When the season is full of fresh strawberries, how about trying out delicious strawberry cake? Strawberry cakes are known for their distinct taste and bright colour and never fail to impress our taste buds. Today, we have the strawberry flavour cake design, specially curated for those who love these delicious fruits. These cakes come in various designs and are prepared with myriad ingredients to add additional flavours and deliver an excellent taste palate. So if you are bored of regular cakes, these strawberry cake designs will give you unique and fantastic ideas to try out during special occasions and treats. Are you excited? So are we! Let us check out the yummy and bright-looking strawberry cake designs.

Simple and Best Strawberry Cake Designs With Images In 2023:

Here we have compiled the drool-worthy and popular varieties of strawberry cake designs trending worldwide. These designs are a blend of simple, unique, and creative designs. So let us check them out.

1. Dense Strawberry Cake For Birthday:

Image Source: pinterest

This strawberry cake is among the best choice for celebrating birthdays, especially for adults who love strawberry fruit. The cake is decorated with dense strawberry cream, with added fruits and a floral design whipped cream on the top. The cake is prepared with several layers and is filled with a distinct and thick strawberry flavour. This strawberry cake, topped with fruits, is not only tasty but also looks beautiful. Do you agree? If you truly love the flavour of this fruit, this is a perfect choice.

2. Strawberry Layer Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

We love this strawberry layer cake, especially for those who love creative ideas. The layer cake is made with strawberry jam and creamy frosting, besides the real strawberries. With all ingredients being strawberries in the cake, it is filled with rich fruit flavour and looks thick and jammy. You can reserve this cake for special occasions, such as celebrating any special treats, or for congratulatory gatherings or gifting.

3. Chocolate Strawberry Cake Design:

If you love chocolate and strawberries equally, this lovely cake is made with the perfect blend of two lovely ingredients. The strawberry chocolate cake design looks delicious and unique and is filled with the rich flavour of chocolate and fresh strawberries. The fruit topping on the cake further adds to the lovely looks and design. What do you think? Isn’t it lovely?

4. Homemade Simple Strawberry Round Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you do not prefer to purchase a strawberry cake in the shop and prefer to go through the lovely process of baking, this simple and round strawberry cake will impress you. The cake can be prepared in simple steps in the comfort of your home using basic ingredients like cake flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, butter and strawberry cream/jam. If you thoroughly love strawberry fruits, you will indeed enjoy the process of making such a beautiful cake. Do you agree with us?

5. Strawberry Tier Cake:

Image Source: calliescakes.com

Who does not like charming tier cakes? After all, we love the added flavour of our favourite colour designed in tiers. This strawberry-tier cake is a unique and charming gift for birthday parties or special events. The cake can be made with a minimum of 2 tiers or more as per your choice and can be topped with additional designs too. Further, this strawberry cake design has to be made for a minimum of 2 kg or more to look dense and thick.

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6. Barbie Doll Strawberry Cake:

If it’s a baby girl’s birthday, this strawberry cake design in a Barbie doll is a perfect and apt choice. The cake design gives out a striking and beautiful look, and the little girls will love the theme. This kind of specific design cake needs prior ordering, as it may take many hours to design and prepare the cake. The cake is filled with intense strawberry flavour and cream and will be tasty.

7. Strawberry Sponge Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

If you specifically prefer the simple nature of sponge cakes, we even have the possibility of preparing a strawberry sponge cake. Did you know this? This lovely cake has the goodness of flavour from sponge cake, further topped with fresh fruit, strawberries and lovely cream. It is a simple yet very creative choice to try out. You can make this cake at home for special occasions or casual days. It is a good comfy special dish.

8. Strawberry Ice Cream Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Who is fond of ice cream cakes? We bet most of us love the lovely flavour and taste associated with ice cream cakes. We have the specific strawberry ice cream cake design for you today. This ice cream cake is a perfect choice for summer and warmer months and those days when you love to have ice cream with the intense flavour of strawberry. Isn’t it unique?

9. Vanilla Strawberry Cake Design:

The cakes always taste amazing when two or more flavours are blended well and balanced. How about this strawberry vanilla cake design? Vanilla always acts as that one special ingredient that goes beautifully and very well with several other flavours. This lovely cake design is filled with rich vanilla cream and strawberry-dense fruit flavour. The cake looks beautiful, tasty, and perfect for all your special occasions and celebrations.

10. Strawberry Cheese Cake:

Cheesecakes are the newfound love for many in the baking world. We have this strawberry cheesecake design, perfect for filling your taste buds with cheesy fruit flavour. The strawberry cheesecake is a perfect choice for any simple evening or dinner as a dessert option. The cheesecake looks lovely, and the bright red strawberry colour adds to the pretty design too. What do you think?

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11. Strawberry Glaze Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

This dark pink strawberry gel or glaze cake is among the authentic and traditional strawberry cake designs. The cake is made with regular ingredients such as baking flour, soda, butter and sugar, besides also having the goodness of strong real strawberry flavour through the glazing design. In addition, the strawberry jam adds to the strength of flavour besides the original fruit topping.

12. Strawberry Cupcake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you do not wish to have a full cake, we also have the lovely strawberry cupcake design. These are mini doses of happiness filled with tasty flavour, the sweet and the strawberry fruit topping. They are perfect even to accompany you with other dishes or add them on the side to a huge strawberry cake during a celebration. How do you like this idea?

13. Strawberry Heart Shape Cake Design:

Image Source: pinterest

How do you like this heart shape strawberry cake design? Whether it is your anniversary or a special romantic celebration, this heart-shaped cake is a perfect choice for couples. The lovely pink cake is decorated with a beautiful bright pink rose floral design. The cake is filled with authentic strawberry flavour and topped with cream to give it a further delicious feel.

14. Tiny Strawberry Square Cake Design:

We even have a smaller version of a strawberry cake in this half-kg design. This strawberry cake comes in a square design and is topped with strawberry jam, a floral design and a bit of chocolate sauce to give it a special and beautiful look. The cake is a perfect match to celebrate some special events and gatherings in a small size.

15. Exotic Strawberry Cake Design:

Go on a step ahead and check out this exotic and stunning design strawberry cake. The cake is filled with strawberry flavour and has chocolate shards topping. The cream chocolate biscuits, as a part of the topping design in addition to the floral cream, give it a special look. This strawberry cake design looks definitely decorative, amazing and tasty. Do you agree?

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16. Strawberry Cake In Fruit Shape:

We have witnessed several designs in the strawberry cake till now. But how about the original fruit design in itself? This strawberry cake design resembles the fruit shape and gives it an original and vintage look. The taste definitely looks not only amazing and incredible with the baking talent but also tempting and mouth-watering.

17. Nature-Themed Strawberry Cake:

Among the birthday cakes, this strawberry design cake stands another chance for looking absolutely perfect. The cake is designed with a nature theme, filled with flowers, butterflies and more. The design is further added with strawberry cream and looks extremely elegant. Given this incredible cake design, we do doubt if we would want to cut this beautiful cake into pieces!

18. Delicious Strawberry Sponge Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Keep it light and simple yet delicious with this strawberry sponge cake design. The cake is made simply and needs only a few ingredients like flour, butter, eggs, sugar, baking powder, and strawberry fruits. The fruits add to the raw and natural flavour, making it very special. They add beautiful colour and look to the cake, too, as you can see from the picture above. You can easily also make this cake at home.

19. Crunchy Strawberry Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Don’t we all also love the natural crunchy feel of the cake? We have the most special crunchy strawberry cake design here. This is among new and trending strawberry cake designs, baked with frozen strawberries, strawberry puree and cream, besides the usual ingredients like butter, oil, sugar, eggs, flour and others. The end result is absolutely beautiful, with a fresh strawberry on the topping.

20. Strawberry Tiramisu Cake:

Image Source: pinterest

Another new and latest recipe trending on the internet is the strawberry tiramisu cake. Have you ever come across such a cake? This is an easy and quick no-bake version that can be done in a jiffy. The beautiful cake is topped with organic strawberries and blueberries, giving it a nice and rich look. The cake definitely looks finger-licking and delicious, and not only is it tasty but exquisite in appearance. Do you agree?

How did you enjoy exploring these lovely and tasty strawberry cake designs? If you are looking for design ideas for strawberry cakes, we hope this latest guide helps you out. With such a range of exotic and lovely designs, gone are the days you may need to rely on the usual round simple cake design. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you.


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