Did you know Unalome is a spiritual symbol in Buddhism? Yes! A Unalome tattoo design perfectly represents one’s belief in Buddhism and the suffering one goes through. Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha Gautama around 2500 years ago in India. Though several symbols are used in Buddhism in different forms, the Unalome tattoo is popular because it represents the twists and turns in life. The design is simple yet exudes elegance and is easy to incorporate anywhere on your body.

Therefore, without any delay, go through the list of Unalome tattoo designs and choose the one that inspires you the most. Read on!

31 Unalome Tattoo Designs You Can Try:

We have prepared a list of some of the best and most unique Unalome tattoo designs you can look into before choosing one for yourself.

1. Unalome Tattoo On The Neck:

This perfect Unalome tattoo looks unique and stands out against the traditional ones. The curves end with a symbol that looks like an infinity sign which can represent one’s journey through life with positives and negatives we face with profound meaning. Furthermore, adding a lotus symbol indicates the wearer’s blossoming, similar to Lotus blooming through the mud. You can get the tattoo engraved anywhere on the body, depending on the size of the tattoo you choose.

2. Unalome Tattoo For Guys And Girls:

This Unalome tattoo design has a spiral that represents life’s struggle. In contrast, the straight line represents the harmony we find through the turbulence seen in life. However, the Unalome tattoos might look simple but describe the journey through life by acting as symbols of spirituality. The perfect place to engrave this tattoo is the forearm, where the details look significantly beautiful.

3. Unalome Tattoo Designs For Men And Women:

This is one of the best Unalome tattoos for men and women, which helps unravel the deep meaning behind the simple design. The loop represents the spiral in the Unalome, and the swirl represents our burgeoning consciousness. Furthermore, life’s ups and downs are beautifully portrayed with the bends of the line. Finally, these curvy lines showcase a person’s struggle to find the right direction, becoming wiser in the process. The perfect place to get this tattoo engraved is the leg or forearm.

4. Dragonfly Unalome Tattoo:

If you want a unique Unalome tattoo, this one with a dragonfly can be a perfect option. The twists and turns in the Unalome represent the ups and downs one faces in life in the process of chasing success. The dragonfly tattoo signifies a wide variety of things, including determination, power, bravery, devotion, strength and aspirations. Unlike many Unalome tattoos, the wearer has used multiple colours to engrave this design, making it all the more special.

5. Tiny Unalome Tattoo:

This is one of the best Female Unalome tattoos that unravels the meaning of life in the depths of its spirals. The swirl symbolizes the human mind in its infancy, followed by bendings of lines that showcase one’s struggle to find the right direction through life’s ups and downs. The entire design perfectly depicts the wearer growing wiser with every turn. The perfect place to get this tattoo engraved is near the elbow, forearm or leg.

6. Female Unalome Lotus Tattoo:

One of the most popular designs many people prefer is the lotus Unalome tattoo design. In this particular tattoo design, the spiral line following the Lotus symbolizes spiritual fulfilment and enlightenment, and the Lotus represents Lord Shiva’s third eye. In addition, this tattoo design also gives out positive vibes that help you achieve new heights and new beginnings in life. The neck, back or a place near the shoulder can be the perfect place to engrave this lotus design.

7. Bold Wrist Unalome Tattoo:

Irrespective of the tattoo design, wrist placements are some of the familiar places you can get engraved. These wrist tattoos are easily visible to the onlookers and wearers, making them look cool and unique. Unlike most Unalome tattoos, this one is carved in bold and broad lines, making them stand out beautifully. In addition, the tattoo’s end has a semi-colon which says that the wearer stands in solidarity with people who deal with mental health issues.

8. Sleek Unalome Tattoos For Women:

The Unalome sun tattoo represents the path to nirvana by acting as an energizing and clarifying symbol. Furthermore, this tattoo means the expulsion of ignorance, darkness and the dissolution of deceptions since the sun signifies the brightness of the mind in Tibetan Buddhism. The rib placement of the Unalome tattoo looks pretty sexy and is preferred by women to attract attention. Another benefit of getting a tattoo near the rib is that you can cover it whenever you want.

9. Traditional Unalome Tattoo Designs:

This is another Unalome sleeve tattoo that has an addition of a lotus flower at the end. These Unalome tattoos represent one’s journey through life with ups and downs by acting as potent symbols of spirituality. However, adding a lotus at the top of the entire design indicates that the wearer can rise above to achieve results. However, you might not have the means, similar to a lotus in the mud. Using bold lines with shades of grey creates a unique piece of art on your body.

10. Colourful Unalome Tattoo:

If you aren’t a fan of only black ink tattoos, this colourful Unalome tattoo design can be a perfect choice. The contrast between the black lines for the Unalome and the bright Lotus creates a beautiful contrasting effect gorgeously. Adding three dots at the top and bottom of the tattoo can be interpreted as the trinity according to Christianity. The perfect places to get this tattoo engraved are the arm, leg or back.

11. Unalome Tattoo Ideas:

Irrespective of gender and age, many people prefer finger tattoos because they are aesthetically appealing. In addition, since Unalome tattoo designs hardly require much space, the finger can be a perfect place to get them done. The precision in the tattoo might symbolize commitment and talk a lot about the wearer’s personality. Many men and women get such tattoos engraved on the ring finger once engaged in making the tattoo look unique.

12. Fine Line Unalome Tattoo:

This unalome flower tattoo is one of the most predictable options one can choose among all the tattoo designs we have seen so far. Identifying passion, commitment and love when facing life’s difficulties can perfectly represent this Unalome tattoo. Unlike the previous tattoos, this design has the flower in stick lines. Though the tattoo looks beautiful in black, you can use colours to customize the design.

13. Unalome Lotus Flower Tattoo On The Back:

Another Unalome tattoo design that is quite commonly seen irrespective of gender are the Unalome tattoo designs on the back. Hindus and Buddhists believe that getting a Unalome tattoo on the back can symbolize strength and power, whose existence is derived from these stories. However, unlike the previous tattoos, this design has a full-fledged Lotus. Furthermore, the placement of geometric patterns between the Lotus and the unalome symbol creates a visually appealing tattoo.

14. Unalome Rose Tattoo:

Unalome tattoo designs are growing in popularity because of the deep meaning associated with them. While the straight line represents the harmony one finds through life’s turbulence, and the struggle one goes through in life is represented by the spiral. The powerful Unalome tattoos spiritually describe the profound meaning associated with our journey through life. Finally, the Lotus design with shades of grey adds beauty to the otherwise simple pattern.

15. Unalome Butterfly Tattoo On The Back:

Though the meaning associated with the Unalome tattoos are deeply profound, the placement plays a vital role in determining the design’s beauty. The cute little Unalome tattoo is joined with many other tattoos previously gotten by the wearer, including a butterfly, a lotus and an eye. If you plan to get a prolonged tattoo like this one, the back is the perfect place, though you can also get it done on your hand.

16. Unalome Sternum Tattoo:

Suppose you are looking for a tattoo that symbolizes enlightenment and represents the path towards higher knowledge. In that case, the Unalome Sternum tattoo design can be a perfect choice. The curves and lines in this tattoo represent the individual’s consciousness towards their goal as per their surroundings. Though the sternum is the ideal place for this tattoo, other places where you can get this done are the back, shoulder or between the chest. Using black ink is very common; however, you can use colours to make the tattoo more personal.

17. Mystic Unalome Tattoo On The Arm:

This Unalome om tattoo perfectly represents attaining spirituality in life’s ups and downs. In Hinduism, Om is considered a spiritual symbol and a sacred sound. The Unalome pattern comes right where the OM symbol ends, creating a mystical finish to the tattoo. Adding a flower around the OM symbol can be a perfect way to finish the tattoo. The ideal places to get the tattoo engraved are the arm or back of the neck.

18. Unalome Tattoo Near The Ankle:

Ankle tattoos are as common as wrist tattoos and look extremely attractive irrespective of gender. In addition, the mythological connotations concerning Buddhist and Hindu beliefs are beautifully represented in this tattoo. Furthermore, the strength and positive power associated with the Unalome tattoo nullify the negativity that might creep up in our lives. Finally, the thin lines for the entire tattoo make the design look gorgeous.

19. Unalome Tattoo On The Back:

If you want to add major astronomical vibes to your Unalome tattoo, this one with a moon can be a perfect choice. This Unalome moon tattoo adds a dramatic touch where the lines and curves are done in dark streaks. In contrast, the moon pattern is engraved in dots entirely, and finally, the Lotus is done in pink with black outlines. The moon stands in the background breaking the spiral design apart and making the pattern unique.

20. Spiritual Unalome Symbol Tattoo:

This Unalome tattoo’s meaning and prominence are beautifully elevated with the addition of a portrait of Lord Buddha. The Unalome tattoo is similar to the ones mentioned in most other tattoos, the only difference being the Buddha’s portrait. This tattoo indicates the wearer’s belief in Buddhist practices, which are usually about love and devotion. The use of shading work brings a realistic look to the tattoo.

21. Lotus Unalome Tattoo Meaning:

This is another Unalome tattoo with a gorgeous lotus on the top and an OM symbol, creating a spiritual finish to the tattoo. There is a lot of mental and physical importance regarding the OM symbol, which is not just religious. The detailed lotus patterns represent the blooming flower which indicates that the wearer will rise to success despite the obstacles they might face.

22. Detailed Unalome Hand Tattoo:

Many mythological connotations are associated with sunflowers once you get into depth, making it clear that it is not just a flower. Instead, the sunflower represents excellent and positive energies which are necessary because there is a lot of negativity surrounding us. The combination of sunflower and Unalome gives us the strength to face any challenge life throws.

23. Small Unalome Tattoo:

This simple Unalome tattoo is an ideal choice if you want something discrete. This tattoo’s use of thin lines, spirals and curves looks elegant and classy. Also, since the tattoo is small, you can get it done anywhere, irrespective of gender. Though the tattoo looks beautiful in black ink, you can always make your tattoo stand out by using different colours per your preference.

24. Unalome Tattoo On The Inner Arm:

One of the prettiest tattoos you can engrave on your body is the Unalome lotus flower tattoo. The spirals in this tattoo indicate the ups and downs one faces throughout life and how we can gain the ability to go through them without any fear. Adding a name in the middle of the spirals and the Lotus makes the tattoo personal and customized for the wearer. Finally, getting the tattoo in colour can be a perfect option, though black ink can also be ideal.

25. Unalome Colour Tattoo:

This is another Unalome lotus tattoo that uses colours instead of black ink, making it look unique and stand out. The Lotus part of the tattoo is pretty simple and has only five petals instead of a complete flower. The entire tattoo is in black ink in thin lines that you can engrave anywhere on your body. However, many people get the tattoo done on the forearm, elbow or back of the neck.

26. Women’s Unalome Tattoo:

Regarding tattoos, women prefer colourful ones to simple black ones because of the added colours. The highlight of the tattoo is that the lines and curves are engraved in bold black lines with a lotus on the top. Additionally, unlike the previous tattoos where the Lotus is coloured pink, the wearer has done the Lotus in green, making the design more personal and unique.

27. Unalome Flower Tattoo:

This Unalome flower tattoo can be an exceptional choice if you are a fan of extensive tattoos. This Unalome tattoo on the leg is done on a large scale covering the space efficiently and giving a beautiful output. In addition, the use of grey shading for the Lotus makes the element look very realistic. Finally, unlike the other tattoos where the flower is filled with colours, this design is done where the paint is splashed in the background, making the design all the more special.

28. Unalome Tattoo On The Forearm:

If you want something spiritual to add to your body art, this Unalome tattoo design with an OM symbol can be perfect. This tattoo is packed with esoteric meaning and is considered a deeply spiritual symbol. When the Unalome and the OM symbol are paired with each other, it is a perfect representation of the journey to peace and enlightenment after going through the earthly hurdles.

29. Unique Unalome Tattoo:

If you want uniqueness in your tattoo, this Unalome tattoo design can be an ideal choice. Though the Unalome looks pretty routine and similar to the ones mentioned previously. However, adding an extensive Lotus flower with intricate patterns can be a unique idea. Though the tattoo looks great in black ink, you can add colours to make the tattoo unique. The perfect place to engrave the tattoo is on the forearm or the biceps.

30. Simple Unalome Tattoo On The Back:

A Unalome tattoo design on the back is popular because it allows you to cover it up or show off. The same holds when you are looking at the tattoo’s size. This cute little Unalome tattoo design looks perfect anywhere on the body because of its size. The curves and loops present in this tattoo are few making it easier to get engraved on the body. Even if the tattoo is small, its meaning doesn’t change.

31. Unalome Watercolour Tattoo:

Though most people prefer black and white tattoos, some prefer Unalome tattoo designs using multiple colours. This Unalome tattoo looks similar to a dream catcher, a popular type of tattoo. The Lotus, feather and bird are done in the colour combinations of blue and pink with highlights in black lines adding beauty to the tattoo. The highlight of this tattoo is that the Unalome is engraved in black ink, which stands in contrast to the colours on the opposite sides.


We have curated some of the top Unalome tattoo designs that you might find inspiring, especially if you want one that represents one’s belief in Buddhism. Whether it is simple or extensive and detailed, you can look into several of them before choosing the right one for yourself. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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