Does your kid love coloring books? Then your kid is surely going to love this article! Here, we have collected 15 Best Unicorn Coloring Pages for Kids and even adults. Most children love Unicorn, the mythical one-horned creature which is associated with dreams, hopes and happiness. By gifting them these coloring sheets, you can let your child unleash their creativity and transform a plain sketch into a colorful scene that transports them into a dreamy world!

So, what are you waiting for? If Unicorn is what your kid loves, then let them enjoy filling their favorite character with their choice of colors.

15 Free Unicorn Coloring Pages for Kids:

Scroll down to explore a lovely collection of Unicorn coloring pages, along with a basic guide on how to color them right!

1. Unicorn Birthday Coloring Page:

This multi-purpose unicorn coloring page serves as a cute DIY Birthday card! Girls and Boys aged between 3-6 years will find this sketch quite amusing to color. One can go with some pastel colors like blue, pink, lilac and mint green for the main character. The cupcake looks beautiful in red and yellow. Highlight the confetti and the birthday banner in bright shades like purple, pink, neon etc. Keeping in mind the age group, we recommend using pencils and crayons for a clean and mess-free look.

2. Unicorn Rainbow Coloring Page:

Rainbow and Unicorn are two favorite things of many kids! This dreamy sketch is filled with stars, fluffy clouds, a rainbow, a moon and a winged unicorn. Children aged between 4-8 years can love this cute unicorn rainbow coloring page. Preferred colors include any 5 favorite rainbow hues like orange, purple, red etc. The clouds are best done in blue, and the stars in grey or metallic silver. Using some gold and glitter is also recommended to make this a picture-perfect artwork. You can use a combination of color pencils and glitter pens to finish this piece.

3. Baby Unicorn Coloring Page:

Can anything get cuter than this adorable unicorn coloring page? Children aged between 3.5-7 years will enjoy adding some colors to this cutie. Any pastel color like a light pink/light blue or lilac will go well for filling the head, legs and body. Bright shades like yellow, blue, orange etc., can go into each of the sections provided in the tail and the wings. Notice that there is a big bow in behind, for which red and dark pink are ideal. Use some nice pencils to create smooth lines on this sketch.

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4. Flying Unicorn Coloring Page:

Give wings to your child’s creativity with this magical flying unicorn coloring page. As the image involves a lot of compact-sized areas, children aged between 5-10 years will find it more comfortable than the younger age group. The body is best done in any lighter shade, like grey or pink, to highlight the rest of the elements. Using oil pastels or color pencils, neatly fill the areas with a good mix of light and dark shades for a stunning look. Glitter pens in metallic shades like silver work well to highlight the sparkling stars in the background.

5. Christmas Unicorn Coloring Page:

It’s ringing “Jingle Bells” in the town! What best way to engage your kid this holiday season than with this beautiful unicorn coloring page? The image is filled with all the elements like a Christmas tree, plenty of gifts under the tree and, ofcourse, our “Santa” unicorn! Pick some festive colors like red, green and yellow to add brightness to the image. To add sharpness, pick sketch pens or watercolors instead of crayons or pencils. We recommend this Christmas-filled page for kids aged above 8 years.

6. Caticorn Unicorn Coloring Page:

If Unicorns can exist, so can Caticorns! Before you ask us what these creatures are, well, Caticorns are cats with a single horn on their forehead. Here is one cute unicorn coloring page featuring a lazy Caticorn dozing on a rainbow. We feel this dreamy image deserves a generous dose of pastels like light pink, pale yellow, mint green etc., to add a soothing touch to the sleepy cat. Crayons and color pencils work well for creating a matte finish to this image. You can pick this one if your child is aged between 3-6 years.

7. Cartoon Unicorn Coloring Page:

Your child will absolutely love this cute unicorn coloring page which features their favorite character binging on a piece of juicy watermelon. The larger image offers enough space for young children aged between 4-6 years. The color choice is quite simple too! For the melon, you can go for red and green with black dots. Pick shades like yellow for the unicorn’s hair and lavender for the face. Considering the age group, we recommend crayons and pencils to color this image.

8. Fairy Unicorn Coloring Page:

If you have an older kid who has a unicorn fantasy, then transport them into its whimsical land with this Pegasus unicorn coloring page. The image is complex and features small details that younger children may find it difficult to color without smudging the page. We recommend using thin tip brushes or coloring pens to fill the detailing around the character. The centrepiece can be colored using thick tip brush pens for a smooth and even finish.

9. Unicorn Head Coloring Page:

The cutest part about a Unicorn is its head! The innocent eyes, the mysterious smile and the magical horn on the forehead add to the popularity of this creature. This beautiful unicorn coloring page features a gorgeous unicorn with a long, silky mane that is best colored in golden yellow. Younger children can attempt to use single colors for the body, while older ones can use color-blending techniques to highlight the key features of the face. Use pencils, crayons or paints to complete this image.

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10. Unicorn Girl Coloring Page:

Does your little girl imagine herself in a world of Unicorns? Then give her this unicorn coloring sheet which features a girl turning into a unicorn with a pinch of magic! This image is quite lively, so it deserves some bright and bold shades. Pick colors like yellow, red, green, blue and purple or whichever shade excites your kid. The image requires some amount of precision to color, so we feel that the ideal age is 6-10 years. Watercolors and brush pens are the best choice!

11. Kawaii Unicorn Coloring Page:

Kawaii unicorns are adapted to the Japanese culture, where the word Kawaii means “cute” or “lovely”. This unicorn coloring page justifies its name, as the image looks really chubby and loveable. The outlines are quite broad, which makes it easy for young children of 4-7 years to color it. Crayons and pencils add a neat look to this image. Our choice of colors would be something bright like yellow, pink, purple, blue etc., to brighten up this lazy creature.

12. Unicorn Pegasus Coloring Page:

Parents! Don’t feel left out! We have this interesting Pegasus Unicorn coloring page for adults, which can keep you occupied for quite some time. The intricate image can be challenging to do at first, but once you get the hang of it, time just flies! We recommend using thin-tip pens to color the narrow spots, using shades like yellow, pink, peach or whatever your mind says. Selecting coloring also works by keeping some spots white to prevent the image from looking too garish.

13. Mermaid Unicorn Coloring Page:

The fantasy land just seems to get much more exciting for your kid as two of their favorite characters to combined in one image! This adorable unicorn mermaid coloring page is sure to keep your kid engaged and entertained for a while. Just fill this image with all the possible colors in the palette to make it look interesting. We also feel that the background will look better in some colors instead of keeping it in plain white. If your kid enjoys paints, let them try their own techniques on this!

14. Crayola Unicorn Coloring Page:

Crayola is popular for its wide variety of coloring pages for adults and kids. Here is one of our favorite unicorn coloring sheets from Crayola, which kids older than 6 years will surely enjoy. Pick some bright shades to justify the excitement on the face of this character. Go for vibrant shades like yellow, red, pink, blue, etc., to breathe some life into this creature. The best part is the border which is also suitable for coloring. So, go ahead! Pick some sketches and transform this image the way you like to!

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15. Jumping Unicorn Coloring Page:

Last, but not least, we have this amazing unicorn coloring page in which the creature seems to be aiming at the skies. The jumping unicorn has enough space to use paints and watercolors. For the body, feel free to use any light shade to keep the sheet looking neat and nice. But for the hair, we recommend using a mix of golden, yellow and black. Due to the complexity involved, we think the suitable age is above 7 years.

Those are some of the best Unicorn coloring pages for kids and adults. Feel free to take these as ideas to keep your kids engaged in productive activities. Our suggestions on colors and tools are only to give a basic guide. Let your kid decide how they want to go about the image and unleash the creative spirit with minimal parental intervention.

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