Pigeons in several countries and states are popular to be the best choice among pets for many. Do you know the reason? For centuries, Pigeons are equated with being something magical – besides their beauty outside; they are known to be loyal, resilient, and friendly. We all already know Pigeons are famous as messenger carriers of letters and notes before the onset of the internet and telephones. But besides the general knowledge, what else do you know about Pigeons around the world?

These birds are quite adaptable and can live in all continents and countries. They have made the entire planet their home. People across cultures define Pigeon in several ways – Most people also equate Pigeons to the symbol of love and peace. But besides these, these birds are also seen as a symbol of sacrifice, social, dream, kindness, and understanding. Today, let us get ahead and discover some of the interesting facts and unknown news about a few best pigeons in the world.

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30 Types of  Pigeons (Kabootar):

Also known as kabootar/kabutar in India, Pigeons have a long history of association with humans from over 5000 years. They have occupied and marked their presence in several countries, continents and regions, which includes both the countryside and cities. They were popular not just with individuals but also were with breeders, athletes, and even are used during wars.

There are mainly two types of pigeons across the globe, namely domestic pigeon and feral pigeon. While domestic pigeons are mostly as hobby or food, one can find feral pigeons near urban and wild settings. They are wild birds that should be left by themselves and are adapted to live in different surroundings.
Today, we will give you some exciting facts on the top 30 types of Pigeons breeds and species across the globe with their pictures.

1. Tippler Pigeon:

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Tippler pigeon, which is in the category of domestic pigeon breeds have originated around 1845. It is crossbred between Homing and Cumulet pigeon. They are mostly developed to participate in competitions. They are well trained, intelligent and known for their strength.

  • Breed name: Tippler – no exact origin of the breed known
  • Cost: 10-20 pounds
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Excellent; even up to 20 hours
  • Colour: Many
  • Use: Exhibitions; competitions

2. Jacobin Pigeon:

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This Asiatic pigeon is under a fancy type of bird, which only has selective breeding. Popular for its appearance with a feathered hood over the head area, it is descendant of rock pigeon. This is one of the oldest pigeon breeds, where the head is hidden with six feathers giving the fluffy appearance and with bare legs. This elegant bird is as old as from the 1500s.

  • Breed name: Jacobin
  • Cost: Around $100
  • Origin: India
  • Size: Small to medium
  • Flying range: Average
  • Color: Blue, black, yellow, silver and white
  • Use: Exhibitions

3. Roller Pigeon:

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The roller pigeon is another type of fancy pigeon which was developed with selective breeding techniques. It is a domesticated pigeon, known from very long, as much as the 1870s onwards. They have long wings and are known as bold and aggressive birds. May be aggressive, but looks quite sweet, isn’t it?!

  • Breed name: Oriental roller/Birmingham roller/ Turkish oriental roller
  • Cost: 10 pounds
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Size: Medium to Large
  • Flying range: Excellent
  • Color: Many, including white, black, grey
  • Use: Flying purpose

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4. Fantail Pigeon:

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The Fantail pigeon is among the oldest breed of this bird. With the fan-shaped tail appearance and silky feather textures, they look lovely and charming. These beautiful birds have several sub-varieties that originated from China, India, Pakistan, and Spain. These include Indian fantail, English fantail, Thai fantail and so on.

  • Breed name: Fantail
  • Cost: INR 2000
  • Origin: India
  • Size: Average medium-sized
  • Flying range: Average
  • Color: Many, including white, black, grey and silver
  • Use: Exhibitions and as pets

5. Pouter Pigeon:

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Pouter regions are popular with several subspecies across the west. It is a domestic fancy pigeon type with tall legs and larger upper body. Heads of these pigeons are smaller in size. The famous sub-variants in the same include English pouter, and Brunner pouter.

  • Breed name: Pouter
  • Cost: $150
  • Origin: UK and Czech Republic
  • Size: Medium to large
  • Flying range: Good
  • Color: White, black, grey commonly
  • Use: Exhibition or shows

6. English Carrier Pigeon:

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This breed of domestic pigeon is from the United Kingdom, which was mainly breeder developed for sending messages. They are developed in the process of selective breeding near to England, and hence its name. With long slender body and neck, they have distinctive appearance compared to the other bread. These were among the most common and popular pigeons known to many!

  • Breed name: English Carrier
  • Cost: $50
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Excellent
  • Color: Mainly dark grey and black
  • Use: Flying purpose

7. Old German Owl Pigeon:

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This fancy breed of pigeon is originally developed in Germany in 1960s. They can be clearly distinguished from other pigeons due to its charming and beautiful appearance. They are light in weight and looks delicate with a short neck and silver gull markings. Most people prefer to have them for ornamental purposes.

  • Breed name: Old German Owl
  • Cost: $60 average
  • Origin: Germany
  • Size: Average
  • Flying range: Good
  • Color: White and silver mainly, and many other colors
  • Use: Pets or exhibition purpose

8. Chinese Own Pigeon:

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Despite the name, the Chinese Owl Pigeon isn’t from China, but are instead developed in India and Spain. Given the round head and short beak, they are named as owl pigeons. Also popularly known as Whiskered Owl Pigeon, they have frilled feathers and are best as pets.

  • Breed name: Chinese Owl
  • Cost: around $100
  • Origin: India or Spain
  • Size: Small
  • Flying range: Average
  • Color: Black, blue-grey, brown, white, white and black
  • Use: Pets, shows

9. Homing Pigeon:

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This domestic pigeon is known for its homing ability to return to its nest (the home) and hence the name. They are also known for the flying skills, despite the long distances and hence were also used in competitions in early days. These pigeons are also called as ‘messenger pigeons’ for providing emergency communications, till 2002.

  • Breed name: Homing
  • Cost: an average of above $100
  • Origin: Depends on a variety
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Excellent
  • Color: Mostly grey and black
  • Use: messengers, flying competitions

10. Racing Pigeon:

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One among the latest and newest breed in the pigeon varieties, these birds are known for the sport of racing. They are very selectively bred for speed and enhanced characteristics of sport. It has a very slim and slender body structure with clear eyes and red legs.

  • Breed name: Racing
  • Cost: depending on breeding, from 100s to 1000s dollars
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Size: Average
  • Flying range: Excellent
  • Color: Many, mostly grey and black
  • Use: Flying and racing

11. Frill Back Pigeon:

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If you ask as which is the top fancy and beauty breed in pigeon birds, the frill back type is among the famous ones. These are ancient birds which are known for the gorgeous frills and feathers. Their muffs and longer tail feathers with distinct eyes and red or blue grizzles are quite fascinating.

  • Breed name: Frill back
  • Cost: Average of $30-80
  • Origin: Asia
  • Size: Medium to large
  • Flying range: Average
  • Color: Grey, white and black, yellow, silver and more
  • Use: Exhibition and shows

12. Helmet Pigeon:

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Helmet pigeons are among oldest types of breeds that were in existence from 15th century onwards. They are popular for the unusual and unique appearance, with helmet kind of short mini hood near the head and cobby appearance. They are known to be well adaptable and hence are among most preferred pigeon type as pets during ancient days.

  • Breed name: Helmet
  • Cost: Average of $100
  • Origin: Germany
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Average
  • Color: White
  • Use: Pets and Exhibitions

13. Dragoon Pigeon:

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The Dragoon pigeon, although not known for many, is the main bread to develop Racing pigeons. The uniqueness in this type of pigeon is that they stand erect and bold, with quite a blunt beak and broad wedge head. They are active and alert, and hence were preferred as pets in some countries.

  • Breed Name: Dragoon
  • Cost: $25
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Size: Average medium
  • Flying range: Good
  • Color: Black and blue-bar, blue check and white
  • Use: Pets, Exhibitions

14. Nun Pigeon:

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Known for their beautiful white and black body with nun shaped head and distinctive shape, the nun pigeon, is specifically developed for exhibition or show purposes. They are beautiful and are healthy. They are not very rampantly found and are relatively smaller in numbers.

  • Breed name: Nun
  • Cost: $20-30
  • Origin: Europe
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Good
  • Color: Many, including white, black and grey
  • Use: Exhibitions, pets

15. Modena Pigeon:

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Derived from the place name Modena in Italy, this selective breed is among the world’s top show and exhibition pigeon variety. They have a beautiful and unusual unique appearance with uplifted wings and large chest. Gentle in nature, they are calm and yet can get aggressive when not in a good environment.

  • Breed name: Modena
  • Cost: $150 average
  • Origin: Italy
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Good
  • Color: Many, including white, red, black, grey and more.
  • Use: Exhibitions and shows

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16. Lahore Pigeon:

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These ornamental pigeon variant are known for fascinating plumage and colourful looks that have heavy feathers and broad chest. They are shy in nature, but can be tamed and domesticated easily. Although originally from Lahore, Pakistan, this breed is mostly developed in Germany and Iran after being imported to these countries way back in the 1800s.

  • Breed name: Lahore
  • Cost: PKR 10000
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Average
  • Color: White body color with different markings such as brown, black, blue and red
  • Use: Pets, exhibitions

17. Satinette Pigeon:

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Also known as Old fashioned frill pigeons, these breed of birds are from the family of owls. In ancient days, they are especially known to be developed for Turkish empires and Sultans and are not accessible to common people. However, in the modern-day era, they are quite popular among many, for enchanting appearance and extremely beautiful looks.

  • Breed name: Setinette
  • Cost: Average of $50
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Size: Small
  • Flying range: Average
  • Color: Mostly white and black
  • Use: Exhibitions

18. Swift Pigeon:

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Mostly popular in the type of Egyptian Swift, they are traditional ancient day birds raised for flying. Known for the long tail, short beak and wings, they have an uncommon and, unpopular style of looks which fascinates most pet lovers. They are available in different types such as safi, otati, Halaby, Absy, Bolk, Asmar and more.

  • Breed name: Egyptian Swift
  • Cost: Unknown
  • Origin: Egypt, available in other countries in different colors
  • Size: Medium to large
  • Flying range: Very good
  • Color: Black, brown and white
  • Use: Flying purpose

19. Indian Gola Pigeon:

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This native area bird is quite popular in India and is very rare in other countries. The Indian Gola Pigeons are mostly domesticated birds with Northen Indian farmers, helping in spilling out the grains and seeds in the harvest. They are lighter and smaller in size and weight.

  • Breed name: Indian Gola
  • Cost: INR 800-1000
  • Origin: India
  • Size: Small to medium
  • Flying range: Very good
  • Color: Many, mostly in White and grey color
  • Use: Flying

20. African Owl Pigeon:

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This domesticated pigeon, with its unique appearance and mannerism, is developed in years through selective breeding techniques. They are originated from Africa and hence the name, although they are imported to England from centuries. Due to its short beak and owl-shaped size, this bird has got the name in owl breed. It can be easily tamed and domesticated.

  • Breed name: African Owl
  • Cost: around $150
  • Origin: Tunisia, Africa
  • Size: Medium to large
  • Flying range: Good
  • Color: Many, including white African owl, brown, black and more
  • Use: Pets

21. Archangel Pigeon:

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Known for their metallic sheen in feathers and copper-coloured shining head, the Archangel pigeon is very valued breed of pigeons. They are kept mostly for ornamental looks – for obvious reasons – they are quite fascinating and appealing in looks!

  • Breed name: Archangel
  • Cost: Unknown
  • Origin: Dalmatia
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Good
  • Color: Black, white, blue and bronze colored
  • Use: Fancy shows and exhibitions

22. Armenian Tumbler:

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This breed of Tumbler regions, originated from Armenia are known for its beautiful white coloured feathers and body with pink beak and distinct markings near the neck. They are known to be very strong, and yet one has to be smooth in tackling them. The interesting thing in this breed is the presence of feathers even near their feet.

  • Breed name: Tumbler
  • Cost: Unknown
  • Origin: Armenia
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Excellent
  • Color: Mostly white
  • Use: Flying

23. Carneau Pigeon:

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Unlike many other pigeon types, the Carneau is a wild feral pigeon. Although these are among domesticated birds, they have a bold and healthy appearance with heavier body and bright color. They are mainly utility birds which are popular to eat as squab.

  • Breed name: Carneau
  • Cost: over $150
  • Origin: France and Belgium
  • Size: Large
  • Flying range: good
  • Color: Can vary between brown, black and white markings
  • Use: Utility bird

24. Coburg Lark Pigeon:

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Also called as Koburger Lark or a Gold lead lark, they are popular as the finest bird species in pigeons due to their pattern and resemblance to doves. They appear very elegant, and well-tamed, aren’t furious and instead are known for their reserved yet friendly behavior. They do not like being handled.

  • Breed name: Coburg Lark
  • Cost: over 80 pounds
  • Origin: Germany
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Good
  • Color: Mostly with white and greyish brown neck, may vary
  • Use: Utility bird

25. Damascene Pigeon:

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The Damascene pigeon, popular as among oldest bird from around 3000 years old, has striking features and appearance. With a very bright dark eyes and elegant feathers, they are strong and intelligent birds with long life span of over 10 years. Although the bird is used for utility purpose in Europe, they are show breed in US.

  • Breed name: Damascene
  • Cost: around $100
  • Origin: Damascus
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Good
  • Color: White and black
  • Use: Utility or show

26. Ice Pigeon:

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The oldest among German Pigeons, the ice pigeon are popular and known to be cross-bred by Charles Darwin to ascertain colors and patterns. They have ice-blue color variation with smooth body and textured patterns in wings. Further, they are calm and gently beautiful with a unique and bright appearance.

  • Breed name: Ice
  • Cost:over $150
  • Origin: Germany
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Average
  • Color: White and ice blue
  • Use: Exhibition and pets

27. Lucerne Gold Collar Pigeon:

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Originated from Switzerland, the Lucerne Gold Collar fancy pigeon is popular for its gold-coloured neck and grey head. Hence the name gold collar, they are developed in the 19th century and popular mostly in the native regions of the country itself.

  • Breed name: Lucerne Gold Collar
  • Cost: Unknown
  • Origin: Switzerland
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Good
  • Color: Grey, white and gold color
  • Use: Flying and exhibitions

28. Ukrainian Skycutter Pigeon:

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Also known as Polish Orlik, these are excellent high-flying pigeons originated from areas of Southern Ukraine. They mostly are very hardy yet active, and never docile. Not many can rise them as pets, as they are difficult to manage.

  • Breed name: Skycutter
  • Cost: over $30
  • Origin: Ukraine
  • Size: Medium
  • Flying range: Excellent
  • Color: Black, bronze, red and yellow mainly
  • Use: Flying purpose

29. Saxon Shield Pigeon:

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This oblong-shaped beautiful bird is popular for its beautiful shape and feathers patterns. They have muff feathers which are long and curvy, making them distinct and unique compared to other breeds. They are mainly raised for beauty, and adds value with the characteristics of being calm and of good behavior.

  • Breed name: Saxon Shield
  • Cost: Unknown
  • Origin: Germany
  • Size: Medium to large
  • Flying range: Average
  • Color: White with black, red, brown and more colors
  • Use: Exhibitions and shows

30. Serbian Highflyer Pigeon:

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Originally developed from Serbia, these beautiful birds are popular for their endurance in flying and performance. Their skill and abilities are competitive and are muscular with short and stout body and long wings. These birds cannot be found outside the native region.

  • Breed name: Serbian Highflyer
  • Cost: over $40, can vary
  • Origin: Serbia
  • Size: Medium to large
  • Flying range: Excellent
  • Color: Many, including grey, black and more
  • Use: Flying

Interesting and Unknown Facts about Pigeons:

We all often encounter these beautiful birds in day to day life. Now that we learnt different and popular varieties of pigeons across the globe let us unwind some interesting, and unknown facts about them.

  • Pigeons have strong muscles which are used to help in flying. Depending on their flying ability and range, their muscular abilities vary.
  • Pigeons are only herbivores. They are plant eaters, and diet mostly consists of fruits, seeds and small plants.
  • They are intelligent. And they can recognise similar faced people in pictures and daily life, and all the more, can even recognize themselves. Interesting isn’t it!
  • These birds are very sensitive in their hearing abilities. They can detect storms, volcanos and earthquakes much before.
  • Pigeons are social animals and loves to be only in groups.
  • Wild pigeons survive for greater age than domestic ones. Few breeds can even survive for around 30 years!
  • Pigeons can even distinguish words and letters. They can identify visual patterns and know about 30-40 English words. This is quite shocking to hear!
  • These birds are great with multitasking. They can switch jobs, and still do the tasks at the same speed.
  • You can never find baby pigeons outside. They live in their nest for a month, after which they look similar to adults.
  • Last but not least, do you know pigeons saved more than thousands of human lives during world wartime? They delivered critical updates and messages, which helped several missions and army.

Well, we are quite fascinated to know these several types of pigeons in the world. Given that most of us only know a couple of varieties, it is quite interesting to know and learn the unknown. Let us know your thoughts!


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