Water pollution can be said to be the contamination of water due the presence of different direct and indirect pollutants in it. Most of the time the pollutants are emitted into the water and for all those reasons the water becomes highly contaminated with some of the most hazardous chemicals emitted into the water.

This water is further used by women and men belonging to a certain class for all their personal and household needs. Nowadays, many processes are implemented based on the purification of water so that this certain class of people use the purified water.

Different Types Of  Water Pollutants And Their Effects:

In this article, we will be discussing some major types of water pollution and their sources which are evident.

1. Pollution From Nutrients:

There are certain fertilizers, waste water and sewage waste water contain high proportions of nutrients. These nutrients can further lead to the growth of unwanted plants. If you see plants such as algae,weed, etc growing on the sides of ponds, then you can easily blame the presence of nutrients in water. The water become extremely contaminated and for all those purposes it can be said to be really harmful for all those using this water. The water will become undrinkable and people consuming this water for physical and personal uses can be victims of harmful diseases. That is why, the state government has appointed the city’s municipal corporation and the lake authorities to aim for building proper facilities that will assist in purifying this water and make it usable and drinkable.

There are certain organisms which take birth due the presence of nutrients in water and are quite harmful for us the humans. The algae will even prove to be a hindrance for proper flow of water through the filters and that’s why the pond water purification process will also be delayed. There is one thing we all should know that if there is too much algae in the water then it will use up most of the oxygen in the water and this might prove to be a cause of death for the organisms present in the water. The water life will slowly decay and die due to such constant lacking of oxygen inside the water.

2. The Surface Water Contamination:

According to man researches conducted on this daily growing subject, the contamination of surface water is causing many diseases. Many pollutant substances are getting mixed with the surface water and that is how they are getting polluted. There should be facilities that should take care of this matter and restrict the pollutant materials to come with the surface water. The pollutants often gets dissolved with the surface water and that kind of pollution is called surface water pollution.

3. The Ground Water Pollution:

Among all the types of water pollution out there, this one is quite common. This happens when the humans apply the pesticides and different chemicals to the soil and that basically pollutes the ground water. The pollutants are basically washed off deep to the ground when heavy rain occurs and that is how the ground water gets polluted. This leads to the growth of numerous microorganisms and this further leads to lacking of oxygen in the atmosphere, as these organisms need quite some oxygen to stay alive.

This is why it is important to check the water from underground, whether they are pollution free. They are still many places in this country, where wells are the source of drinking water. In those places, the water before reaching the throat (before drinking) should be checked whether they carry any kind of chemical substances. If such a protective and cautious habit is not practiced, this can result in deaths as well.

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4. Oil Spillage Causing Water Pollution:

This is one of the most harmful man-made causes of water pollution. The BP oil spill during the year 2010 was a disaster and lead to the death to the biological creatures inside the water. Even though the effect is localized, it is still quite harmful for the humans also. The water polluted by the wasted oil can reach up to miles and can contaminate the water bodies in the metropolitan cities. According to a vivid research conducted on this matter, it has been see that many birds lost the fly as the oil got stuck in the feathers and that is why they drowned.

For example, a number of cranes and other similar water-side birds passed away due to such a harmful contamination of the water. During the year 2010, more than 1200 animals were found dead due to the leakage of BP oil. Some of them were under the category of the endangered species list. There was a certain (very less) percentage of animals that lived but according to the report of the environmental experts, it was seen that they ones left alive died pretty soon as well, since the environment of the water world was totally polluted.

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5. The Suspended Matter:

There are certain substances that cannot get dissolved easily in the water. They float on the surface sometimes thus polluting it. These kinds of materials are termed as particulate materials. Some harmful materials thrown or disposed by the not so well educated people go deep inside the water and prove to be a great environmental threat for the plants and animals living inside the water. Many death of aquatic animals and plants are caused due to such a careless habit.

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6. Chemical Water Pollution:

Due to contamination of water due to the chemicals present in it, the water becomes quite polluted and later on that water is used by those people only. So that means that they are unknowingly getting themselves sick. The chemicals are also quite harmful for the members of the aquatic life and for that reason the water in the ponds and lakes should be checked before it gets contaminated. The aquatic animals become infertile and that is one of the most harmful side-effects of water pollution.


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