As the urge for a tattoo increases, many research and creators have invented a new technique to design a tattoo that’s visible under ultraviolet light only. In this technique, in regular or normal daylight, the tattoo is almost invisible. Some scars are visible, but as soon as the black light is illuminated, the tattoo starts glowing and looks bright and appealing to the eyes. These UV tattoos or blacklight tattoos pinch your pockets on a higher side than normal tattoo designs, as UV ink is pretty expensive.

Best UV Black Light Tattoo Ideas And Designs:

Let’s have a look at the top 9 different types of UV light tattoos.

1. Gorgeous UV Light Tattoo Designs:

This is one excellent looking UV tattoo ink design for every woman who wants their feet to sizzle like their beauty and more spark to it with this design. Here the lady has designed bloomed flowers on her feet, and the image sparkles or is visible only in UV or black light falls on it.

2. Spider Web UV Light Tattoo Designs:

Here the wearer has designed a spider web on the wrist, which resembles that he has got trapped or entangled in life; this tattoo is being inked in a UV light so it would be visible only in UV rays. The message behind this UV ink tattoo would be conveyed only when black lights fall on it. Otherwise, it would be hidden from others.

3. Amazing UV Tattoo Designs:

Designing tattoos can be a great way to express your love, and it even depicts that your ideas and thoughts are the same. Here the couple has designed small sensational keys on the middle finger with UV ink to depict their intense love for each other.

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4. Scripted UV Light Tattoo:

There are many tattoo designs which people want to design but do not want it to be visible so it’s a great idea to design the tattoo with UV ink so that it glows in front of your loved ones only. Here the wearer has sketched a startling word conveying that people should stay happy and spread happiness everywhere they go.

5. Attractive UV Light Tattoo Designs:

This is an ideal UV ink design for people who adored nightlife and love parties and nightclubs. Here the wearer has depicted sparkling dragon and beautiful flowers all over the sleeves with UV ink, and it would glow when he is dancing on the floor, adding an extraordinary look to its persona.

6. White Ink UV Light Tattoo:

This is a fantastic white UV tattoo design, a small musical note laid on the wearer’s calf depicting his love and passion for music. Here the tattoo lover has outlined the design with white ink making it look incredibly subtle and unique under UV rays.

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7. Fantastic UV Light Tattoo Designs:

This is the best UV tattoo ink design for females. You want to add a more charming look to their persona by tattooing stars of various sizes on the belly and sides of the body. This is a perfect tattoo UV design for evening or late-night parties too. When it glows, it lends you a stunning appearance.

8. Lovely UV Reactive Tattoo:

This tattoo design has been designed using UV reactive ink, meaning the image would be visible only under UV light and safe to use. The tattoo lover has styled a small funny creature on hand, adding a style statement to its looks.

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9. Impressive UV Light Tattoo:

This is an extraordinary tattoo design laid with UV ink where the dove bird is carrying a heart pendant in its mouth as the wearer wants to convey that he has fallen in love. When the UV rays fall on the design, it looks awesome and brilliant.


You can depict any design with this technique which appeals to you the most and even lends a charming and extended look to your appearance. But while inking this tattoo, you need to be extra careful as this tattoo should not be exposed to UV rays for almost 2-3 months after piercing as the rays can damage the ink, and it might not glow or shine n the UV light. So you need to be extra careful while tattooing this design.

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