Ever head of V star bras? Yes, most of us don’t quite know about this brand. The V star bra and innerwear garments are launched by none other than the popular V Guard brand. They are in the market since the end of the 1990s and most of their creations are launched in the name of ‘Vanessa’. Their collections include inner garments for ladies, men’s trunks and briefs along with other intimate wear. While most of us aren’t quite aware of these different V star bra types, today we tell you the top variants in these bras and which styles to choose according to body and breast shape.

Features of V Star Bra:

Here come the major characteristics of the brand V star bras and garments.

  • The brand V star is popular for budget innerwear and garments. They are qualitative and are also comfortable.
  • The V star bras mostly are in cotton fabric however also shift to nylon and lace as per designs and styles.
  • There are both padded and nonpadded variants of V star bras.
  • The v star bras also include separate collection for the plus size women and heavier busty women.
  • The V star bra cups are also varied in the different versatile size range.
  • They come in different colours and styles.

Types of Bras Are Available in V Star Brand:

The different styles and V star bra types include the following:

  • Daily wear bra
  • Active bra
  • Cami bra
  • Multiway bra
  • Plus size bra
  • Traditional bra
  • T-shirt bra
  • Nursing bra
  • Crop top bra

Different Types Of V Star Bras Available In India With Images:

Let we have to look at the top most models of bras in V star brand.

1. Alissa-VBP:

It is a seamless bra with thin-padded cups which gives maximum support. Alissa style offers coverage will be smooth in symmetrical shape to breasts. It is a perfect outfit in T-shirt model. It is one of the best and suitable v star bras for college girls.

  • Good For: Round and athletic breast shape of any bust size
  • Wear it Under: Regular and casual daily wear
  • Worst Pick For: Partywear and nightwear
  • Fabric: Cotton

2. Elegance:

V star Elegance has a lot of collections in it like C&D cup, E-Cup, G-Cup and H-Cup. Each style in elegance has lots of styles. Everything will be unique in this design. It has broader sidebands and broad straps. The fabric used in elegance is completely cotton with subtle embroidery.

  • Good For: Teardrop breast shape with any bust size
  • Wear it Under: Blouses and sarees
  • Worst Pick For: Regular wear
  • Fabric: Cotton and lace

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3. Salwar Kameez Bra:

Salwar kameez bra gives good support for women because it has double layered moulded cups. Its products can be said as hosiery. The fabric used for making salwar kameez bra is 100% knitted cotton. Bands for cups are very supportive.

  • Good For: Any breast shape with different breast size and for all body types
  • Wear it Under: Daily salwar and kurtis
  • Worst Pick For: Activewear
  • Fabric: Cotton

4. Royale:

We do have lots of nursing bras in v star brand, which are imported from foreign countries. Nursing bras even available in India at V-Star. V-Star collection of the nursing bra is known as royale. Royale nursing bra is made of cotton. It is very flexible for a new mom to feed her baby hungry even in sleep. It has double-layered cups. Mother feels comfortable by wearing this. This is one of the best v star bras for a pregnant lady.

  • Good For: Any breast shape, specially teardrop and with loose breast tissue
  • Wear it Under: Nursing women of daily use
  • Worst Pick For: Anyone who aren’t new mothers
  • Fabric: Cotton

5. Smartie:

V-Star designed a bra for even sports person at a reasonable cost. It will be very comfortable for the sportswoman. It is completely made of 100% Knitted cotton. Its strap bands are very thick. It makes the wearer feel, comfort and flexibility.

  • Good For: Rounded, athletic and teardrop breast shape with curvy and hourglass women
  • Wear it Under: Active and sportswear
  • Worst Pick For: Regular wear
  • Fabric: Cotton

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6. Joy:

Since V-Star creations brand has a lot of collections in it. It has various styles like Elegance, image, royale, smartie etc. Likewise, joy is also one design in it. Though joy is also one style among them. It has a lot of collections in it. Joy collections are Joy C&D Cup, Joy + E-Cup, Joy + F-Cup, Joy + G-Cup and Joy + H-Cup. Though there are different collections, all designs are the same but there will some variations between each other. It gives great comfort, good support, its straps are very broad with four hook closure and have broad sidebands. It is crafted out with 100% superior quality and breathable. It is available through off-sites and on sites through shipping.

  • Good For: Teardrop and athletic breast shape and petite women
  • Wear it Under: Deep cut blouses and dresses
  • Worst Pick For: Regular wear
  • Fabric: Cotton and nylon blend

7. Spring:

Spring can be said one of special style in V-Star creations brand. The special style of spring is, it is a front open bra. It is made up of completely cotton. It will be very comfortable and flexible. It has a demi-cup style in it. It straps are very broad. It has four hooks which can be adjustable. It is hand washable.

  • Good For: Heavy bust
  • Wear it Under: Sarees blouses
  • Worst Pick For: Partywear
  • Fabric: Cotton

8. Wired Padded Bra:

Wired padded bra is an underwired bra which is very thin and soft. Its comfortable padded cups, straps are elastic trim with pretty satin for the shoulder. The padded cups will hold their shape even when they are not worn. It provides a smooth and symmetrical shape to breasts. It matches fashion wears.

  • Good For: Round breast shape and curvy or hourglass shape women
  • Wear it Under: Deep cut and plunge dresses
  • Worst Pick For: Regular wear
  • Fabric: Nylon

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9. Olivia:

Every V star bra has a unique style. That style must be fashionable also. So Olivia designed bra is a modern outfit. Its fabric is very soft and smooth. It straps are broad fit and comfortable for the wearer. It is available on all sites and available in all malls in India.

  • Good For: Round breast shape and curvy women
  • Wear it Under: Blouses and deep neck clothes
  • Worst Pick For: Activewear
  • Fabric: Nylon and lace

Given these several types of V star bra, hope you now find your fit. This bra brand is popular to give budget range variety of different bra types and styles. One can easily choose in the perfect fit in this brand without a heavy hole in their pocket!

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