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9 Latest & Beautiful Unstitched Salwar Suits for Womens

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In India we all live a very privileged life that we all don’t realise. One of the few privileges is having our dresses stitched to our measurement and pattern. The unstitched cloth piece is set of salwar, kameez and dupatta. It is called unstitched salwar suit. They come of types and styles. Its price also ranges from various types.

New and Stylish Unstitched Salwar Suits Designs for Ladies in Weddings:

Here are few types of unstitched salwar suits.

1. Unstitched Bridal Salwar Suit:

Unstitched Bridal Salwar Suit1

Many brides don’t like to go for conventional lehenga choli for their wedding. The choice of salwar suit is liked by many. It can be worn for wedding and later on too. Bridal unstitched salwar suits are heavy salwar suit. It worn by brides for wedding, it has lot of embroidery and zari work. Many have diamonds stuck on it.

2. Unstitched bandhani Salwar Suit:

Unstitched BandniSalwar Suit

Bandhani unstitched salwar suits are made with cotton or silk. The print on the fabric is called bandhani The cloth is tied in knots and then dyed. Every Indian women has this type of suit. It is simple and perfect for daily use.

3. Cotton Unstitched Salwar Suit:

Cotton Unstitched Salwar Suit

Cotton unstitched salwar suit is simple printed salwar suit. It is worn for everyday use. They are simple printed. It sometimes has little embroidery and lace. This suit is worn by working ladies as it is very comfortable to travel in bus and train.

4. Unstitched Silk Type Salwar Suit:

Unstitched Silk type Salwar Suit

By its name, silk unstitched salwar suit is made of silk. It is a little costly. But it looks very classy. A little work near the neck and sleeves gives it enough glamour for parties. It is smart suit. It is worn by all ladies in functions.

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5. Lace Unstitched Salwar Suit:

Lace Unstitched Salwar Suit

Lace is a shortcut for embroidery. Lace unstitched salwar suits has lace in the hands and front of the dress. This lace work is seen more long top suits. Its look is taken from Pakistani suit. It can be worn to work. This is a classy type of unstitched salwar suit.

6. Georgette Unstitched Salwar Suit:

Georgette Unstitched Salwar Suit

Georgette unstitched salwar suit is made of georgette material. It has slight shine. This cloth is known for fall. This type of unstitched salwar suit is perfect for rainy season, as it quickly dries. It usually has print and no work. It is worn for day to day basis by many middle class working ladies.

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7. Unstitched Printed Salwar Suit:

Unstitched PrintedSalwar Suit

Printed unstitched salwar kameez is the most common type of unstitched salwar suit. It has print which looks very real. The print can be of many types. Floral, geometric and Arabic design is the most common prints. All most all women have it. Good material with good print is ideal for wearing work.

8. Embroidered Unstitched Salwar Suit:

Embroidered Unstitched Salwar Suit

Embroidered unstitched salwar kameez has embroidery on the neck, sleeves, and bottoms. Sometimes the embroidery work is there all over the dress. This work is very costly when it is handmade. It is perfect for parties and family function. You can wear it work if the embroidery is in limit.

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9. Unstitched Zari Salwar Suit:

Unstitched ZariSalwar Suit

Many believe Zari is the best work done on fabric. Zari unstitched salwar suit has zari work done on the neck and sleeves mainly. It is little heavy so to support the fabric extra cloth is put behind. It perfect for functions, sometimes the zari work is done all over, that type of unstitched salwar suit is worn by bride’s maids and close relatives.

Unstitched salwar suit is a privileged of all those who don’t have perfect body to wear readymade clothes. Those who want custom fit, this is the buy for them. It comes in all patterns. Unstitched salwar suit is unstitched material set for making salwar suit. It is stitched and worn by all ladies.

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