The pen is one common and much-needed instrument that is used for writing or drawing. Pens have been the most popular choice amongst people for expressing their thoughts and portraying their emotions. It had become possible to retain and communicate the relevant knowledge and information in the best form using pens only.

The history of the pen has seen many changes in its formation to be finally evolved as the best pens available today. It is believed that the first pen was invented by some ancient Egyptians. In the beginning, people used quill pens as a medium to write and pass information. Over time, there have been many varieties the types of pens, and most of them have been loved by the people.

Different Types of Pens Names and Images

The different types of pens are as follow that suits all the men and ladies:

1. Quill Pen:

These pens can be visualized as the beginning of the pens for the use of humans. The quill pen was a pen which is made using the flight feather of a large bird. These pens were so made that they made the perfect replacement for the reed pens used before these pens. Unlike the reed pens, these pens had a longer life and also delivered ease of use.

These pens had split nib and worked using the concept of capillary action and gravity. These pens made their debut in the market in between the 6th and 19th centuries and instantly became the most important and the most popular writing tool at that time. You can also find some of these pens with the older generation, but these are not often used in the present time.

2. Dip Pen:

These pens are very similar to that of quill pens, but they have a metal nib and a handle to make them more comfortable. It could be said as an extension of quill pens. The dip pen came into the market in the19th century and became an instant hit amongst the users. As soon as these pens were introduced in the market, they replaced the quill pens in the best possible manner.

These pens have to be dipped in the inkpot before writing, and this is what their name represents. Right after their introduction, these pens were used only for writing and were listed in the category of professional pens. These pens are now used basically for calligraphy, comics, and illustrations.

3. Fountain Pen:

Considering the craze and popularity of ink pens amongst Indian users, the pen production companies came with the idea of a fountain pen. These pens were a step ahead of the basic quill pens and dip pens in all aspects. It won’t be wrong to say that the fountain pens took the concept of ink pens to another level.

These pens were so designed that they have their ink reservoir. These pens have a nib just like the dip pens but use the concept of ink reservoirs for using the ink in that. The first working model of this pen came on the market in the 19th century. These pens are still running hard in the market and still are the favourites of many users.

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4. Ballpoint Pen:

The first ballpoint pen came into existence in the year 1988. However, the early pen models had some issues and were not gradually accepted by the people. It was later that many improvements were made in its design, and made that the pen got a boost. The new and advanced better model of the ballpoint pen then was launched in 1938 and was a hit amongst the users.

There are many different types of ballpoint pens available in the market. Each of the pens has something or the other unique feature in them. The ink of the ballpoint pen dries immediately after coming in contact with the paper. These pens are available both as expensive and affordable ones.

5. Rollerball Pen:

These pens are similar to that of ballpoint pens but make use of liquid gel for writing. The rollerball pen has smooth tips and thus delivers a smoother and better writing experience. The body of these pens is lightweight, which further enhances the popularity of these pens. These pens are most popular amongst men as they match their personality and leave an impact on the other person.

The water-based ink dries more quickly and thus doesn’t leave a stain on the paper. These pens were designed to deliver the convenience of a ballpoint pen with a better and more easy to use body design. It is very easy and comfortable to hold these pens and use them for writing and expressing their thoughts.

6. Felt-Tip Pens:

The felt pen with its porous tips is also called a marker. The functionality of each marker defines the ink of the individual markers. The market is full of different types of felt pens, and each one has its own specialities. These pens were so designed that they can be used as sketch pens for kids as well as can be used on the whiteboard. You can easily find the markers with either permanent ink or non-permanent ink.

These colourful pens also make the best option for gifting someone, especially for the kids. These pens, which have the thinnest tips, are most commonly used for drawing, sketching, and writing. The pens with the widest tips are used on the whiteboards.

7. Gel Pens:

The gel pens are the ones ruling the market and the hearts of the users right after their launch. These pens are one of the most preferred pens used by the ladies as these deliver the best of writing along with the needed smoothness. These pens are so designed that they take advantage of both oil-based ink and water-based ink.

You can also find different gel pens in varying colours. With the development time, you can now find many mini gel pens that are quite hit amongst the users. The most common gel pens are in the colour of black pens, pink pens, green pens, etc. These pens are also the one that is used as office pens by offering maximum comfort and convenience.

8. Space Pen:

Space pen is a special type of ball pen that is designed with the best features to modify and advance the existing ballpoint pen. These pens are so that they have a pressurized reservoir for the proper usage of ink along with being hermetically closed. These pens can be categorized as luxury pens and are used by some people as their office pens.

The most attractive thing about this pen is the fact that these pens can write at any angle and also when no gravity is present. Moreover, to make this pen better, this pen has been so designed that they can be used for writing even under the water.

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Top 10 Pen Brands in India:

Writing is one of the most common needs that we all have. Good handwriting is the essential advantage that most of the users expect from expensive pens. Also, one can expect good writing by choosing their pens from the top brands. Although the brands don’t necessarily mean a good pen, they certainly give the needed assurance to the users about the quality.

If you, too, are one of those who prefer using brand pens over the others, then here are the names of the top brands that make some nice pens. Have a look:

1. Cello:

This brand is one of the popular pen procedures in India, which was launched in the year 1995. You can find a large variety in cello pens available at different affordable prices starting from Rs.5. Over the years, the brand has become one of the favourite choices of the younger as well as the older generation. One of the greatest advantages of this pen is the smooth writing that it delivers to its users.

2. Reynolds:

This is yet another well-known brand producing some affordable pens for different types of users. Reynolds has been quite popular amongst the users by delivering the finest and the most affordable pens that represent luxury. It is one of the most trusted brand names in India, which is used by most of the professional users as well.

3. Parker:

1888 began with the introduction of one of the most luxurious pens, called the parker pen. This brand is not only famous in India but is also one of the best brands that are famous worldwide. This pen is one of the most trusted pens for men that define style along with the symbol of charm. These pens are not only good for holding, but they also deliver the best handwriting.

4. Papermate:

Papermate is one of the brands that are popular amongst almost all kinds of users. The affordable Papermate pens are suited best for the students as well as for the professionals. These pens can be easily found in the market with a price range that suits all types of users. You can get 11 different categories in this brand, and thus you can be sure of getting the best luxury.

5. Waterman:

The pens under the brand of waterman can be the perfect gift for your loved ones. It won’t be wrong to call the waterman pens as the perfect combination of luxury, style, and comfort. If you are using this pen, you would surely leave an impact on other people. The comfort that these pens deliver is simply unmatched with any other brand. You can also buy these pens online along with offline availability.

6. Mont Blanc:

This brand of pen production came on the market in the year 1906. The Mont Blanc pens are truly a symbol of luxury and class. They also offer the best-in-class features that represent the distinguished presence amongst its users. It is one of the best-selling pen brands in the entire world. These pens are although falls on the higher price pens and are available for INR 1,488.

7. Pierre Cardin:

Without a doubt, Pierre Cardin pens are just the best. The brand is all about developing just the class pens, which are unmatched with their quality and comfort. These pens are very popular amongst the men working in the corporate industries. These not only deliver the needed quality in writing but are the best when it comes to looks. They truly are a masterpiece in the manufacturers of the pen.

8. Pilot:

The pilot pen is one of the oldest pens that are still ruling the market. This Japanese company started with pen production in the year 1918 and now it has become one of the most trusted names in the market. You can find several varieties in their pen and can choose the one according to your choice and personality. This brand makes both pens for men and ladies pens.

9. Zebra:

Zebra started with pen production in the year 1982. The pens were largely accepted by the people and are being used till now. The zebra pens are quite comfortable with the quality and writing comfort. These pens are also affordable for all types of users and are one of the top choices of students and other professional users. The high-quality designs of the pens are also one of the other factors that make these pens popular amongst users.

10. Sharpie:

The brand actually started its journey as a single permanent marker manufacturer and later developed itself in various other categories. Today, a wide variety of sharpie pens can be found in the market that is of the perfect quality. These pens offer several tips to their users and thus stand distinguished from the other names in the market.

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Types of Metal Used to Make a Pen:

Along with the variety of different pens, you can also find some great variety in the materials with which these pens are formed. Be it a designer pen or a mini pen, each of them is made using different metals for giving them the desired attraction.

Here are some of the most common yet popular metals that are used for making the best pens:

  • Wood
  • Polystyrene plastic
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel

Precious metals like gold, silver, etc. are also used for expensive pens

The different metals used for making these pens make every pen unique from the others in terms of its style and comfort.

Additional Tips for Choosing the Right Pen:

The different types of pens often make it difficult for people to choose the right and best pen for them. All the brands regularly launch their beautiful pens to attract users. Thus, if you are looking for some tips for choosing the stylish, unique yet professional pen for you, here are some of the tips for the same:

  1. Don’t just run after brands. Sometimes, you may find good pens beside the known popular brands.
  2. Remember to define your budget while you are in the mood to select a designer pen for you.
  3. Choose those fine writing pens that satisfy your priority.
  4. No matter if you are choosing the cute pens but make it a point to be sure of their grips
  5. Always remember to choose comfort over your desire for a stylish pen

The pen is the tongue of the mind, and you certainly would want to choose only the quality pens for you. Isn’t it? Further, it is said, if you want to change the world, pick up the top pens and write. Let the different cool pens make you cooler just by being in your hands.

Do comment below about the pen you like the most. Also, let us know the story or memory that you share with that pen. We would love to hear about your love for the unique pens.


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