Top 9 Undercut Hairstyles for Men

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Women and men have now matched shoulders to go on and take the world and in this world, women today have opened up newer choices for themselves and within that man also has advanced.

Undercut hairstyles for Men Main

Now a day women have a wide variety of clothing and accessory, a variety of hairstyles that they can opt for and standing right beside women are men. Therefore here is a classic range of how undercut hairstyles can suit men and how to opt and style them for a better look.

Short Back Brush:

Undercut hairstyles for men - Short back brush

The short back brush is a very unique hairstyle that brought in the undercut category of hairstyles. It is actually a part of very adept hairstyles that look great and increase the masculinity of every man that wishes to adorn this hairstyle. Great for both social and formal events the short back brush is the first and best of the undercut category.

The Spikes:

Undercut hairstyles for men - the spikes

The spikes with undercut layers is the second best hairstyle available today. The hairstyle is an absolute beauty when you need to match up a great masculine hairstyle for both social events and formal parties.

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Flattened Undercut:

Undercut hairstyles for men - Flattened undercut

when someone thinks of an undercut hairstyle they always have the back brush or the spikes to go with it but in this case this is also a very popular hairstyle that only requires you t have a moderate length of hair on the top of your head. The only problem with this hairstyle is that it does not support all kinds of face types.

The Nerd Look:

Undercut hairstyles for men - The nerd look

Another great hairstyle which is great for undercut ideas is the nerd look. The nerd look requires a moderate length of hair that can be easily fashioned with a undercut hairstyle.

Pompadour: undercut Pompadour

The pompadour is a more elaborate version of the Mohawk but with a more retro effect. The pompadour is easy to create and requires absolutely no maintenance one created. Great for practically every event the pompadour is a great retro and yet modern day hairstyle for men.

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Short Mohawk with Slanting Front Spikes:

undercut hairstyles for men6

An extremely modern day hairstyle you could do no wrong when getting this hairstyle because of its highly versatile nature. The short Mohawk is an exact representation of what an actual Mohawk looks like with shorter hair length and larger spikes that slant in the direction your choice in front.

Front Pouf:

Undercut hairstyles for men - Front pouf

A very radical hairstyle as compared to the rest of the hair available today the front pouf has a more extreme concept. The undercut layer extends much more than the any normal undercut hairstyle and the front pouf allows for a better spiked hairstyle meant to elaborate any occasion nicely.

Normal Spikes:

Undercut hairstyles for men - normal spikes

You do not need to have an elaborate hairstyle when searching for a great undercut hairdo. The normal spikes matched with a great undercut layer gives way to a very fashionable hairstyle that will surely never go out of fashion. The spikes go well with any kind of attire and need no maintenance at all.

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The Undercut Ponytail:

undercut hairstyles for men9

The hairstyle requires you have much longer hair as compared to a normal undercut hairstyle but this does not mean that the hairstyle lacks in style or in any other area. The best part about this hairstyle is its versatility to adapt to any event of your choice.

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