The art of giving gifts can be tricky sometimes, if not often. Every one of us expects to receive gifts which would bring a smile to our faces instantly. Uniqueness and thoughtfulness while giving gifts are some factors one needs to consider. Quirky gift items take the receiver by surprise and leave a strong impression. And if you are clueless about what to give, we have got the perfect and unique gift list for you.

Unique Gift Ideas For Men And Women:

Here are Let’s get a look at the 15 unique gifts for men and women.

1. Travel Backpack As A Gift:

Who doesn’t love travelling? If your guy does, too, you can get him a leather backpack. A backpack is a great option for unique gifts for him. Plus, it will always remind him of you as he leaves for trips and adventures. The material for this backpack is pure leather, so he can use this backpack in any season for his outing.

2. Charging Station Gift:

Uniqueness in gifts is always loved. That is why a charging station makes it different from the rest and a unique gift for men. They will find it handy in the office or at home. So you can include it as a gifting option. If your boyfriend lives in a hostel, then this will surely be helpful for him, so girls, get this gift for your boyfriend as soon as possible.

3. Unicorn Slippers:

Girls love cute stuff like these super cute purple unicorn slippers. These pair of slippers will definitely be a unique gift for girlfriend. They can be bought in different colours and provide comfort, and are adorable. This stuff is preferred by girls while walking in a home. It gives softness and comfort to feet. Get this gift for your girlfriend, sure.

4. Lens Mug:

Now the above mug is surely a unique gift idea for boyfriend as it looks different and eye-catching, unlike the regular ones. Get a lens mug for your boyfriend to leave a lasting impression on him. He will enjoy this gift, and he will get good comments from his friends and relatives too.

5. Pacifier Clip:

Babies tend to cry at times, and taking care of them while doing other chores might get difficult. That is why a thoughtful and unique baby gift would be a pacifier clip. It won’t just make them stop crying but calm them as well.

6. Camping Stove:

A camping stove is surely a great and unique gift for dads. Especially if he loves cooking outdoors and it is portable and easy to assemble and cook at family get-togethers. You can carry on any picnics or even a Sunday brunch too. You will get this gift in your budget, and try to gift your dad on his next birthday.

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7. Bluetooth Speaker:

Another thoughtful and unique gift for her would be a Bluetooth speaker. Yes, for everyone loves music, and the device can be used, especially while sleeping, to listen to some soulful and feel-good music. This one nice collection gift for her. Try this unique gift for your girlfriend.

8. Makeup Brush Pot:

The above item will be an excellent and unique gift for women. Be it your mum, sister, girlfriend or anyone, and she will love it when she receives a gift she can actually use to keep her makeup brushes in a single place. Women love to do make-up, and this one is a perfect gift for ladies.

9. Personalized Cutting Board:

This personalized cutting board is an instant way to bring a smile, for it is a unique gift for mom. A cute message can be engraved on it as a thanksgiving one, and she will absolutely love it. Plus, a cutting board will always come in handy while cooking.

10. Shoe Bag:

Boys love to be fit and go to gyms. If your brother, boyfriend or any boy in your life loves going to the gym or takes trips, you get him a shoe bag to keep all his running and gym shoes in one place. That makes a shoe bag a unique gift for boys.

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11. Vinyl Record Player:

Old is gold. That is why we love old music because they are way different from modern-day music. A vinyl record player will be a suitable and unique gift idea for anyone, especially a music lover and vintage item collector. Not only can they listen to music, but the player will make the room more decorative.

12. Birthstone Ring:

Many people believe in how zodiac signs affect us in everyday life, and our friends are no different. That is why simple birthstone rings can be got for them as unique gifts for friends. Be it rubies or emeralds. They will love it because it is a personal form of acknowledging that they matter to you.

13. Prosecco Branded Wine:

If one of your friends or loved ones is a wine lover, then you can get them Italian Prosecco Wine which is a unique gift idea plus, this wine costs less compared to champagne and has a distinct taste of its own.

14. Laundry Bag:

All know how messy guys’ rooms can be. Clothes piled up and scattered all over the place can make the whole room untidy. That is when a gift like a laundry bag can be a unique gift for guys in order to make their rooms less dirty.

15. Scrabble Lights:

A decorative item like scrabble lights will always make the receiver happy because it is a unique gift idea. Upon getting it, they can make their rooms more attractive and bright with the help of these beautiful lights.

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Get a quirky, unexpected and unusual gift for your loved ones on the next occasion and leave a lasting impression. This is what most of us have in mind while giving gifts – to leave a strong impression, and that is why we have helped you in deciding which gift to give in order to take them by surprise.


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