U shaped haircuts have been there ever since our mother’s generation, but they aren’t going anywhere. They are still among the most preferred for a simple and casual look. If you are among those women who prefer a simple and straightforward style instead of bold and heavy looks, what best than U shaped haircuts?

10 Best U Shaped Haircuts for Short, Medium and Long Hair:

These haircuts can also bring versatile options to style one’s hair, and it’s the main element here! Let’s check out the best U shaped haircuts today!

1. U Shaped Hairstyle for Curly Hair:

The classic U shaped haircut can never go wrong, and it always has been there in the fashion world timelessly for decades together. Today, we put together this gorgeous U shaped haircut with layers for women with curly hair. You can replicate a similar haircut for a feminine and mesmerizing style statement if you have long hair length. While this can be made possible even with medium hair length, try this out with curls to give it an elevated appearance in the fashion quotient.

2. Curly U Cut:

Planning to get a U shaped long hair? Look no further. This type of haircut uses the nice, beautiful and gorgeous curls of the hair to get a nice curly U shaped cut. Perfect for people who have curly manageable hair and want to look greater. Colouring your hair is also recommended.

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3. Double Ombre U Cut:

If you want to try out a U shaped haircut for women at home, look no further. This cut features a gorgeous looking blonde colour, along with very nice curls that go along with it, and the nicely shaped U that looks very beautiful from the back definitely adds a lot of feels-good factor to it. This cut can also be a great option for U shaped haircut for long hair.

4. Tight Curly U Cut:

This is a great solution as a U shaped haircut for medium hair, due to its features. This cut includes lots and lots of curls that make it look more trendy and stylish. The curls are all combed well and put together and are left hanging from behind your head. This is truly a very unique looking curly type haircut.

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5. Rainbow Style U Cut:

If you like trying U shaped haircuts at home, then try out this lovely design. This balayage colour haircut consists of a U cut which is dyed and coloured with various dramatic rainbow colours that look just stunning and pleasing to the eyes. The whole hair looks like a piece of art, to be honest.

6. Flaxen Blonde U Cut:

After looking at u shape haircut photos and you find this amazing haircut, you surely want to try this one out. This haircut has well-distributed layers all over it, and the cut surely looks funkier than ever. This haircut looks very much charming and flattering as well for normal people who want a good looking haircut.

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7. Short Red U Cut with Side Bang:

If you want a U shaped haircut with layers, then this is a great haircut to start with. This haircut features a short haircut that looks like a U from the back, and it looks cute, along with that sideways bang that shows off your face. The haircut also has various layers to start with, and that red chestnut colour is just the icing on the cake. Definitely a great u shaped haircut for short hair.

8. Long Sleek U Cut:

If you like a U shape hairstyle then you should definitely opt for this one. This haircut includes finely chopped layers, along with a very simple straight layout that not only looks great but also is easy to maintain also. The hair on the back takes a U shape, along with the hair length which is very very long. Absolutely looks very smooth, soft and gorgeous too. This haircut is also a nice option for u shaped haircut for thin hair.

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9. Edgy Style U Cut:

If you like U shaped layered haircuts, then this will definitely make you smile. The best part of this cut is its angled style for the bob. But the greatest features that this cut provides are all the layering it does. This cut also has strands of varying lengths and sizes, and thus it is all the more interesting.

10. Brown U Cut with Curls:

This is indeed a great looking deep U shaped haircut you can choose for your next cut. The hair is totally coloured in medium brown colour, along with nice curls and the usual U shaped backside. This cut shows off the whole feminine side of things and is thus great for anyone. If someone wants to learn U shape haircut step by step this is a great place to start off with.

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Getting a perfect U-cut isn’t easy. With so many different haircuts and designs to choose from, one can easily become much more confused. That’s why we listened to your thoughts and made this list containing all the best U shaped haircuts that are worth your time and money. This will definitely help in making your choice easier.


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