25 Latest and Traditional Uppada Sarees With Images

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Uppada or Uppada Jamdani sarees are the most popular sarees, especially with the Andhra people. No wedding or important occasion is complete without the women choosing Uppada sarees. These stunning silk sarees originated in the Uppadaof East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. The Uppada Jamdani saree has its roots in Persia, where the words Jam means flower and dani means a vase. This is why most Uppada sarees have intricate floral motifs that are inspired by the Persian art. Each original Uppada saree takes about 10 -60 days for weaving. Pure silver and gold zaris are used in the sarees, which is why these are price so high. This article covers some of the latest Uppada Sarees designs to make your choice easy. Check out the beautiful Uppada sarees photos to admire the beauty of this art.

Traditional Uppada Sarees With Pictures:

Here are some of the best-looking Uppada sarees of all time that you will hopefully heart. The top 20 uppada sarees are as follows:

1. The Handmade Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Handmade Uppada Saree 1

This is one of the best uppada sarees that you will ever come through. It has got the looks and the material to make a woman look absolutely amazing. The pattern that this saree sports on the front and on the sides is also worth mentioning and it will be suitable for you as well. If you are willing to look your best, then this is something that you will allow you achieve what you want.

2. The Big Boarder Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Bright Sky Blue Color Uppada Sarees 2

Here is another beautiful uppada saree that will suitable for all women out there. The pattern that this saree follows is so intricate that it can be said to be extremely suitable for almost all occasions and events. Even when you are thinking of wearing the most beautiful Indian saree right now, then this will be something that will always pop up on your mind and eventually you will end up wearing it.

3. The Simple Jamdani Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Light Blue Uppada Saree 3

This is such an uppada saree that all women out there will think of sporting on their body. It comes with beautiful patch like designed patterns on the lower portion and to the extreme end of the sides, that is the borders. The saree has been made to make women look good in it and it is something you will love carrying on your body as well.

4. The Multi Color Plain Uppada Pattu Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Multicolor Uppada Saree 4

Here is an uppada saree that sports more than one color and it will make you look quite alluring as well. The saree comes with application of more than one colors and it will make you look very alluring instantly. The patterns done on the border portion is one of the most attractive features of this saree and that is the same pattern that makes it look impressive in the first place.

5. The Cream And Black Uppada Cotton Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Cream And Black Uppada Saree 5

Here is a beautifully colored cream saree that comes with the mixture of the color black as well. This is something that impress people instantly. The design comes with an alluring pattern done on it and it will impress people as well. Both the colors suit the saree so perfectly that any will easily make up her mind to wear this saree.

6. The Half And Half Uppada Saree:

Traditional Uppada Sarees


Here, we have two colors beige cream and pink done beautifully on the saree. The model is so awesome that it can be displayed with a half sleeve blouse. zari plain occupy the border portion and that is what will persuade all the women to sport this on their body. The pink color is one of the finest attractive features of this saree and that is what makes this saree so special in the first place.

7. The Big Pallu Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Blue Artistic Uppada Saree 7

Here is something that you will find alluring for yourself. The blue colored saree comes with some intricate patterns done on the middle. The borders are decorated with a different type of color and it is probably one of the finest Indian sarees of all time that can make woman interested in this designer material.

8. The Sky Blue Goddess Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Sky Blue Goddess Uppada Saree 9

It is not too fancy and not too simple as well. It is rather, perfect for attraction attention of the mass audience. The edges are beautifully decorated with strap like patterns and the lower pally portions also shows some sign of the color pink which takes this saree to a different league of beauty. So one thing you can sure of that is it will attract people’s attention and looks instantly.

9. The Casual Blue Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Casual Blue Uppada Saree 9

Like all the other Uppada saree this is a also a pretty light saree and can be worn as a casual saree. If you are looking for something alluring, then this can be the right one for you. It will suit all your needs and make you look attractive from the core. The delicate patterns done on this saree is what attracts people in the first place. If you are looking for something revolutionary in the ethnic Indian clothing category, then this is the right thing for you.

10. The Red Uppada Designer Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Red Uppada Designer Saree 10

Here is a designer saree for all women out there. It is something that will be totally appropriate for young as well as mature women. It can be used as a casual wear saree. One can also sport them at indoor events. Because of it’s feather weight feature it is extremely comfortable.

11. The Purple Color Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Purple Color Uppada Saree 11

Here is saree for all the women who want to look their best by sporting the Indian clothing style. The smart and delicate designs on the front part and on the back part form the real deal and that is the feature that makes it so alluring.

12. The Alavar Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Light Weight Pink Uppada Saree 12

Here is something that can prove to be extremely attractive for you. The awesome floral pattern of this saree makes it look totally alluring and it is something that all women will want to sport on their body for a special occasion.

13. The Blue And Purple Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Blue And Purple Uppada Saree 13

Here is a saree that will be suitable for all women who want to look their best by what they are supposed to wear actually. It is something that you haven’t seen before. Rest assured, it is extremely attractive and can get the job done of impressing people quite effectively.

14. The Black And Golden Lines Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Black and Golden Uppada Saree 14

Here is an uppada saree that sports two of the best colors for sarees most effectively. Golden being the base color along with some black stripes is something that will make people go totally crazy for this saree. If you are looking for something trendy with a classic touch, then this will be right stuff for you.

15. The Alluring Red Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Alluring Red Uppada Saree 15

Here is a red uppada saree that comes with some intricate patterns done on the body. It is not too fancy that it cannot be worn to simple places. Again it is not too dull that it will hamper your image at aristocratic parties. It is flexible and kind of suits itself and makes itself eligible to the situation.

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16. The Pink Light Uppada Buta Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Pink Light Uppada Saree 16

This is again a really light saree (uppada saree) that will be totally accurate for women with a fair skin tone. It will make you look extremely attractive from the hear and make you look like the most wonderful woman in the crowd of all the saree wearers.

17. The Uppada Center Buta Saree:

Traditional Uppada Sarees 17


Here is a beautiful-looking uppada saree that comes with a pretty good floral buta pattern done on this saree. The buta patterns on the pallu and on the bottom is what makes it look so attractive in the first place. The saree is something that will suit almost everyone’s needs.

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18. The Green Uppada Silk Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Green Silk Uppada Sraee 18

After a long time, here is an alluring silk saree with a pretty good design done on the borders. Like some of the best sarees out there it is made to impress and one thing is for sure that women will be impressed by looking at for once, especially because of the color. If you are looking for an alluring sareee this season, then this can work well for you.

19. The Red Artistic Silk Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Red Artistic Silk Saree 19

Here is a beautiful silk saree for all women out there. Though it is a silk saree it is not too heavy to carry. You can pretty comfortably carry it and make it look good on you. If you are willing to look your best then this is the thing for you.

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20. The Brown Casual Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees-Brown Casual Uppada Saree 20

Choosing the right saree during the summers can be really tough. If you are sporting something totally alluring, then this might be one of the best stuffs for you. The saree comes with a quite attractive traditional design on the pallu and that is what impresses people in the first place.

21. UppadaPattu Sarees:

This Uppada saree is designed specially for women who like to make a style statement wherever they go. The beautiful combination of green and dual toned pink comes with a rich golden zari border. It has golden zari running all over the saree in the form of checks. This is one of the best Uppada sarees.

22. Plain UppadaPattu Sarees:

If you are looking for a simple, yet regal silk saree, check out this gorgeous violet Uppada plain saree. The unique feature about this saree is the long zari border that can make you stand out if the crowd. The saree also comes with a contrast pallu , which is also kept plain. This is best for religious occasions and festivals.

23. Uppada Silk Sarees:

This is one of the best Indian Uppada sarees. The royal blue handloomkuppada saree is a head turner. It is extremely grand in its look and comes with a rich zari border. The saree also has small butis all over the body and running lines through out the border line. Pair it with some heavy jewellery, you will surely make your presence felt.

24. Uppada Cotton Sarees:

If you are looking for a slightly low priced version of Uppada sarees, check out this Uppada cotton saree. The multi-colored pure uppada cotton saree is a stunning piece. It has beautiful hues of pink and violet with a golden zari border. The unique part of this saree is the ikkat weave on the Pallu.

25. Uppada Checks Sarees:

This elegant Uppada Checks saree is perfect for parties and important occasions. The lovely saree comes in a half and half model, where the bottom half of the saree is in bottle green and the top drape comes in a pink and orange checks. This is a pure handloom saree and can be teamed with any color blouse.

Pure Uppada sarees are usually very expensive, as they are painstakingly handmade on the looms. The quality of these sarees is matchless and can never be replaced by the mill produced sarees. If you are looking for the best quality Uppada saree for your wedding, it is recommended to shell extra money for that priceless look. Original Uppada sarees also have a long life and their zari remains shiny for many years. These sarees must always be dry-cleaned and aired atleast once in 6 months to prevent them from spoiling. We hope you liked this collection of Uppada sarees and plan to add one in your wardrobe.

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