Nose Piercings! It is the new trend among millennial women. They are considered an easy contemporary aesthetic to uplift one’s appearance and style. There are several types of nose piercings, from traditional looks that are prominent in a few cultures and communities to modern-day appearances that go against mainstream beauty standards!

Whatever the different types of nose piercings may be about, they are perfect to uplift one’s creative style statement and edgy contemporary looks. Are you too interested in doing nose piercings but confused about how and where? We will definitely help you!

10 Best Nose Spots to Get a Piercing (Sides, Top, Upper, Lower):

Let us now go ahead and check out all about the different kinds of nose piercings options that are trending around us today. Remember, depending on the type and place of nose piercing, you have different pain thresholds, healing level mechanisms, and jewelry options to wear. As creative as they can get looking fun, it is also crucial to style and take care of them right! So here we go now to learn all about them!

1. High Nostril Piercing:

This looks similar to the nostril piercing, however as the name suggests, it placed a bit higher than usual. It sits above typical piercing and looks good with feminine effects. Studs, pins, screws, L-shaped pins are perfect to style this kind of piercing.

2. Austin Bar Piercing:

The Austin bar piercing is creative and unique. It looks similar to a bridge kind of piercing that goes straight further down on the nose. There are studs on both sides, with a bar connecting on both sides. These don’t penetrate inside nostrils, stay outside, and are pretty uncommon to sight too. For the best styling and looks, straight barbells are ideal nose jewelry for this kind of piercing.

3. Bridge Piercing:

As the name suggests, the bridge piercing is something where it goes right from the bridge of the nose. They are also otherwise called surface piercings. Given the location of the piercing, it is highly risky as it may be suspected of infections or migraine issues. However, it can also look unique and super unforgettable when styled with nose piercing jewelry types such as short and curved barbells.

4. Nostril Piercing:

Now, this is among the world popular and famous nostril piercings types. It is a normal nostril piercing that enters through the nostril area. Although it is versatile, one can style the piercing with any nose jewelry of choice, as it almost suits every type. Compared to other piercings, the pain threshold is also low here.

5. Multiple Nostril Piercings:

This same side double nose piercing is a mixture of both regular nostril and high nostril piercings. It is relatively less painful and easy to do and is versatile in styling options and jewelry ideas. Right from studs and screws to rings, the multiple nostril piercings can be worked very well with a combination of different looks for women. This two nose piercings on one side are among the most common looks that are upcoming these days in modern women’s circles.

6. Nasallang Piercing:

The nasallang piercing looks very similar to the bar piercing we discussed above. However, it is located in the lower section, which runs between the nostrils and the septum. Hence, it is a combination of bridge and bar piercing looks-wise. Given the complexity of the piercing, it is painful, takes time to heal. The needle should be pushed in multiple layers and can take quite many months to heal. Studs and bars both look good in this kind of piercing.

7. Septum Nose Piercing:

The septum piercing is also known as bull piercing. It goes through the center of the nose, which looks like a thin membrane between both the nostrils. It is a common trend among both boys and girls, can be styled beautifully through bars, rings, and studded horseshoes jewelry. This septum piercings on different nose shapes indeed are beautiful.

8. Rhino Piercing:

The rhino piercing is a very new and stylish contemporary piece of styling idea. Here, the piercing goes from the tip of the nose to the skin near the septum. It is done vertically near the center of the nose tip. It is uncommonly observed compared to other types and kinds of piercing. However, it is observed in certain communities in and around Africa.

9. Septril Piercing:

We also have a septril piercing, which combines both the types of piercing mentioned above: Rhino and septum. It comes from the middle nose and is quite tricky to achieve. Therefore, it’s always recommended to get septril piercings from an expert professional. Although it takes skill and patience to withhold pain and time, it is unique and beautiful to try out.

10. Third Eye-Piercing:

This is quite a trending type of piercing these days. But, as the name here suggests, you may have even guessed by now! This one looks similar to having a third eye, which goes till the forehead and the nose’s bridge. However, it is a complex procedure worth it if you have an eye for bold fashion and creative appearances.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these lovely types of nose piercings that are trending around us around the globe. Let us know which of the style is your favorite and contemplate getting any new nose piercing kind. We love to hear from you!


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