To beat the summer the right way, we need more than just gathering the hair at the back and scrunching it up in a bun. There is more to the summer hairstyles than just the simple high bun and it is in this article that we speak of the different styles and types of hair updo. Now braids as we all know is a common form of hairstyle that many resort to and combining the updo with the braid creates a lethal combination that simply cannot be missed. Not only does it speak of a high style quotient but also adds a hint of spice to your everyday hairstyles.

Braided updo for black hair is sexy! One, braids ensure your hair is neatly tied and does not make a mess by falling on your face and two, medium hair is sure a comfort any time. Hence comfort and neat braids when combined together offer an unmatchable confidence and style. The look is always complete when you walk in style and carry yourself well. The best part about updo hairstyles with braids for medium hair is they look always up to the fashion mark and are a huge comfort factor. Take a look at some of our best suggestions of some braided updos for medium hair, as well as for long hair.

1. The Diagonal French Braid:

This is a braided updo for long hair. It is easy to do this. See how!

  • To get this look start by French braiding your front locks in a backward fashion and at the back of your head pin the braid to one place.
  • Keeping that as a base tie your hair into a rough little pony and you are set for the day to create a head turning impression.

2. The Braid Band:

Braids can get as subtle as this as we include the simplest of the braids into a pretty band. They ensure your hair stays in place and looks neat.

  • For this look, leave the front bangs free while you make a bump bun at the back of your head.
  • Prior to this make sure you leave a chunk of your locks from the side which you can now braid and pin to the side.

3. The Milkmaid Braid:

The best of the trends always keep coming back and from the olden day maidens, here is a bumper hairstyle that can set your cute records to a sky high level.

  • This is a simple enough hair style where you gather your hair at one side and tie it into a braid.
  • Now take the braid all the way across and pin it up. In case you feel this had made your hair messy, let it be. Messy is the new trend!

4. The Trillion Star:

Much like the first hairstyle and yet different in its own way, this hairstyle uses three French styled braid that goes all the way to the back.

  • Comb your hair well and spray some hair volumizer spray to get a dense effect.
  • Start rolling your hair into a tight little bun and secure it with a tie or a pin. A high bun can sport well with this look.

5.The Braid Bun:

This is the easiest yet hairstyle and still a powerful piece of hairdo that speaks of a heavy statement.

  • Start by brushing your hair back sleek and clean and tie it into a pony.
  • Now a tight braid with the pony is all we need. Roll up the braid now in a high bun and secure it with a pin.

This one is neat and could be your everyday office look. Try out this braided updos for medium hair.

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6. Three Way Bun:

This one could take some of your time. This is however an ideal braided updos for long hair.

  • To get this look start with three segments of hair and pony them up to secure the separation.
  • Now braid each segment into tight little separations and roll them individually one across the other to form a powerful braid bun.
  • A little hint of an ornament or fancy hair tie can add to the look of the hair.

7. The Under Braid:

Here is another stylish and simple braid updo. This one is little on the messy side of the look and could be a good choice for a party.

  • Bring your hair all the way across to one side and start braiding the hair across the nape of your neck.
  • Halfway through stop and pin it to place so that you have a free lock on the side. Now scrunch and roll them up for a loose messy side braid.

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8. The Twin Bun:

The twin bun is an elegant braided updos. It will take some time, however, this one has got your back for any occasion or event. Take a look at how you can get it right.

  • Segment your hair into two sections, preferably the upper and the lower layer and tie them both into a braid.
  • Now roll the one underneath to pin it to place and do the same right after with the upper braid.

9. The Basket Braid:

Even though this is quite an complicated hairdo with the right amount of technique and methods, you can simply use the best to your advantage. The entire hair is braided into a big one piece before wrapping it around to create a beautiful up do. This is good for people with long hair.

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10. Princess Bun Updo:

This is a black hair braided updo that is a complete elegant braided bun updo. The bun falls on the side and the bangs are left slightly loose on the forehead.

  • Take a side parting and comb your hair well.
  • You can use a serum to keep the hair in place. Tie a loose bun and secure it with bobby pins and hair bands. Make sure the bun is on one side of the head.
  • Now, gently comb your bangs.

There you are! Party ready!

11. Fishtail Braid Updo:

Braids and updos are the cool trend. The fishtail braid updo looks simple and beautiful.

  • To get the messy look, start with a French braid from the sides.
  • The middle of the hair on the center, leave that a bit messy. Now, secure the ends of the braid with a bobby pin.
  • Tie a low bun or fold it into a fancy bun.

This one is fairly easy to do!

12. African Braids Updo:

African braids are a real fancy for the many of us. It is super trendy and will look absolutely stunning on the jet-black hair. It requires immense effort and time, because the whole thing involves having to part your hair to tiny sections to make a braid. The entire thing is either held like a pony tail or secured as a bun.

Braided updo for black hair, whether short, long or medium is an absolute simple and elegant way to carry yourselves. They are comfy and sports a trendy look for any occasion at any point of time. Try out some of our suggestions and make sure to walk in style.

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