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25 Different Types of Panties for Women

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Panties are worn by most modern women from every corner of the world. Women have understood that panties protect their delicate parts of their body. Also, mothers insist their daughters to wear panties to be hygienic.

Different Types of Panties for Women

Hence, panties are essential part of clothing. Even though, panties are not exposed to public, there is fashion for them too. Thus there are many designs, styles and different types of panties to choose from. Here are top 25 types of panties:

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Different Types of Panties:

Look at top 25 ladies panties types of various models which are very comfortable.

1. Boy Shorts Style:

Boy Shorts Style

This item was made similar to the men’s briefs. These panties are rectangular on the thighs. This item has low cut legs and be used under fitted clothes. This particular item is made of lacy material. Pink in front and back material. Both sides of pink material, there is black mesh lace bordered with black elasticity. This panty can be used under lounge wear and swim wear.

2. Calvin Klein Boy shorts:

This item resembles boy’s shorts. It has low waist, covers front and back body parts considerably well. Bottom edges end near upper thighs.The material used for making the panties is black. The Company logo – CALVIN KLEIN is in front. This logo is written in white bordering the black colour. The cut of the panty is very comfortable even though it is hip-hugging boys-shorts style. This pair can be worn to the gym. Also this can be used during running and jogging especially by women who are into sports.

3. Hanky Panky V- Front Boys short:

Hanky PankyV- front boys short

Style of this item is known as boys short. This is because the front is not made of distinguished triangle. Also, one cannot make out the material at the back. Full panty is designed with one continuous material. This panty is made with white net and self- coloured floral lace embroidery. As a result, this panty looks very Victorian. Ladies and women can wear this with dresses, skirts for any occasion.

4. Classic Briefs:

Classic briefs

This item is a pretty pink panty. There is a self-floral design in the central piece of the material. The either sides of the material are absolutely plain. Elegance of design of this panty is implicitly. The panty looks soberly designed covering mostly and having a high waist band. Panty looks extremely comfortable to use. The panty is well known as Granny Panties. These panties can be worn with jeans.

5. Regular Panties Lovable -3:

Regular Panties Lovable -3

This item is available in a set of three. These are regular panties for everyday use. These are pure cotton floral printed panties. Colours include sky blue, pink and purple. Purple ones have white and orange flowers. They have black elastic borders.

6. French Cut Panties:

French cut panties

This item is black in colour with a black border made of lace on top. The panty reaches above the waist. The panty is cut in the lower region near widest thigh area. Hence, these parts are not covered. Since this panty type is commonly available, ladies often use it all their lives. The panty can be worn on a regular basis with high waist, skirt and dress.

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7. Hipster:


This item is royal blue in colour. The front and back material covering the private parts are held by strings. There are two matching strings crossing over above the front sold material. On either side, there are three strings from front and three from the back. These are elastic strings so they h they hold the materials well. The design is known as hip- huggers because the waist band is on the hips. Also, the panties have low cut leg while they sit below the waist. However, this panty is very comfortable. The panty can be used with jeans and skirts.

8. Hipster Bikini:

Hipster bikini

This item is a Scarlett blue styled hipster bikini styled panty. The panty is made of dark blue lacy material. There is a white bow on the bikini panty. Also, there is a narrow band that is connecting the triangular front to the back. In these bikini styles, the material at the back covers the bottom quite well.

9. Thongs:


This item is pretty peach pink coloured and transparent. The middle are has cut embroidery of two big red roses. Matching peach pink thin bands are present on either side for holding main materials. The style looks very sexy because the panty is about three inches below the waist. Panty does not cover much at the back. However, the front is covered with a triangular patch. Sides of the panty are on the hip bone. Thongs are fascinating when women and ladies go on their honeymoon. This panty can also be worn with special dresses and skirts.

10. Strappy Crotch Less Panty:

Strappy crotch less panty

This item is made of black lace, black elastic material and black triangular piece of cloth. There are a few small brass coloured rings to add to the style. At the back there are two stings. Each of these strings goes over each cheek of the butt. On the lower waist, there are five elastic strings for holding the panty. These five strings meet on either sides of the triangular black cloth. This panty is so sexy that any woman or lady can use this to entice her lover.

11. G String:

G string

This item is made of black triangular material with a bow covering the front. Matching this bow, thin orange rib bonshold the panty. At the back, there is not much material covering the butt area. Front and back materials are directly joined to the small string waistband. Material sits in the area between the two cheeks. This G string covers the bare minimum. Ladies and women can wear these panties with beach wear and sun-bathing wear.

12. C-string:


This item is royal blue in colour. The shape of the panty is C-shape and hence the name. This panty has no strings, covers the bare minimum. It simply clamps around the required private areas. Front is covered but the butt is absolutely exposed. Thus, the panty is very sexy and charming. This panty is actually the new age swimwear in bikini form. Women and ladies can wear this panty as beach wear for swimwear, sunbathing and lounging.

13. Control Briefs:

Control Briefs

This item is made of material that has leopard skin prints. The panty has high hips lot above the waist. The panty is a good control brief. The panty has an elastic line. The upper part reaches up to the navel. This panty is comfortable and helps to tuck in the stomach for a smoother look. Best time to wear this panty is after pregnancy. Also, this may be worn with skirts or dresses.

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14. Skin shorts:

Skin shorts

This item is tan coloured. Interesting it is made of soft elastic material. The panty covers the abdomen region and can be pulled near the navel. The lower region reaches past the upper thighs well into the middle of the thighs. The panty is very comfortable. Also, since the abdomen can be tucked in, it is good for women post pregnancy.

15. Tanga wear:

Tanga wear

This item is made of transparent pink material. On the front triangular section there are embroidered darker pink and sky blue roses. Pink bands are present on either side having elastic borders to hold the panty. The style of these panties is very European. The covering is very sensible. The back cover is more than thong but less than bikini. This panty can be worn by women and ladies as beachwear, swimwear and lounge wear.

16. Lace Detailed Panty:

Lace detailed panty

The style of the panty is bikini that means the front is well coloured with triangular cloth and the back is also well covered. This item is pink in colour with pink coloured lace work. Also, there is a pink coloured bow. This panty can be used with dresses and skirts.

17. Jockey Peach Blossom Bikini:

Jockey peach blossom bikini

This style is bikini panty. Hence, front triangular and back material cover the essential parts of the body. The front and back are connected to each other through a narrow band. Other characteristics of this item include – it is way below the naval and the legs are cut high above the thighs. This Jockey bikini can be used by women and ladies with jeans, dresses and skirts.

18. Scarlet Kiss:

Scarlet Kiss

This item is also a bikini that has to be tied on two sides with black strings. The front triangular and back material is scarlet red in colour. There is a black net design at the centre of both front triangle and back cloth. Also, the border is made of matching black coloured elastic. This bikini styled panty can be used with dress, skirt, jeans, beachwear and swimwear.

19. Red Brazil:

Red Brazil

This item is in Brazilian bikini style. The material used is scarlet lacy with solid red colour. There are two broad lacy and wavy bands. These connect the top middle of the front triangular material with the back material.

20. Regular Brazilian Cut Brazilian Brief:

Regular Brazilian Cut Brazilian Brief

This item is wonderful, multi -coloured with more shades of blue. There are six strings on either side. All the strings and front triangular material blend very well. This panty is an example of a typical Brazilian bikini. The design covers the essential parts of the body. Women and Ladies look attractive and glamorous. This panty can be worn as swimwear and beachwear.

21. One Side Knot Brazilian Brief:

One Side Knot Brazilian Brief

This item is very attractive in sky blue colour. Front and back pieces of material cover the essential parts of body. They are connected to a blue ribbon. The ends of the ribbon can be tied in a single on the right hip bone. This style of panty is also another Brazilian style. Women and ladies look sensational and gorgeous in this panty. This can be worn as swimwear and beachwear.

22. Two side Knot Brazilian Brief:

Two side Knot Brazilian Brief

This item has burgundy colour as base with crochet designs of various hues. Clearly, front triangular material has circular crochet work with alternating pink thread work. Colours of the crochet include orange, pink and blue. The front material is held together by three burgundy coloured strings. These strings are connected to form a single string from front and one from back. The ends meet on either side of the hip bones where they can be tied on either side.Also, the main strings have matching pink tassels that add to the style. This panty is also a Brazilian bikini. Ladies and women look elegant and sophisticated. This panty can be worn as swimwear and beachwear.

23. Tease High:

Tease high

This panty was designed by Calvin Klein. The style of the party is very similar to Hipster brief. However, the panty is unusually long reaching near the navel. The printed material looks like the skin of the leopard. Between the lower portion and top broad band of say two inches there is a centimeter of open cut or space. The upper band and lower portion are joined together with narrow bands. There are brown elastic and black border.  This can be used during fashion while using dress or skirt.

24. Features Hipster Briefs:

Features Hipster briefs

This item is made in throng style but it has features of hipster. The material used for this panty is yellow coloured net in the front and back regions. The panty covers the essential parts of the body well.In the front triangular material, there is delicate embroidery with white and yellow coloured thread. This panty can be used by women and ladies with dress, skirt, jeans.

25. Tap Pants:

Tap pants

This item is made of navy blue silk and lace. The upper portion is plain. The lower portion near the thighs ends with two to three inches of lace with wavy endings. These panties are shorter the other pants. The style of the panty looks like French shorts having waist covering back and pelvis. This panty can be worn as dance shorts, nightwear, and leisure wear by ladies and women.

After going through this article one can conclude that many options are available. Here, Any woman or lady can select from different types of panties.