Long hair is always bliss. It’s from those traditional times that we are all attracted to having long hair given the way there are several styling methods and elegance carried with it. Hence here we come with trending updo hairstyles for long hair. Long hair signifies the beauty of the woman. Further, this can be styled according to as one wishes, be it in the traditional way or even in a modern styling manner. These easy updos for long hair are all that you need to look magnificent and stylish in several of your social gatherings and circles. Hence continue these simple updos for long hair articles to know which styles have gained popularity and are trending right now. These are among quick and easy updos for long hair which does not require much patience and effort and will make you look edgy and stylish.

9 Pretty Updos for Long Hair in 2022:

Here are the top trending and pretty updos for long hair. These include classic updos for long hair, professional updos for long hair and also stylish updos for long hair.

1. The Cropped Bun Updo Hair:

This is one of the best updo hairstyles for long hair, the cropped bun is related to the side bun but with a very significant difference. The cropped bun can be customized as per your choice by adding maybe a set of curls on the sides to add to the elegant look. This is among the new updos for long hair which is elegant and magnificent. Try this trendy updo for long hair if you are looking for something simple and classy rather than being edgy.

  • Best Season to Try: Wear this style out in summers for best looks.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in late 20s are well suited in this hairstyle.
  • Suitable Face Shape: If you have an oval face and diamond face, this is the best style for you.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Women can wear nice long gown in this style to attend wedding parties.

2. Braid Bun Style:

The braided bun is also a very popular long hair updo that only requires you to make a braid after which you will need to form that into a bun. Though it is a longer process than the rest, the braided bun is very social able. The braided bun is very popular amongst teenagers all over the world. This is among trending wedding updos for long hair. Try this out if you want that vintage kind of modern vibes.

  • Best Season to Try: Any season is fit to try out this hairstyle.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this style with women of any age group.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Try this side hair updos for long hair with round and square shape face.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Women can wear this braided updos for long hair for wedding times with long gown.

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3. Low Hanging Updo for Hair:

The low hanging bun is yet again a very well known long hair updo which has a very elegant feel that essentially no other updo for long hair can pull off effectively. If you use this side bun hairstyle for any corporate event, you will surely be the centre of attention and the best part is that the hairstyle complements all facial structures and dress codes. This is a formal updo for long hair which is best to give a first impression and elegant look at several occasions.

  • Best Season to Try: Summer is the perfect time to try this style out.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this style for women in 30s only for a youthful, radiant look.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Round and oval face types are the perfect fit to try out this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: You can use this prom updos for long hair for parties or even as formal updos for office meetings with a nice long dress.

4. Customized Braid Hair Updo for Long Hair:

Customizing a hairstyle is a very important bond that a woman can build between you and your hair. By finding the right hairstyle for yourself, you start to understand yourself better, and that is why experimentation is always the best when looking for the right hairstyle. These updos for long curly hair are totally the best fit to try out. You can even try this out as updos for long hair with bangs.

  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this style if you are in age below 40 years old.
  • Suitable Face Shape: All face shape types are suitable for this hairstyle.
  • Best Season to Try: This can be the best hairdo in summers and monsoon season.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Try this style out if you want to go to fancy parties with skirts or long dresses.

5. Bun Style for Curly Hair:

If making just a simple bun does not suit the requirements that you need then try mixing it up with a set of curls on all sides which fall gracefully to provide a great new hairstyle for you. The curls complement the low hanging and side bun as well.

  • Best Season to Try: Wear this style in any season as you wish.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those in the 20s are best to try this hairstyle.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Women with oval and heart and thin face shapes are best for this style.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Women can wear nice long gown in this style to attend wedding parties.

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6. Elegant Braid Updo for Long Hair:

Here is among our top favourite casual updos for long hair. If you want something which is a classic and simple look, not too much overbold and yet among easy hairstyles for long thick hair, then what else than this style. Try this style out if you want a quick and effortless look that yet looks smarty, edgy and stylish. This is a new and unique style that is trending right now in the fashion world.

  • Best Season to Try: Wear this style in any season as you wish.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those in their 20s are well suited to try this hairstyle.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Women with oval and heart shape face are best suited to try this one out.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Good casual western wear are good to go in this style to go out with friends or date nights.

7. Braided Tiara Look:

Here is our braided look, which is youthful and trendy. This party Indian updo hairstyle for long hair is looking so trendy and edgy, but you may see it is difficult. Well, we tell you that this is quite easy updos for long layered hair. This is totally trendy right now and looks so cute and pretty too. This feminine look isn’t difficult to achieve. This updos for long hair step by step can be achieved quite easily by braiding hair from the crown area and making it roll like the tiara style.

  • Suitable Face Shape: Any face shape can fit in this hairstyle well.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their 20s are only well fit here than others.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this style in winters and monsoons for the best look.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: This is a good festive hairstyle to try with ethnic and traditional clothes on festivities and celebrations time.

8. The Princess Hair Updo Style:

This is another easy updo hairstyle for long straight hair. And this is making us go over the top with a pretty intricate style and trend. This looks feminine and gives us the princess feels. Women who love to get ready, get styled and have a magic transformation can try this hairstyle out. It is super cute and trendy, edgy and also a very ethnic vintage look. Try it out for having your stylish day feels.

  • Ideal Age Group: Only women of their 20s age can best look good in this look.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Women with any face shape can try this hairstyle out.
  • Best Season to Try: Summers and monsoons are the perfect time to try, however, they can be tried at other times as well.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Wear this with nice long flowy dress or gown to look great at the wedding reception kind of fancy events.

9. The Great Mane Updo:

Unleash the beast inside you by having the ultimate hairstyle for almost any occasion. The great man has been growing in popularity over time and is being used by ladies of all ages for both corporate parties and social events very effectively. The lioness inside you will surely roar when adorning this great hairstyle for yourself. This is among the modern updos for long hair which is an elegant and classy looking style, and this is surely going to make you look super modern and edgy.

  • Best Season to Try: Winters are the perfect season to work on this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their late 20s and 30s age are only best to fit here to try.
  • Suitable Face Shape: Try this hairstyle with those women who have oval and diamond face shapes.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Wear this with a nice midi-length dress or long gown to look amazing at professional parties or cocktail parties.

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Additional Tips:

Now we tell you how best to maintain these updos for long hair,

  1. Long hair is quite amazing and gorgeous to look at, but it is difficult to maintain. Hence make sure you have regular hair wash, nourishment and moisturization of hair
  2. Do not over shampoo as well. if you suffer from dry hair and have an issue with washing too many times, you can even use hair dry shampoo spray
  3. Add on hair accessories and tiaras as you wish to add a further look to these pretty updos for long hair.
  4. Oil massage every week once or twice is important to make sure hair is receiving the all moisture and nourishment it needs.

This guide on updo hairstyles for long hair can never be exhausted. Here are the top trending looks you may want to have a look at. These styles are trendy, eye-catchy and edgy looks. Women who love to have that simple yet princess or elegant feels can try these styles out. These include both easy looks and also over the bold transformed looks. As per the events and styles, you can easily pick up what you love and try them out. You would surely love them and get back to them as well.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How to make sure the long hair updos stay for longer periods of time without smudging during events?

Ans: Hairdos are trendy right now as they look elegant and edgy. However, making them stick to the hair for long is what the challenge is during a long day and hours of events. Hence hair spray is your best friend here, make sure you spray it after styling and also in between a few hours to make sure hair is not smudging around.

Q2. Does the braided bun in messy style updo for long hair suit women with heart-shaped faces?

Ans: Messy Braided updo can look on several face types, and just the messy waves can be altered as per face shape. Hence you can easily fit these styles even to women who have heart-shaped faces.

Q3. Can women with long frizzy hair look good in the princess hairdo style?

Ans: Yes, totally, it all depends on how best you can take care and maintain hair while doing this updo. Make sure you follow a good regular hair care routine, first of all, to reduce frizziness in hair. Further, add the serum to the hair before styling well. Make sure you apply good spray and moisture oil to hair to look good.

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