massage to achieve the results. It improves overall circulation and reduces the stress level of the individual. Hyderabad has excellent centres for Thai massage. States like Goa and Kerala also provide good Thai massage.

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13. Reiki Massage:

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Reiki is more of natural healing of the body that focuses on body energy. Reiki helps the body release tension by focussing on the pathways called chakra, meridian and Nadi. These are the pathways through which life flows. It heals by flowing through these affected energy parts. You need to get this done once in your lifetime to actually experience the pleasure of a massage. Reiki is usually done in Kerala, but mostly outside India.

How Many Types of Massage in India and Where They Do:

Here is a Complete guide to where you can find the best massage centres in India.

1. Somatheeram Ayurveda resort, Kerala:

Located in the South of Kovalam in Trivandrum, the place is known for extensive sessions of massages. They have ayurvedic packages that are aimed at curing paralysis and other nervous disorders. Each of the session lasts for about 60-90 minutes for 7 to 21 days. Best forms of yoga intended for your purpose is also included in the package. Their ayurvedic treatments have been medically proven to be effective. Expect only the best here.

2. Devaaya:

This is an Ayurvedic and Nature cure centre in Goa, that takes naturopathy seriously. Treatments go hand in hand with yoga, meditation and music. Lifestyle correction and diet planning are other benefits offered here. The centre revolves around the Vishnu Shastra, adding harmony to your overall experience. If you thought Goa was all about party hopping and drinks, it is time you experience this.

3. Ananda, Himalayas:

Amidst the towering Himalayas is a place that offers a blissful rejuvenation process helping you heal through Ayurveda and aromatherapy. European and Thai treatments are offered there. They use less oil and more of slow massages with a regularised diet plan to complete your healing process. Sip in some health tea while you get immersed in the breathtaking view of the mountains.

4. The Leela, Udaipur:

Known as the city of lakes and palaces, Udaipur offers fine ayurvedic healing treatments and massages. They specialize in hot stone massages, facials, yoga and meditation. Spa tents and haveli style architecture is a treat to the eyes and will help in relaxing and letting go of the negativity of life. Indulge in some good music and simply focus on washing away your pains.

5. Kairali Ayurvedic Health village:

Another one from Kerala, this one is located in Palakkad. Built around the reaping the benefits from Ayurveda, the centre offers remedies from herbal plants. They also have around 20 centres abroad, and 25 centres across India. Experience the goodness of living a tension free and healthy life in the Western Ghats that is picturesque.

Massages are an effective way to treat many of the body pains. They not only provide you with ample relaxation but also help in better blood flow and increase the immunity of the body. A good massage is also performed with varying degrees of pressure which always has to be performed by an expert. So, what are you waiting for? Immerse and experience the benefits of a good massage this weekend. We are sure you’ll love it!


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