This Indian actress, Urvashi Rautela, needs no introduction. The actress-model is quite famous for her beauty and classic trends and has made her mark in the Bollywood tinsel town. She won Miss Diva in 2015 and has gone on to represent India in the Miss Universe pageant. With her intense bold eyes and striking, sharp facial features, Rautela is undoubtedly a gem in the industry. Today, we are here to give you a glimpse of this diva Urvashi Rautela without makeup.

If you haven’t seen this gorgeous look in real life, you must understand how she is behind the screen and her actual identity. We are sure they will charm and shock you simultaneously, just like they did to us! Here are the top ten pictures of this diva with no makeup looks!

10 Beautiful Urvashi Rautela without Makeup Images:

Today this article collected the best pics of Urvashi Rautela without makeup.

1. Behind the Scenes for a Shoot:

Urvashi is pictured still getting ready for her next shot, maybe a photoshoot or a music video snippet. In this picture, we can see the stylists fixing her hair to perfection, and Urvashi Rautela’s no makeup look can also be quite visible. She looks breathtaking, even without any makeup on.

2. Signing Up for Movie:

This picture was doing its fair share of circulation when the latest news feed said Urvashi was being cast in the movie Yaariayan. In one such event, she poses with no makeup look in her causal red and yellow blouse, her shades high up on her crown as she smiles sweetly. All the actress has done in this look is apply soft kohl to her eyes and lip balm. We cannot believe how gorgeous she can look in real life, with super clear skin without any makeup. It is almost like wearing a no-makeup look!

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3. Modelling Days:

This was one of the earliest pictures of Urvashi in one of her modelling days when she opted for a minimalist look for her photoshoot. Her eyes were done up in a novice blue and black shadow, but there was no professional makeup on herself, and even then, she looked pretty intoxicating. Her youthful face and innocent looks have left a strong impression on us, and we are all quite jealous! What do you think?

4. Vacation Times:

Always at her best, we can see this image of Urvashi Rautela without makeup setting off on vacation. She is exclusively herself in this picture. All she has applied on her face is a shield moisturizer; we cannot take our eyes off her. She loves having some personal time off from her busy professional life and taking vacations with her family.

5. During Photoshoot:

Here is another candid picture of Rautela with her friends during shoot times. She is seen dressed beautifully in this shimmer red dress, which looks ethnic and is wearing loose hair. The beach waves complement her look, and here, she has yet to do her makeup. This is one of the pictures from her younger days. She hasn’t changed much; however, what do you think?

6. Workout Scenes:

Urvashi Rautela strongly believes in keeping oneself fit and healthy. She makes it a point never to skip her daily gym routine, and here she is, working hard in the mornings to maintain her toned body. She loves weight lifting and cardio and is also a sucker for a healthy diet. No wonder she has such a perfect and toned body!

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7. Airport Looks:

As she walked down the airport in her get-up self, we were amazed by her persona. Always a fashion enthusiast, Urvashi decked up in a wild print t-shirt with blue jeans; she looks gorgeous with wavy hair. She is seen wearing leather boots and heading to the check-in section. Quite minimalistic and yet beautiful, isn’t it!

8. Bubbly Young Self:

Here is another unseen picture of Rautela in no makeup. She is not wearing anything on her fresh face and looks at herself with a bubbly and charming smile. This picture is taken during her college days, and we bet most of you haven’t even seen her pic back then. She immensely loved casual clothes back then and is seen wearing regular blue jeans, a white shirt and sweater, and shoes.

9. Sports Practice:

The picture of Urvashi in a white jacket, sweater, and black pants took over the internet back then. She is seen in loose half pinned hair, with a broad smile posing for the camera. This picture was taken during her time in sports practice, and her expression given in the photo is legit! Her simplicity and down-to-earth attitude are quite appreciable.

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10. The FunnyLook:

The picture of Urvashi in a white jacket, sweater, and black pants took over the internet back then. She is seen in loose half-pinned hair, with a broad smile posing for the camera. This picture was taken during her time in sports practice, and her expression given in the photo is legit! Her simplicity and down-to-earth attitude are quite appreciable.

#Additional Tips:

With these several images of Urvashi Rautela without any makeup on her face, here are a few tips inspired by her skincare and beauty.

  1. Always keep your face and skin clean. Make sure to cleanse and tone it well for a bright texture.
  2. Using rose water as natural toner can amplify and make a face look glorious and bright.
  3. Use natural remedies than chemical products to scrub the face. Make it a point to scrub your face twice a week, at least.
  4. Never skin on hydration and sunscreen. Make a point to add moisturizer to your face every single day.
  5. Essential oils such as argan and olive oil can help tone down and even down the skin to a large extent.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. What is Urvashi Rautela’s favourite skincare product?

Ans: The favourite skincare product and routine the actress swears by is a complete face moisturizer. She looks glamorous and beautiful with a hydrated face and even-toned looks.

Q2. Does Urvashi Rautela follow a particular diet?

Ans: The actress and diva ensure only healthy food every day. However, she makes a point to keep a specific cheat meal once a few days. She swears by eating a lot of leafy green vegetables and fruits.

Q3. Did Urvashi Rautela appear in music videos?

Ans: Yes, the famous actress has also been a model and appeared in several music videos by YoYo Honey Singh and also others like Mika Singh and Tony Kakkar.

We are entirely in love with seeing these pictures of Urvashi Rautela without makeup. One can never imagine how she looks breathtaking and charming, even with a real and bare face. She is a style icon and inspiration for many like us, teaching us how to maintain the natural skin tone evenly!


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