The roses are classified into many different varieties and each variety having unique features. The rose varieties in India are available from sweet to spicy fragrance. It is always good to make worth out of these roses and not destroy them. Some of the best roses are an orange rose, apricot rose, peach rose, light pink rose, etc. All of them conditional color is from top to bottom and different fragrance. The main presence is expected in bushy areas of India. Some of the most established gardens are filled up with a number of classic red roses. This marks the beautifulness of nature.

Classification of Rose Flower:

The classification of roses is done on various varieties. The Old garden roses are one of the oldest red roses of the major garden. The varieties included in the same are Zephirine Drouhin, Dupuy Jamain, Blush Damask, AimeeVibert, etc. The Second category is Hybrid or modern roses which is generally a combination of two. The main variety of the hybrid rose is hybrid tea rose which is also used in making tea. The third category is species rose as Beach rose, Multi flora Rose, Dog rose, etc.

These types of roses are having spicy or sweet fragrance and taste. In India, it is used for making different spices. Moreover, all of these roses are having unique properties which differentiate it from each other. Some of the people may try to grab such roses and make their use but it is treated wrong. So, it is very easy to classify different roses and narrate their properties.

Forms of Roses:

  • The first form of the rose is Miniature rose like Venus which has petite stems, flowers, and leaves. It is also included within the range of orange, pink, white, and yellow. It is suitable for small garden areas. The miniature roses are also sold as houseplants as they have the capability to grow in containers.
  • The second type is climbing rose like Sunset Beauty which is having upright canes and stiff belongings. These roses are commonly attached to trestles, fences, and walls.
  • The shrub and landscape rose are one of the best-known forms of roses that is believed to have a strong sweet fragrance.
  • The hybrid tea roses are one of the favorite roses from Modern Roses. The upright and long stems of the same make it look extremely popular cut flower. The most popular flower in this category is Peace. Such roses are having a high reputation for high maintenance.
  • The Grandiflora roses are a type of roses that lie between hybrid and floribunda roses. It has large and showy flowers that are depicted on some long stems. The top varieties included in this are Pink parfait and Queen Elizabeth.
  • The floribunda(1) roses make a cross between polyantha rose and hybrid rose. A cluster of large blossoms is expected with each stem of the rose. Moreover, these roses are disease resistant and look very cool for public parks and spaces. It is also easily available in the market. So, these were some of the best-known forms of roses which are special and unique for nature.

Different Types of Roses Names and Colors:

1. Orange Rose:

The rose varieties in India are in abundance and these beautiful roses have carved the world. The orange rose is a Grandiflora type with strong a Florence. It smells like a mild fresh apple. A deep golden yellow color is carried inside the petal of the rose with a bronzy orange-red backside.

2. Light Pink Rose:

A light pink rose is one of the beautiful roses that can be found in India. The other name of the same as ‘Bonica’. It is a type of shrub with no scent or smell. Also, it has the tolerance to disease-resistant i.e. it is free from intoxication. It can be found in some bushy areas of coastal regions.

3. Two-Tone Red Rose:

It is again a Grandiflora type rose which is having white petals edged with red. Here, red is considered as a dominant color if seen from distance. Also, it resembles the features of ‘Cherry Parfait’. The scent is slight fragrance with some bush habit. It also has some dark green leaves at the bottom.

4. Apricot Rose:

The different kinds of roses have made it possible to enhance beauty all around. The other name of the apricot rose is ‘Teasing Georgia’. It is a double or cupped flower type with apricot color. Also, it is associated with a strong fragrance and found in short climber. Even, juice of this rose is available in the market.

5. Peach Rose:

The Peach rose offers a great combination of pink, orange, and apricot. Moreover, it can be assumed that pink highlights the most. It is of a type Floribunda with some bush habit. It is having a mild fruity fragrance which is very favorable. One can be found in bushy areas.

6. Crimson Rose:

It is also called ‘Falstaff’ with crimson color and double boom nature. The crimson rose is recommended by one of the top rose breeder David Austin. It is a type of Grandiflora rose with some strong fragrance all around. Moreover, the crimson color looks too beautiful on it and makes it suitable for public view.

7. Apricot Pink Rose:

It is colorful as the name suggests the combination of apricot and pink. One can also call it as ‘Tahitian Sunset’. Along with rose, it is also having dark green and semi-glossy leaves. The type of this rose is Hybrid tea variety and form is a bush habit. It smells like that of anise.

8. Coral Rose:

It is a ‘Rainbow Knock Out’ which is a single blooming. The starting is given by deep coral pink and ending is done through light color with a yellow center. It is also a type of shrub with a bush habit. Also, it is fully resistant to powdery mildew and black spots. It has a light fragrance.

9. Red Rose:

The other name of the red rose is ‘Interama’. It is generally in size of average with a classic red look. The maximum diameter of the rose can be 3 inches. It is a type of Floribunda and forms a bush habit. It is also be used to gift someone on some special occasions.

10. Yellow Rose:

It is a butter gold rose which has always won an award. The other name of the rose is ‘Julia Child’ with the shiny leaves. It looks very cool when exposed to sunlight. The type of rose is ‘floribunda’ with a sweet smell of licorice. Moreover, it has a tolerance to diseases resistant.

11. Multi-Color Rose:

This rose is having a festive color with the mix of orange-pink, and yellow colors. The multicolor property is also called ‘Mardi Gras’. It is recommended for hedges and has a peppery fragrance. The yellow base of the rose looks cool with 4-inch bright orange and pink bloom which begins as an apricot bud.

12. Orange Red Rose:

It is a brightly colored rose which is also called ‘Modern Fire glow’. It is also a double-cupped flower with color ranging between orange and red. The variety of the same comes under Floribunda with some bush habit. It is free from glossy leaves. So, it is one of the most favorable roses.

13. Copper Rose:

This rose was named after David Austin’s wife and known as ‘Pat Austin’. The double and cupped bloom property makes it one of the astonishing varieties of roses which is available in India. It has a tea-scented fragrance which is good for tea lovers. Moreover, there is nothing like copper included in the flower.

14. Reddish Purple Rose:

This rose is famous because of its color. The other name of the flower is ‘Wild Blue Yonder’. It has an ending with deep color and starting with reddish-purple shade. Also, it is considered as repeat bloomer with the type of Grandiflora. The citrus fragrance is the top-most quality of this flower.

15. Medium Pink Rose:

The name of the medium pink rose is ‘Elle’. It is a compact pink colored flower with different shades of pink. The hybrid tea variety is the main type of flower. Also, it is having a spicy fragrance which is not suitable for health. Also, it is used in some of the spices made in India.

Interesting Things about Roses:

The types of roses in India differ in terms of color and fragrance and their interesting facts are also explained through the same. The different colors may include pink, dark pink, yellow, orange, classic red, reddish-purple, etc. All of them are fascinating colors and gives a catchy look Apart from this, the fragrance ranges from sweet to spicy. Both of them are having their own advantages at their place. It is good to say that every rose is known with a unique name. It is always advised that one should never touch or damage the rose otherwise it would lose its worth.

The types of roses are always favorable for a good purpose only. People notice the beauty look of the rose and don’t care about the sensitive leaves. The worth of the rose lies in the sensitive leaves and their role for the growth of the rose. One of the best roses is the classic red rose which is a type of Floribunda. Most of the red roses are found only in India. So, always try to keep the worth of the rose.

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