Tyra Lynne Banks is a former American supermodel who rose to fame at 15 when she starred as the first woman of coloured origin to star in the sport illustrated swimsuit issues of fashion magazine GQ. However, her talents were not only centred around modelling as in the later years of her profession but also branched out to become a successful entrepreneur, host and businesswoman. However, being a fashion icon is an immense pressure where one particular needs to look her best in all situations. There are often leaks and bits when we see a star in her true self, and here we have some of them lined up for you to decide whether she is all that good without professional makeup donned on. This article covers some of the best Tyra Banks no makeup pictures.

1. Grabbing Eye Balls:

Tyra Banks looked funny in this cute selfie of her. She has no makeup and confidently revealed her patchy, uneven skin. She also showed off her sunken eyes and dark circles in this picture. Her eyeballs seem to pop out at times, and her duck lips are sure to give her fans a little amusement.

2. Messing With Selfies:

Tyra Banks posted yet another selfie in which she revealed her crazy self again. Her messed-up hairdo, no makeup face, and popped eyeballs make us doubt if this is Tyra Banks. She is a real sport for her pictures and does not hesitate to give her fans a good time.

3. The Brown-Haired Girl:

Tyra Banks’s no makeup selfie posted here reveals her sensational self. She looks stunning in her beautiful, wavy copper brown hair. She looked like a doll in this refreshing picture. Tyra sends an important message to all the girls out there: raw is beautiful, and one need not spend hours in front of the mirror.

4. Sending Out Love:

Continuing with her selfies, Tyra Banks looks like she is sending out love to all her fans. She went barefaced and kept a low-key look. Despite her no-makeup face, her cheekbones look like they are beautifully contoured. Her big, bright eyes are every girl’s dream.

5. Fresh Out Of Shower:

Fresh out of the bath, Tyra Banks posted a selfie of her turned back, glancing at the camera. She had no makeup on herself and yet looked the best she could. Her flawless skin gleamed and glistened as she smiled coyly for the picture. It’s like this when we say Tyra Banks is an actual hottie with or without makeup.

6. Before and After Makeup:

We admit the stars look pretty different without their usual made-up self. We are so used to seeing these stars with their makeup intact that we often feel surprised to see them without one. However, Tyra is beautiful even with her slight imperfections as she proudly wore her spots and smooth skin and strutted about.

7. Casual Outing:

Walking through in her black blouse, Tyra was caught in one of her usual makeup-less causal days. Her hair flowing in the wind was short and crisp in a bob while she sported a no-makeup look. Even though her face is not visible, Tyra did look flawless without any visible spot on her face.

8. The Aqua Look:

Wrapping a scarf around her head, Tyra had her hair in two pigtails as she posed widely for the camera. Her pretty peepers looked stunning, light and graceful in brown, and she flashed her pearly whites to the camera. A little rouge never made anyone look bad, and without other significant makeup, she looked mighty sweet.

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9. If Looks Could Kill:

The trend of no-makeup selfies hashtagged created a lot of buzz in the celebrity world, where many celebs proudly took to their social media sites to post bare-face selfies revealing their inner beauty. Tyra was no different as she rocked a stunning picture with her cat eyes and flawless skin.

10. Just For Fun:

On one of her social media sites, she posted a selfie of herself being silly, making faces as she defined herself without makeup without any dominant spot on her face. Her soft mane rolled down her sides as she made a funny face at the camera. Even without makeup, we could see how she could pull off this look with flaw and indeed, we were impressed.

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11. Bed Time Selfie:

Once again, we see Tyra Banks in her no make-up selfie, where she was seen lying down on the bed sideways as she posed for her picture. This beauty, host to the Next American supermodel, looked simply stunning without any flaw in her face. Her soft features accentuated her light eyes.

12. Sleek-Haired Look:

Even though we have always seen Tyra fiercely carrying off her looks, Tyra admitted that she is not afraid to show the world her flaws, thereby going clean to one of her events. She had straightened her hair to perfection and decided to opt for a no-makeup look.

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Tyra Banks is an inspiration to all aspiring models in America and the entire world. Her stylish looks, confidence on the ramp and glamour quotient make her one of the highest-paid models. She, however, is always in favour of keeping skin makeup-free and revealing one’s natural self. She always believes in keeping it raw and real. Although her job always demands her to be red carpet ready, she likes to ditch her artificial self and get into her comfort zone. We hope Tyra Banks’s no makeup selfie gave you some serious beauty goals.


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