Stress is generally described as a feeling of worry, tension, being overloaded and having extra mental pressure. Stress is often experienced by all of us at some point of time. Stress can either provide mental awareness and motivation or can be harmful in many cases. Stress can thus affect your mental stability, physical health and also affect your behavior.

What are the Different Types Of Stress?

The types of stress mainly depend on the symptoms, time duration and nature.

Each of these types has their particular characteristics and the treatment approaches to get recovered from it. Stress management is highly essential nowadays. Stress can be of various types like physical stress, psychological stress, psycho social stress, psycho spiritual stress. But mainly they fall into two categories:

Different Types Of Stress Management And Its Effects:

1. Stress from psychological perspective
2. Stress from physicist’s perspective

Types of Stress in Psychology

There are two types of stresses under psychological perspective,

(i). Good Stress or Eustress:

The term ‘Eustress’ comes from a Greek word “eu” means good. This mainly provides a motivating, energetic and energizing effect which is mainly of short term. It specially keeps us aware, providing challenges and inducing the right amount of stress which increases the stamina. This increases the performance rate, strengthens our muscles and improves the function of the heart to keep us active.

(ii). Bad Stress or Distress:

This term is derived from Latin root “dis”. This is basically termed as negative stress. It threaten the quality of life when this exceeds from the capability of the person. It has a negative impact on the health of the person. The symptoms of distress are of several types that can lead to health issues. The symptoms noticed are as physical distress symptoms, emotional symptoms, arousal distress symptoms and intestinal distress symptoms. Thus, distress has impact on both physical and mental health.

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Types of Stress in Physics

There are basically three types of stress on timeline,

(i). Acute Stress:

This stress is usually short lived and the most common types of stress. The excess of this short term stress can lead to headache, worry, tension, psychological distress and etc. This is one of the thrilling and gives excitement in small doses. Acute stress comes from the challenges and pressures in the present, the recent past or the near future in work place or surrounding. But too much acute stress may be exhausting or have health issues. Any deadline or target in work sphere, an accident, and last minute exam tension, loss of a contract or job is the most common issues that are faced by most of the people. This stress type is absolutely manageable and treatable.

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(ii). Episodic Acute Stress:

This type of stress is common among people those who suffer from the acute stress very frequently. People with this type of stress are short tempered, insensible, tensed irritable, anxious and over aroused. They seem to have stressful events one after the other and the series continues for them. Episodic distress has never ending list of things to be done and always engage in blaming. People with this stress are always late on time even though they are in a hurry. Symptoms are migraines, hypertension, persistent headache, etc. Proper treatment by therapist helps to get recover.

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(iii). Chronic Stress:

This type of stress is the most dangerous form and has a long term effect. This effects and destroys the body and mind of people. It is beyond your control and suffering from the chronic stress has negative effects on them. The hardest thing which needs to accept is that people suffering from this have to get used to with this type of chronic stress and its effects. This type of stress kills through stroke, suicidal attempt, heart attack, high B.P. , ulcer and even cancer also. This stress results in misery and helplessness. Most of these are fatal for us. It requires medical treatment as it’s difficult to treat and proper stress, management by life coach.

While stress is a nature’s way of signaling you to respond to a certain event of danger, unloading the body of it is very important. In the modern era, people get stressed out for the most trivial things of their life. The reason? No time for anything and too much to achieve in too little time. The best way is to learn stress management techniques like yoga and meditation. No matter how much we earn, if your life is filled with stress, it’s not worth it!

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