Ovens are a great kitchen essential to help and aid us in practical day-to-day life tasks. They make our life simpler, right from helping in reheating to simple grilling, baking delicious dishes, or making various recipes in quick time. But, if you are thinking to purchase an oven, you may be confused about different types of ovens! The market is loaded with types and variants of oven appliances, and it may get challenging to narrow down which to buy. That is where we come to aid you!

Today, we will give you a glimpse of different kinds of ovens, and accordingly, you can choose the best type as per your utility and requirements. So, let’s check them out.

Different Types of Ovens Names and Their Uses for Home:

Let us go ahead and check out and explore the varieties of ovens present around us. According to your uses, we have several types, and you can pick the right and perfect one according to you!

1. The Conventional Ovens:

Conventional ovens have stationary heat, rising from the bottom. Therefore, it can be both gas or electricity-wise energy consumption. However, this is a prevalent piece of the oven preferred by individuals who are constructing their residences. It is usually the oven that is inbuilt into the kitchens or can come as a part of the kitchen range. It is unmovable and at a place and is ideal if you like to save space and settle in the kitchen range.

2. Convection Ovens:

These are the most common kind of ovens we often see these days. The convection ovens use a fan that helps and aids in air circulation in and around the oven, and in turn, helps in cooking, and heating the food evenly. The conventions use lesser power and take lesser time than the other ovens. As a result, they are more consistent and are the perfect choice for baking. Whether for cakes and bread or pastries and pizza, convection indeed is the ideal choice. This is the ideal type of oven for baking.

3. Microwave Oven:

Microwave ovens are ideally used and helpful for heating purposes. Whether for reheating or defrosting and similar uses, microwave ovens work by using radio waves. They are super quick for heating food. However, they are sub-par when it comes to cooking help. In terms of cooking, they may not give you crispy recipes neatly. However, these also help in making recipes that require easy cooking and simple heating techniques.

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4. Microwave and Convection Oven:

Do you know, some ovens have both microwave and convection properties too? These are the trendiest things right now, and everyone prefers mostly this kind of oven. As you can understand, this automatically means helps to both heat and defrost the food items and work for baking and similar recipes. You have different options to choose from, and you can select which format you would require at that particular time of cooking.

5. OTG:

The OTGs, also called Oven Toaster Grills, are also the most popular choice in several households. These come with much cheaper and in-budget affordable options and are helpful too. The OTGs use the old-fashioned technique for cooking, by the filament coil that helps cook and heat. As the name suggests, these ovens allow grill food, toasting, and even simple baking techniques. You can also bake cakes and pastries in the OTGs. However, we bet the convections are much ideal and better choice than even cooking and taste.

6. Steam Ovens:

Most of you wouldn’t have come across steam ovens. As the name suggests and implies, steam ovens are the speciality and particular types that only help steam food. The steam ovens can be installed with the kitchen range and equipment or even be brought on the countertop. These appliances are helpful significantly to steam vegetables and other meat, which is quick and easy and retains all the nutrients and vitamins that may be lost during cooking. But unfortunately, these aren’t present in the market heavily and are only available with a few brands in a few select countries.

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7. Cook and Hold Oven:

Most of us may not find this kind of oven anymore. However, they still exist in some markets. As they called it, the cook-and-hold oven is the perfect one to slow cooker recipes and food. They keep the food safe, and aid to work on ideal temperatures for slow cooking throughout. Overall, you even get a holding cabinet for the finished food recipe. Ideally, the cook-and-hold ovens are perfect for meat roasting, dough proofing, and vegetables.

8. Rotisserie Oven:

If you love roasting meat and like adventure-based food recipes cooked on inspiration from the wild, the rotisserie oven is the best. These come under the specialized oven category for roasting substantial and huge portions of meat at once. In addition, there comes a spit inside the oven that helps as a heating element uniformly, as it rotates around in cooking.

9. Deck Ovens:

You might most probably be finding deck ovens in shops, restaurants, and small cafes. Deck ovens come with large stone shelves that are heated during the process of cooking. This heating element is used for the baking and cooking process and is predominantly helpful, especially in pizzerias and other baking recipes.

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10. Conveyor Oven:

As the name suggests, the conveyor oven works in the form of a conveyor belt that goes across the appliance. These oven types are perfect for casual restaurants and cafes for fast cooking and large quantities of meat and vegetables. As many say, the conveyor ovens technically reduce the cooking time by at least 25 percent. They also help to retain the moisture in the food surface and appear crispy and fluffy. As a result, the oven is perfect for sandwiches, pizzas, toast, panini, and hot dogs.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these several different kinds and types of ovens present in the market. According to your needs and requirements, it is always the ideal choice to research and pick the right and preferred one. Ovens are special kitchen equipment that can make our life easier by getting the most delicacies. So, what do you think about them? Let us know your thoughts too!


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