Top 8 Beautiful Updos For Long Hair

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Most women around the world all have a certain attraction towards long hair and the truth is that any woman looks absolutely great when they have well styled long hair. Long hair does well to magnify the beauty of a woman. Any long hair style is easy to create and requires just a single pair of professional hands so that you make no mistake. Long hairstyles go well with almost every event for example weddings, corporate parties and social events. Long hairstyles compliment all kinds of clothing and specifically compliment all kinds of face types and hair colours making it the most versatile hair do in the market. Up dos for long hair have slowly gained popularity over the last few years and now plenty of women around the world are carrying this hairstyle to set a style statement. Given below are a few well known up dos for you to get the perfect hairstyle-

Fish Tail Hairstyle:

updos for long hair1

The fishtail hairstyle is an absolute treat when compared to great yet complicated hairstyles for the ladies. This hairstyle is also great for younger girls to teenagers as well.

Side Bun Hairstyle:

updos for long hair2

The side bun hairstyle is a very elegant hairstyle that can be used effectively for parties as well as corporate events. Maintaining a side bun is extremely easy as it requires no hard work because of the fact that once the bun is made the hair does not need to be worried about anymore.

The Great Mane Hairstyle:

updos for long hair3

Unleash the beast inside you by having the ultimate hairstyle for almost any occasion. The great mane has being growing in popularity over time and is being used by ladies of all ages for both corporate parties and social events very effectively. The lioness inside you will surely roar when adorning this great hairstyle for yourself.

The Cropped Bun:

updos for long hair4

Yet again another great up do for long hair the cropped bun is related to the side bun but with a very significant difference. The cropped bun can be customised as per your choice by adding maybe a set of curls on the sides to add to the elegant look.

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Braid Bun:

updos for long hair5

The braid bun is also a very popular long hair up do that only requires you to make a braid after which you will need to form that into a bun. Though it is a longer process than the rest the braid bun is very social able. The braid bun is very popular amongst teenagers all over the world.

Low Hanging Bun:

updos for long hair6

The low hanging bun is yet again a very well known long hair up do which has a very elegant feel that essentially no other up do for long hair can pull off effectively. If you use this hairstyle for any corporate event you will surely be the centre of attention and the best part is that the hairstyle complements all facial structures and dress codes.

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The Bun With Curls:

updos for long hair7

If making just a simple bun does not suit the requirements that you need then try mixing it up with a set of curls on all sides which fall gracefully to provide a great new hairstyle for you. The curls compliment the low hanging and side bun as well.

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updos for long hair8

Customising a hairstyle is a very important bond that a woman can build between you and your hair. By finding the right hairstyle for yourself you start to understand yourself better and that is why experimentation is always the best when looking for the right hairstyle.

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